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Nov 5, 2015
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100 clears and no drop. Thanks MW for providing a dynamic event with plenty of variety that never gets old! /s Jul 22, 2017 at 9:35 AM

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    1. LegendaryFrog
      100 clears and no drop. Thanks MW for providing a dynamic event with plenty of variety that never gets old! /s
      1. Terra-Em
        you mean Sun King?
        Jul 23, 2017 at 7:00 AM
      2. LegendaryFrog
        Yeah, SK farming.
        Jul 23, 2017 at 7:10 AM
      3. Rydia
        How bad of a person I am for finding your disgrace hilarious xDDDD
        Im sure this is going to bite me back when I need 500 runs to get mine xD
        Jul 23, 2017 at 11:50 AM
    2. LegendaryFrog
      SK down. Now we farm, farm far-wait. Shouldn't this be called hunting? Now we hunt, hunt, hunt.
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    3. LegendaryFrog
      Feno L100, SB 48.7%. Time for SB.
    4. LegendaryFrog
      Feno at L80 and 39.5% SB... so close
    5. LegendaryFrog
      6 Moon Dragons and Feno up to L27 / 15% SB. I'm coming for you Sun King...
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    6. LegendaryFrog
      Pulled Feno and Hakann. Moon King lv79 on farm status.
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    7. LegendaryFrog
      Out of Zs to LB. Next rainbow will be brand new!
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      2. Sean Bond
        Sean Bond
        I aim to join you today. All that will remain is to convince RNG that I deserve said rainbow...
        Jun 26, 2017
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    8. LegendaryFrog
      Puprope^, Zavison^ and Rejin^ at l100. 32 more characters left in the pact...
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    9. LegendaryFrog
      A'misandra^ and Olber^ at L100. 5 more Zs remain before any Rainbow card is a new character (Invincible, clearly)
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    10. LegendaryFrog
      Login bonus day 850. I didn't start when the game launched, but I've been here for the long haul.
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      2. Zyron
        And the journey keeps on going. Good to see veterans like you holding on
        Jun 13, 2017
    11. LegendaryFrog
      Got to El Dorado, pulled 20 times and got 0 Rainbow Cards. This is where I complain abut the drop rates being nerfed, right?
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      2. Silver Mitsuki
        Silver Mitsuki
        It depends on what kind of image you want the other people have of you. Recode your newish units, enjoy the road and, if possible, avoid pull outside the Z UP events from now on if you are aiming for the rainbows.

        Gratz for the achievement ;)
        May 19, 2017
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      3. Terra-Em
        If you got any silver cards, I would complain for sure.
        May 19, 2017
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      4. Rydia
        I find what you got pretty normal, but as silver said u can recode for rainbows. Also keep working the account and wait for Z increased rates event.

        Terra LOL
        May 20, 2017
    12. LegendaryFrog
      Back on the Golden Road (fate)!
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    13. LegendaryFrog
      All B class units are now L100. On to the A class!
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    14. LegendaryFrog
      Pahrl and Ma'curi at l100 and I broke 10 Million coins. Hey MW. How about an achievement for that?
    15. LegendaryFrog
      L100 - Lewto^, Harold, Kuscah and Amazora. 23 Silver units remaining...
    16. LegendaryFrog
      L100 - Lewto^, Harold, Kuscah and Amazora. 23 Silver units remaining...
    17. LegendaryFrog
      Grace, Schweiz, Gatz^ and Gigojago all L100. Next up... Harold, O'pari, Kuscah Bonna^, Lewto^ and Alika^.
      1. Sakenara
        You're lbing at warp speed :O
        Mar 13, 2017
    18. LegendaryFrog
      Just realized I have to create another 100% SB adventurer list for max Luck now...
    19. LegendaryFrog
      Bahl, Sn'aip, Iskar, Gego^, Sayu and Amina^ all max Luck.
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    20. LegendaryFrog
      Piz'fer, Piz'fer^ & Sh'berdan^ 100% SB. Next up... Korin^ and his sword swinging cohorts.
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    Max LB = Bold
    Z: Alika^, Amazora^, Amina^, A'misandra^, Andelucia, Bonna^, Camillia^, Clara^, Ellvern^, Feno, Gatz^, Gegonago^, Hakkan, Invincible^, Jaguna^, Jennish^, Koko^, Lacuma, Lewto^, Nakupi^, Olber^, Piz'fer^, Puprope^, Rejin^, Samatha^, Sayu, Schweiz, Seiryu, Seiryu^, Shap'ar^, Suoh^, Yukken^, Zavison, Zerro^

    SS: A'merpact^, Amina, A'misandra, Bajanaa, Burbaba^, Camellia, Czekras, Daiana^, Eileen^, Gaiga, Jag, Jennish, Kem^, Kir'ue, Koko, Korin^, Lewto, Piz'fer, Samatha, Sheena, S'naip^, Suoh, Velraine^, Yukken, Zerro
    S: Alika, Bahl^, Bonna, Djugan, Ellvern, Gatz, Gegonago, Grace^, Lunaken, Lunato, Okklitot, Palpa, Pupopre', Pupropu, Ra'prow^, Rejin, Sha'plar, Sh'berdan^, Y'apkar, Zafitte, Zeera, Zuzu
    A/B: Complete

    Sun King - 133 clears until the RR fucking dropped. Current state: