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    This is a consolidation of all the Kino (and soon to be 8-Bit) events into a single thread for reference since they're not going anywhere. The point of this guide has been updated to reflect L100 farming with the 'free' L100 units. This means I will write strategies based on only the following units:
    Suoh^, Camellia^, Seiryu, Invincible^, Jaguna^, Lich^, Marilith^, Nia^, Bahamut^, Leviathan^ and Odin^.
    I have Clara^ now and she's quite good, but since she's still somewhat rare I'll exclude her from the strategies. Since she's a spear user you easily replace Cam^ with her.

    It's very easy to just bring a tapper and the right Trinity member and one-turn KO the boss, but that's not really a guide. The hope is that newcomers and those that don't have a l100 tapper can find farming companions and Trading Post easier.

    General Guidelines
    Each Kino/8B battle is unique, but there are similarities between them and consistent rules to follow for each.
    1. I separate the Kinos into Generation 1 and Generation 2. Generation 1 consists of Kraken, Spinetrich, Slugosaur and Tiamat and are quite a bit harder due to how strict the weaknesses/strengths are and the fact that each Kino is only a single battle. Gen 2, so far, is Lich Kino, Marilith Kino and Mechanic Kino and they each have 3 battles and are way easier to beat.
    2. Each gen 1 Kino and 8-bit is only weak to it's opposite element or following weapon on the Circle of Carnage. All other types of damage deal only about 10% of the usual amount even if the weapon type is the same as the boss. The adds usually share the same damage resistances (not Metal Rockers), but not always. This can make some battles pretty difficult and/or long since there aren't any strong bow/sword free l100 units.
    3. Bosses drop Animata type items that are used to exchange for items at the trading post. The types of items change based on what the trading post has to offer.
    4. Almost every add except for the Metal Rockers are susceptible to all status ailments including Death and Nullify Healing. Normal infliction rates seem to apply. This makes Lichs' Chaos Blade, Marilith's Plague, Seiryu's Shadowbind and Leviathan's Icebind very useful.
    5. The bosses each have three difficulties which determine recruitment rate, how many Animata items are dropped and what is available in the luck chests including amount of coins, additional Animata and whether or not there are companions. The boss will always drop currency in a range based on the difficulty. Metal Rockers only spawn in difficulty III and each will drop exactly 100 Animata when defeated.
      1. Difficulty I - 30 Animata, 1% recruit, no companion drops, Kino recruits in d, l80, l100 chests, metal minions
      2. Difficulty II - 100 Animata, 1% recruit, no companion drops, Kino recruits in d, l80, l100 chests, metal minions
      3. Difficulty III - 500 Animata, 5% recruit, Kino O and O II companions drop in l80 and l100 chest, character O II companions also drop in l100 chests, Kino recruits in d, l80 and l100 chest, MMs, MM^s
    6. For maxing a Kino/8B's luck it's best to run difficulty I with a l100 group. Even at 1% base recruitment you have a much higher recruitment per stamina ratio with chest drops. For Animata currency it's more efficient to run difficulty III. Companions only drop from difficulty III so there's no option there.

    Important Companions
    Since we're using a pre-selected group of adventurers there aren't really any top tier to choose from (just use the strongest for the situation). That being the case any adventurer can equip any non-character specific companion so it's a good idea to have an idea of what to have on hand.

    Healing Rods/Whitewyrm Wand - Since only Nia^ has any direct heals and she's the rarest of the group it's a good idea to have two Healing Rods/WWWs for your mages to keep characters topped off.

    Peta/CE/Silver Weapons - Sword, Bow, Spear - CE's are better than Swords, and Peta weapons are better than everything, but you might not have enough to equip everyone so a few Silvers from the CoF can add extra damage. Skullsplitters are a nice alternative for many.

    Shadowy Rods - Sometimes you just need someone to soak up extra damage to serve as fodder or to survive the boss' super attacks. An extra 20% health usually does the trick.

