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  1. Rydia
    Gratz Terra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Now you can finally advance the story!!! haha
    Jul 9, 2017
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  2. Juicy
    Congratulations. I'm glad I was part of this historic moment :')
    Jul 9, 2017
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  3. Terra-Em
    Truly historic for me,never thought I would progress it was over 600 days till I seriously tried. Inspired by Rydia. As for time it is only slightly faster than just progressing straight to chp22 and beyond it I was doing both pofof and pof. I did most of pof (got all chars maxed most of their Sb but not all to use as a leveling trick) at chp 10 then progressed to chp 13 and finished pofof there.
    Jul 9, 2017
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  4. Zyron
    Congrats Terra ^.^
    Jul 10, 2017
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