Bahamut Recoded

Discussion in 'Levels & Bosses' started by Sharrax, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. jiang zhaohua

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    Jul 23, 2016
    With two ice mage and two tapper, and the impair MDEF, Bahamut ^ could be down in one shot.

  2. Laura Lita

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    Oct 12, 2014
    You can also oneshot Leviathan once the barrier is down, but that really isn't all the surprising considering most bosses are oneshot once max taps are used combined with super effective damage in a double pincer (not to mention, Bahamut debuffs Dragons).

    I actually tried a similar team, but with Bahl Lambda, Suoh Lambda, Shin'en, and Gegonago Lambda instead. All except Suoh and Gegonago were equipped with Scorching Shields, and Suoh had Suoh O II equipped. Needless to say, you can't oneshot Bahamut after 5 taps and three debuffs with Powered Point in a triple pincer. Due to the lack of Ice DPS in the team, triggering the Cross All and Meteor phases will require several turns. These turns are just used to slowly remove the Twisters with Shin'en meanwhile keeping everyone healthy with Whitewyrm Dragon. Once all Twister are removed, double pincers start happening until reinforcements arrive, at which point I tap and hope for a triple pincer. It should successfully remove 3/4 of the HP bar, and if all goes well only two or three more double pincers are needed to win.
  3. shokakao

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    Jun 21, 2016

    I just tried Bahamut Recode with Olber method, but for some reason i didn't have 100% physical resistance at battle 5 and 70 or 80% and the whole battle where painful until the moment i died because bahamut went too far away (ie, too much move = too much damages from twitster = dead ;-;)

    how do you proceed to have 100% resistance at the start of battle 5.
    If not possible how do you win this ? even only 20% damages from twister were too much ;-;

    I had no problem with fire, except when a poor pincer lead to a character that doesnt activate the scorching shield)

    (Note that i didn't used Suoh because i didn't want to bring a character without scorching shield)

    EDIT : i've read too fast, seems like using Suoh damage reduction is the key in case of capsule fail.
    Get ready baha, here i come (again)

    EDIT 2 : and it's done. ez game ez life
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  4. doodootron

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Just tried for the first time. Able to consistently beat him with this 80L team:
    Levi (mog)
    Amerpact (mog)
    Gego (scorching shield)
    Amina (scorching shield)
    Suoh (O)
    Invincible (blizzard rod)

  5. Gantrithor

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    Dec 13, 2014
    Just did it with this:

    Otomo were 3x Scorching shield on Seiryu/Shin'en/Jaguna. Blizzard Rod on Invincible. And Suoh O and Mizell OII, obviously.

    Lost Seiryu to a wild Cross All I didn't see coming. But the fight is pretty easy after removing every single twister.
  6. dmmby

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    May 5, 2016
    I've been looking everywhere. Is there a definitive attack pattern for Bahamut? Also what are the various thresholds?

    I feel like this whole fight would be a lot easier for me if I could just figure out the freaking attack pattern

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