36-10 Flawless Run < 3 mins

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    Hey everyone,

    Here's another guide that so happens to be under 3 minutes. Been farming a lot of 36-10 and found this nice pattern that wipes all floors including boss.



    Units to bring (in slot order):

    100L recommendations:
    P1: SnaipSS, AlikaZ, OdinZ
    P2: GatZ (TH, no levi), SnaipSS, AlikaZ

    Replaceable non-100L units for P1:
    SnaipSS: SnaipA will work just fine with skullsplitter
    AlikaZ: AlikaS or any unit that can survive 1 twister hit
    OdinZ*: Macuri or any bow dps

    Replaceable non-100L units for P2:
    GatZ: Any other physical tapper should work but may not kill all the mobs on last floor.
    SnaipSS: not replaceable but doesn't need to be 100L
    AlikaZ*: Any dps filler

    *These two units alone need to be able to kill floor 1 spear mob

    Skills/otomo requirements for P1:
    SnaipSS/SnaipA: full dps with tailspin, any dps otomo should be fine, preferably bow or +atk
    AlikaZ/AlikaS/other: TH obviously or any survival skills needed to survive one twister hit
    OdinZ/Macuri or any bow dps: as much dps as needed to kill spear mob, bow or +atk otomo if needed

    Skills/otomo requirements for P2:
    GatZ/tapper: TH, ***no levitation***
    SnaipSS: full dps + CT otomo recommended
    AlikaZ: TH/any

    Floor guide / tips:

    Battle 1: Follow video exactly.
    Battle 2: Tricky one, try to follow the exact movements of snaipSS, the order of moving units shown helps eliminate awkward/unnecessary movements. +CT is recommended until you get used to it. May be helpful to think about what you are doing: #1 moving snaip into left vertical pincer. #2) Moving Alika (or whoever else in that slot) to form left pincer. #3) Moving Macuri (or whoever in that slot) to top rightmost spot.

    Battle 3: Again follow movements exactly. Helpful if you think about what you are doing. #1 moving unit below for vertical pincer. #2, moving top unit above the column to setup other verical pincer. #3 Lastly, moving on the rightmost column down will automatically put other unit in place for horizontal, so main thing here is to go down, then put the bottom left unit into place for horizontal pincer.

    Battle 4/Boss: Tapx3. Two main objectives...complete the pincers (top right corner and below boss) and chain the PP. If twisters spawn above/below boss and hit your units, make sure you complete pincer on bottom by touching twister only once. If twisters spawn left/right of boss, the only thing you need to be careful of is if PP spawns there as well, then make sure you move PP out while touching twister only once. This is possible no matter where PP spawns. Overally the mover should be touching twister at most once in any situation.
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