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Sep 17, 2014
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Oct 8, 2019
    1. Arius
      I do tend to check out the appstore for new rpgs alot and am also interested in appinvasion.Can I learn more about this offer?Thanks in advance.
    2. Balkie
      Hey NeoCHI I do like playing good mobile game's being a monitor, any benefits or is it a job? I would like to know more! Freyelement at yahoo com is my e-mail or I am on here a lot. Thanks.
    3. Terrakraut
      Hi NeoCHI. I want to know if i can change my profile name from Playskraut to Krauterra. Thanks!
    4. L3IG3ND
      I had another account called The_Leigend that was pretty high in rank, I want you to know this so you don't think Im a incompatant newcomer. I have extensive knolage and experience in leading forums an example is the warframe forums I am one of the main admin I also have ways of communicating with other languages such as Chinese or Japanese with custom translation prograhms.Please reply Im eager to hear your answer.
    5. 3rn1n0
      Hi what is this AppInvasion
      1. NeoCHI
        NeoCHI is another site revolving around all mobile games.
        Apr 21, 2015
    6. Eliud
      Hello, im interested in knowing more about
    7. babasesp
      Hello man, I want to know about :D
    8. Pandemon
      I am often looking for the newest games on app store and I like try new games. Just read the green/lightblue message and I am interested. Can I have more informations anout it? Thanks
      1. Major likes this.
    9. Drewbiepie
      Hey Mr. Chi, just happened across your giveaway event on the chain chronicle forums and was wondering if you were planning on something similar here? Cheers!
      1. NeoCHI
        Not currently. The giveaway is really a way to promote the forum since it's new.

        However we may do forum contests here in the future.
        Dec 22, 2014
    10. Bertzz
      Hi, I made my initial account as Bertz but I inputted an incorrect e-mail. When I changed it and asked for the confirmation e-mail to be resent, it didn't work. I waited at least 24hrs, that's why I decided to make another account to test how long it takes for the e-mail to be sent (within seconds). Can resend that email to my initial account and delete this account? Thanks!
      1. NeoCHI
        Sure send me a conversation with the necessary information.
        Dec 15, 2014
    11. the TKay
      the TKay
      is that PM ?
      i want change my profile name to "the TKay"
    12. Hanfos
    13. gocchisama
      Hello. I was wondering if you could make the forum available on tapatalk. It's compatible with xenforo server. Thanks in advance
    14. Barragan
      I got bad my Birth Day info its 28 march 1991 not 1911, and dunno if u need more moderators got some experience in a spanish forum of gba emulator long time ago. and i can translate Spanish, German into English.

      Ty so much .
    15. Ryan
      I would like to try being a moderator, but have no previous experience so I'll understand if I am not worthy.
    16. azloki
      Hello, I am interested in the moderator.
      I have experience being moderator from other forums and I have fairly active daily.
      I can also translate both Japanese and Chinese into English.
      Please let me know if the position is still available.
      Thank you so much.
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