    Elemental Rods/Mogs - Holy/Axion Dragons aside, one or two of each elemental Rod can help non-elemental units like Jaguna^ and Nia^ add some extra damage. Mogs are great for mages with the correct element and Bewitching Bows are respectable alternative.

    Dragon/Golem Fans/Chronicles - since most adds are susceptible to nearly every status effect a single confuse can make a huge difference when working with some weaker characters. Icebind can insta-kill adds and petrify basically takes the add out for good.​

    Bosses - Kinos

    Kraken Kino
    • Boss and adds are bow type with no element
    • Attack pattern is 3k Tentacles Column > 3k Tentacles Row > Paralyzing Tentacles, Area (1)
    • At 50% Kraken will revive Kraken's Tentacles if they are dead and the attack pattern resets.
    • At around 30% Kraken will begin casting Hail of Blows, All each turn until it dies or you do. Hail of Blows deals around 1000-1500 damage per hit and strikes all party members randomly around 10 times.
    • Kraken's row/column attacks are fixed damage at 3000 each
    • Lizardfolk suffer double damage from all sources including fixed damage
    • Companion drops:
      • L80 - Kraken Kino O II
      • L100 - Kraken Kino O, Kraken Kino O II Zavison O II
    This was always the hardest of the Strike Backs and is quite a bit tougher with the free l100 units since Kraken basically only takes damage from Swords and the only real sword user is Suoh^. He's the most important character for this fight.

    I recommend Suoh^, Nia^ (or Camillia^), Levi^, Lich^, Marilith^ and Invincible^. Levi and Invincible should have Healing Rods, and the others should have their strongest sword skills along with CE's, Excaliburs/Ragnaroks or Silver Swords.

    The most important thing in this fight is staying alive. Losing a single unit can often lead to a cascade of losing more and Suoh^ being alive is integral to finishing the boss off. First focus on defeating Kraken's tentacles. They heal, but they don't move and are susceptible to status effects. Shadowbind, Icebind, Plague and Chaos blade all work well so put Suoh^ on one tentacle and your status users on the other. The worst thing you can do is get caught up in a kill-revive-kill back and forth with the adds which can lead to death or paralysis and then death. Once the tentacles are destroyed work on the boss until 50% at which point it will re-spawn the tentacles. You now get 1 free turn to attack them before they start healing/summoning again. Pay attention to the bosses pattern because it doesn't reset. Don't worry if the boss is healed as it won't summon any more adds for the rest of the fight. Use the same strategy for taking down the second set of adds. After the second group of adds go down bring the boss to around 30% - 40% hp. You should have at least 2 Power Points so if you use one with a double pincer and position Suoh^ to attack on the second pincer you might burn the boss down, but most likely you'll get one Hail of Blows. Suoh^ should survive this if you have all units alive. You might lose one or two, but it's not an issue if you have another PP and four units alive for another double pincer which is enough for Suoh^ to take the boss down.

    Spinetrich Kino
    • Spear/sword and lightning - Starts as a spear and alternates every turn unless charging. Always retains the lightning element.
    • Attack pattern is Stab, 1 Column + weapon change > Sever, 1 Row + weapon change > Thrust Away, 1 Column + weapon change > Slash, 1 Row + weapon change > Repeat
    • Charges at 50% and 25% and casts Aurora, Area (1) the following turn which deals a significant amount of Lightning damage.
    • Lightning attacks will heal the boss
    • Only takes damage from spears, bows, lightning and gravity.
    • Beast folk suffer double damage
    • Starts with two initial adds. Additional adds spawn every other round.
    • Companion drops:
      • L80 - Spinetrich Kino O II
      • L100 - Spinetrich O II, Spinetrich O, Sh'berdan O II
    Boss fight
    Another easy one since Spinetrich has so many weaknesses and there are no traps. You can use spears, bows, lightning, and gravity to attack and you have plenty of options in the PoFoF group. Odin, Suoh, Sieryu, Lich, Cam and Jaguna are all good options. Most PoFoF characters can even survive a direct hit from Aurora especially with Invincible's Aerial Shield, but it's easily avoided anyway. The adds die very quickly and take plenty of damage from physical attacks leaving Spinetrich open to attacks every round. This battle can be sprinted and not marathoned.

    Tiamat Kino -
    • Fire/Ice rotation. Starts as fire and rotates each turn.
    • Attack pattern: Area attack > column attack > element change > repeat.
    • Both Tiamat and the adds are healed by their equipped element
    • Stonefolk suffer double damage
    • Race of Tiamat is dragon and the race of the adds is Wild Beast.
    • Starts with 4 adds of which two are fire and two are ice. Additional adds do not spawn.
    • Companion drops:
      • L80 - Tiamat Kino O II
      • L100 - Tiamat Kino O, Tiamat Kino O II, Mizell O II

    Boss fight
    Recommended Party:
    Nia^ (or Baha^), Levi^, Lich^, Seiryu, Invincible^, Jaguna^

    The issue with Tiamat Kino is that it's only weak to fire or ice and there are no fire or ice characters in the PoFoF group. You'll need to rely mostly on Levi^ and Baha^ if you have them at l100 and Nia^ for natural skills. Other than that you'll need Blizzard/Inferno Rods or Elemental Spirits (if you grabbed them during New Years) to do any reliable damage. I prefer ice since I have Nia^ and the boss starts as fire and Levi^'s icebind works on the adds. Alternatively you can use Baha^ instead of Nia and continue attacking during Tiamat's ice phase. Just don't chain Levi and it won't heal. Occasionally, with some luck and good placement, I can down the boss before the first element change, but it doesn't always happen. At around 30% the boss will charge up for it's ultimate which will hit everyone on the screen. Make sure your units are topped off and they should mostly all survive. Invincible's Aerial Shield will guarantee everyone survives, but other than that boss's damage isn't bad and even the adds don't contribute too much. This might take a while if you're lacking elemental companions, but it's not hard as long as you have Jaguna^ for heals and avoid some of the damage.

    Slugosaur Kino - Update forthcoming
    • Boss and adds are Bow type
    • Attack pattern: Summon bombs > move > breath attack > repeat
    • Stonefolk suffer double damage.
    • Race of Slugosaur and adds is dragon
    • The summoned bombs are very weak in terms of both damage and durability and can be killed in a single pincer. The damage inflicted by the summoned bombs is fire based.
    • Starts with 2 Blastosaur adds that trail bombs and cast Bow, area (1). Additional Blastosaurs will spawn over time, but only one at a time.
    • Bombs created by Blastosaurs do about 1000 damage and can be disarmed by any Disarm Bomb skill. Levitation will not work for evading bombs but Stealth will with one caveat (see tips below).
    • Slugosaur's breath attack is physical and can be evaded or mitigated with high defense (Korin's buff).
    • Companion drops:

    Mechanic Kino - Gen 2
    • Boss and adds are staff, boss is 1x1 size
    • Attack pattern is Breath Attack, Area (1) > Energy Refill/Mecha Revive > Repeat
    • Beware floor traps. Jaguna's Aerial Regen negates the damage. Rainbow Balloons will also work.
    • Trancebots (green adds) will add additional floor traps if left alive.
    • Companion drops:
      • L80 - Mechanic Kino O II
      • L100 -Mechanic Kino O II, Mechanic Kino O, Eileen O II
    Boss fight
    LOL, this is a super easy fight. Mechanic Kino has no strengths and no real weaknesses so you can pretty much use your hardest hitting units. It barely attacks and relies on the adds and traps to do most of the damage and even they don't hit too hard. It'll revive and heal any defeated or damaged adds to 100% and then continue doing it's rotation, but the adds die very quickly so the only real threat is the floor traps which deal about 1k damage per hit. Make sure you bring Jaguna^ and this should be a walk in the park.

    Marilith Kino - Gen 2
    • Boss changes weapon types, adds are staff.
    • Boss takes normal damage from all sources.
    • Attack pattern for the boss is random.
    • Marilith Kino will debuff sword users in battle 1 so Suoh will do almost no damage for the entire stage.
    • Companion Drops
      • L80 - Marilith Kino O II
      • L100 - Marilith Kino O II, Marilith Kino O, Bahl O II
    Boss fight
    Another easy boss. Marilith Kino will switch to a random weapon type each round so there's no real pattern. Sword will attack horizontally, spear will attack vertically and bow will attack in a ring (not area 1). Since there are no resistances the sword debuff doesn't really matter as long as you don't fill your party with sword units. The 4 original adds won't die when the boss dies so they might as well be killed first. Beat on the boss while avoiding attacks until she hits 30% where she'll spawn 4 more adds and start charging. On the next turn she'll cast Reduce Life (3/4), All, but she casts it AFTER the adds attack so there's no way it will kill you. On the next turn you can probably burn her down with a double pincer, but if not make sure you get at least 1 heal on each character to survive the next round while you whittle her down. The summoned adds will die when the boss dies so they can be ignored.

    Bosses - 8-bits
    8-bit bosses are generally more challenging because they come with traps. Unlike floor traps, however, there are very few natural skills that counter these 'new' traps and even then the ward type skills only protect the user. Most of the anti-trap skills come in the form of O companions in both the I and II variety.

    8-bit Orbling
    • Kinetic Traps - 1600 damage per hit
      • Kraken Kino - Kinetic Ward Lv 65. Skill
      • Camillia O - Kinetic Ward
      • Kraken Kino OII - Kinetic Disarm
    • Attack pattern is Sever Row > Sever Column > repeat until 30% where Sever, All is used each turn.
    • Boss is Sword type, while adds are staff.
    • Weak to spear attacks. All other damage is limited to 10%.
    • Begins with two adds (no respawn) - Attack with Reduce Life, Area (1) > Breath Attack. If the boss is injured they'll heal it instead. The adds are less resistant to non-spear attacks.
    • Companion drops:
      • l80 - 8-Bit Orbling O II
      • l100 -8-Bit Orbling O, 8-Bit Orbling O II
    8-bit orbling is pretty straight forward - Avoid the traps, kill the adds, then work on the boss. The main issue is that Camillia will most likely be the main mover with her Camillia O companion which means you'll only have 4 seconds to get people into position. Camillia won't take any damage from the traps but the other characters she moves will. If you have Kraken Kino with Kraken Kino OII then you can actually destroy the traps and make the fight much easier, but that requires a considerable time commitment to bring KK up to l100 and the Kino OII to lv 100. The best advice I can offer is to make sure you bring Invincible and Seiryu with Healing Rods/WWWs and 'ignore' the damage from the traps to ensure a double pincer each turn while keeping each mage in a different chain to top the party off. Sever, All actually hits very hard so you'll need to PP burn the boss quickly. Fortunately the PoFoF L100 team is filled with spear users so that shouldn't be an issue.

