Almost on the Golden Road!

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    Oct 4, 2016
    I find playing Cryptid Forest much better than doing mindless 2-1 SB runs. Maybe it's something about getting guaranteed LB rather than hoping I get an SB. Before CF came out, I didn't expect to reach golden road until some time in the summer doing 2-1 SB runs. Now I only have to LB Kem and Raprow and I will be pulling S+! Wooo


    Some thoughts on doing LB:
    • With good unit placement and companions, my average clear time was 1:20~1:30
    • Good companions are Featherfoot and SS-class Staff of [XXXX] that has Cross (All). I got 2 Featherfoot and 3 of the staves from the Trading Post. The staves are good for when you have lower class A/B units with little or no area damage, or when you have units with low SB. The staves allow you to keep time per run down when you have no good carries.
    • Your mover should have at least CT +2. It is difficult to clear it efficiently without CT. However, I prefer having Featherfoot equipped to companions that give CT
    • The trick to using Featherfoot is to slow your movement speed once you are one adjacent square away from the runner. Diagonal squares don't matter
    • It's a long journey. If you get bored/tired/etc. of it, take a break. I didn't LB at all for a week during my spring break.
    • I tried to somewhat SB whichever character was in the 3 slot. It was very slow. Pizfer Z (40% SB, 28L) was 85% SB when he reached 100L. That is one of the fastest characters to gain SB and it was still outpaced by Luck. Snaip Z (40%, 28L) was 60% at 100L. This is with a White Lamp on him. Lacuma went from 0%, 0L to 10%, 100L.
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    Apr 1, 2016
    Congrats!! I also switched to LB cause I was far from golden road with SB. Today I finished all my non CT users (I am keeping those to be my next featherfoot equiped movers), so I could pull and got Burbaba! (i somehow never got him in my year of playing this game...).
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