    8-bit Golem

    • Trap type is Twister - 1600 damage per hit
      • Marilith Kino O II - Dispel Twister, Self + Row 1
      • Suoh O - Twister Ward
    • Takes damage from bow attacks. All other damage is limited to 10%.
    • Attack pattern is Avalanche, Vertical (2) > Avalanche, Vertical (2) + Charge > Quake, all. Counters vertical pincers.
    • Begins with two adds (no respawn) that take normal damage from physical, but reduced damage from magic. Attack with Catapult, Random and Breath Area (1).
    • Companion drops:
      • l80 - 8-Bit Golem O II
      • l100 -8-Bit Golem O, 8-Bit Golem O II, S'naip O II
    Honestly this is one of the hardest of the Strike Backs. The biggest issue is the lack of bow users in the free L100 group. Marilith^ is a very weak bow user and Jaguna/Suoh/Cam only have a handful of bow attacks each. Bomb attacks are helpful, but unimpressive and Odin's Valhalla's Fury is a steady 2k damage. Other than that use your best bow companion on Suoh and fill the rest of the team with bow companions as well. The adds should be killed first and quickly. Catapult doesn't do much damage, but the breath attack can launch your characters into Twisters for lots of damage. The boss's pattern never changes so you can predict attacks and the Quake/Tremor skills will cause damage and move your characters around and into twisters, but they can be completely avoided with Levitate. The problem is Levitate will cause your characters to take double damage from Twisters which the adds will throw you into if they're not killed. Jaguna^ and Invincible^ can levitate characters and I give Invincible a healing companion since it's magic does nothing. The boss will also push your characters into twisters on occasion, but as long as you attack from the sides this will rarely happen. You can avoid almost all damage once the adds are down and you stick to the bosses side.
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    Jan 22, 2015
    in "top tier" you forgot to add gatz ^. he is my metal rocker killer in all kino levels, backup in tiamat where z mage has corner control.
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    Apr 26, 2015
    For Tiamat: If you have sufficient ice damage to bring her under 25% health by turn two, she'll spend turn 3 charging and won't shift elements until after the metal rocker appears - so, essentially you can get the best of both worlds! To make this happen I needed Levi^ and Pizfer^ with Mogs, and on the first turn I needed a triple pincer, with a double pincer on the second turn. To get the setup on the first turn I used a +4CT character, but after getting used to it I'm pretty sure I can manage easily with a +2CT.

    For setting up the double pincer on subsequent turns, however, Gego^ was pretty much necessary to ensure an easy time of it. The possibility of the boss creating a dead end made this tactic unreliable without him.
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    Jul 23, 2016
    Just for reference, Tiamat could be killed with Ice otomos and two tap units with PP one turn if you don't have any ICE dps.

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    May 27, 2015
    I am using Yukken and Rikken with kiss bottle to farm Tiamat III. How come the drop rate is not 100%? Picture to prove.

    IMG_1486.JPG IMG_1487.JPG
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    Oct 4, 2016
    According to the wikia, Negotiator bonus is capped at 18x.

    So even a double pincer with kiss bottle will result in 95% capture rate.
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    If it's helpful, here are my "free" or nearly free 100 Luck squads for the various kinos. Note that there are probably better options, but these work decently well for me. I'll also list the Otomo I use:

    Kraken Kino
    ??? I'm not sure how you do this with a free team.

    Spinetrich Kino
    Marilith^ + Bow of Genji/Lunar Bow
    Camellia^ + Bow of Genji/Lunar Bow
    Odin^ + Rune/Trident
    Seiryu + AxionZ
    Nia^ + Hourglass
    Shinen + Rune/Trident

    Tiamat Kino
    Seiryu + WW Wand/Healing Rod
    Leviathan^ + Mog/Bewitching Bow
    Bahamut^ + Mog/Bewitching Bow
    Shinen + AxionZ
    Jaguna^ + WW Wand/Healing Rod
    Nia^ + Hourglass

    Slugosaur Kino

    Marilith^ + Skullsplitter/Sword Otomo
    Lich^ + Skullsplitter/Sword Otomo
    Suoh + Celestial Envoy
    Invincible^ + WW Wand/Healing Rod
    Shinen + Ragnarok
    Nia^ + Hourglass [Disarm Bomb]

    Lich Kino

    Invincible^ + HolyZ
    Nia^ + Hourglass
    Bahamut^ + HolyZ
    Leviathan^ + HolyZ
    Shinen + Staff of Zeus
    Jaguna + WW Wand/Healing Rod

    Marilith Kino
    (you can use Leviathan/Odin/Invincible here and not get the male penalty)
    Marilith^ + Celestial Envoy/Peta Weapon
    Camellia^ + Celestial Envoy/Peta Weapon
    Odin^ + Celestial Envoy/Peta Weapon
    Jaguna^ + Celestial Envoy/Peta Weapon
    Nia^ + Hourglass
    Invincible^ + Mog/Bewitching Bow

    Mechanic Kino
    Just use anything with levitation, but you probably don't even need that with enough regen/healing.

    Note that I use Nia^ with an hourglass a LOT. She is a great mover, and her twin missle can take out runners if you're lucky, and she can heal and disarm bombs on slugosaur. You can also equip her with atk+10% adjacent to put her next to melee. You can obviously replace her with Lich in a lot of situations if you need a mover. If you have PoT recodes done at 100%, you can obviously replace any of these characters.

    edit: 8Bits-

    8Bit Spinetrich (Rifts):
    Suoh^ + Genji Bow
    Camellia^ + Skullsplitter
    Jaguna^ + Skullsplitter
    Nia^ + WW Wand/Healing Rod
    Odin^ + Rune
    Shinen + Rune

    8Bit Golem (Twisters):
    Suoh^ + Genji Bow or Suoh O
    Camellia^ + Genji Bow/Bow otomo
    Shinen + Lunar Bow/Bow otomo
    Nia^ + Nia OII
    Jaguna^ + Lunar Bow/Bow otomo
    Invincible^ + WW Wand/Healing Rod

    8Bit Orbling (Kinetic):
    Nia^ + WW Wand or Hourglass
    Odin^ + Rune/Spear Otomo
    Camellia^ + Camellia O
    Shinen^ + Spear Otomo
    Jaguna^ + Spear Otomo
    Invincible^ + WW Wand/Healing Rod

    8Bit Hiso (Time Traps):
    Bahamut^ + King Orbling/Axion Z
    Leviathan^ + King Orbling/Axion Z
    Invincible^ + Mog
    Marilith^ + Rainbow Balloons (you can use Lucia here if you have her at 100L)
    Shinen + AxionZ
    Nia^ + Hourglass/WW Wand
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    Jan 1, 2015
    Any special otomos dropping for the current stages? Spinetrip? Marilith? Hiso Alien?
  9. MasterSamaa

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    Oct 20, 2015
    Hi there.
    With a 100 luck team, I have tons of Sh'berdan O II and Spinetrich kino O II (chests 80 and 100).
    But absolutely no Spinetrich kino O. Is it a bug
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  10. atre324

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    Jan 25, 2015
    It took a while to drop but they do-- the O definitely seem more rare than OII for most of the kino/8bits. They eventually drop...
  11. MasterSamaa

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    Oct 20, 2015
    Hmm ok thank you. I know O ottomos are more rare than others, but this is the first time it takes so long. I'll try again. ;)
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    nice thread :) Should be very usefull to be update though :)
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    Aug 25, 2016
    Kraken III is kicking my free team's ass and I haven't managed to beat it yet. Most of my options are spear which is inappropriate for this stage and iirc every attribute but sword will deal pitiful damage so that only leaves Suoh^, Lich^ and Marilith^ in job 1 but they are so fragile and Invincible^ for lack of better option but he's useful for Aerial Shield. I need more heals than just Nia^ so Seiryu has a healing rod.

    It's not a good idea to completely kill off the adds so previously I would have Bonna^ petrify both if possible and then kill just one. I have Nia^ with a Golem Chronicle and it would be nice to have another but I am out of metal minions atm(been making them into mm^^ and selling them).

    Getting hit with paralyze also means there's no one that can heal it.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    I plan on updating it to reflect L100 farming... eventually. I just really hate the Kinos and 8-Bits so much now that I'm finding it hard to motivate myself. I know these guides have helped at least a few people so I consider that worth the effort... still hate these battles though.

    Even with the new Kinos, Kraken is still probably the hardest. I haven't tried him again with the free luck team (first came out before luck was implemented) so I'm not sure what new strategy I would offer yet, but I would not recommend farming KK III with the free team for sure. If you're farming a specific O II companion you might not have a choice so assuming nothing has changed, remember that the Tentacle Clones are only spawned by Kraken's Tentacles (the two initial adds) and both need to be impaired with statuses and/or killed on the same turn to prevent revivals and add spawns, but Kraken will revive them at 50% so be ready to do it again. This will be very hard to do with the free team so I would recommend running with a L80 group and bringing in Bahl/Bahl^ with Suoh^ to double up on the sword dps.
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    Jun 27, 2016
    I'm doing it with 84L and Gatz Z on the team for taps and sword damage. Pretty easy.
  16. atre324

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    Jan 25, 2015
    I updated my earlier post with Mechanic (lol, just bring anything)

    I'm also not sure how you'd do Kraken3 with a free team. Shinen's taps would probably be a must, as would Suoh/Camellia with Sword otomos for damage. You'd have to have some way of mitigating damage when he gets to low HP, cuz you can't burn through it without 1-2 taps (would tonberries work?). My current team for this includes Gatz/Palpa/Gego-- with gego you can easily position your units to build PP on the adds, then burn it down with taps once the runner spawns.

    Is there a consolidated thread for 8bits? I will also add my free 100L 8bit squads to the post above, in case anyone cares.
  17. LegendaryFrog

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    Nov 5, 2015
    So I just ran it with the following team:
    Suoh^ + Silver Sword
    Nia^ + Silver Sword
    Invincible^ + Healing Rod
    Marilith^ J3 + Silver Sword
    Lich^ J3 + Silver Sword
    Bahamut^ + Healing Rod​
    I equipped Suoh, Nia, Marilith and Lich with all their sword skills and purposely used Silver Swords and Healing Rods instead of my CEs and Whitewyrm Wand. CE's are preferred, but I know not everyone has four of them. Marilith should have Plague equipped, Nia had both healing skills and I used Lich as my mover. Bahamut and Invicible are just there for heals and to soak up Hail of Blows damage.

    Took me a few tries to remember the pattern (fuck he hits hard), but it's still the same - Column > Row > paralyze, Area (1). You should start with pincering the two Tentacles so Suoh and Marilith both get a double chain on opposite tentacles, if possible. If not then just pincer whichever tentacles are available while trying to get Marilith to double chain on at least one of the Tentacles (not the clones) so plague has a chance to confuse it. Once confused it won't heal or revive the other. Your priority is to avoid Kraken's attacks and it's best to just let the tentacles heal Kraken and avoid taking damage while you clear out the adds. You might need to save up a power point and swap Suoh to the higher HP Tentacle to clear them both on the same turn. Once the adds are down you can focus on Kraken until he revives the tentacles. You'll have one 'free' turn to take out both tentacles before they heal and summon more adds. Hopefully Suoh and Marilith can kill/confuse both, but if not just repeat the phase 1 process focusing on avoiding Kraken's attacks and ignoring the heals (it's not worth getting paralyzed). The real threat comes from Hail of Blows. You need to either shave down Kraken's HP to near 30% and PP + double pincer or have two PPs and do a double double pincer hoping that Kraken doesn't kill Suoh in the assault. He's tough enough to survive, but since HoBs is random he might get hit too many times. If Suoh attacks 2nd in the double pincer it will be enough to down Kraken, but if he dies you might not have the dps to down him depending on Kraken's remaining HP.

    Marilith and Mechanic Kino are so easy I actually laughed the first time I ran them.
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  18. oldriku

    oldriku Active Member

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    Jan 27, 2015
    Does Kraken Kino OII drop from the 80L chest too? I managed to beat him once with a 100L team, but it's fucking tough.
  19. Terra-Em

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    Oct 20, 2014
    Awesome list very helpful for future planning, I think it would be great if you made videos showing you doing each set with them too but that is icing on the cake.
  20. Zyron

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Yes. It drops from 80L and 100L box.
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