Account giveaway, and possible request.

Discussion in 'Co-Op Mode & Friend Finder' started by SImisoNer, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2016
    This is not a trade, but a giveaway and request in one post.
    Over the course of a few days I'll be giving my account away as I want to reroll, I'll post a few screenshots shortly on what sort of units it has and so forth. It is only about halfway through the story and is only on day 10 of the log in bonuses. This is a partial IAP account, I bought a few units of energy to restore stamina, just because.

    Now, for the request, this is not part of the giveaway but I didn't want to make seperate posts. As I stated before, I'm going to reroll, primarily for A'misandra or A'misandra Lambda. If anyone has a new-ish account with either of those two characters and feels generous enough, I will gratefully accept it. Please note however that if you wish to enter the gieaway, that if you give me the account it will not affect your chances of winning. I don't want this too feel like an account trade, because it isn't one. And thank you in advance if anyone decides to gift me an account!

    Now, for rules, you must guess a number between 1 and 100, and tell me your most memorable video game moment! You may only guess one time, and I will announce the winner as soon as I see the right number!

    xGWFFie,qONYoaP - put this at the end of an Imgur link for screenshots. Sorry, I can't post any links at the moment!
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    Is there any reason you want Amisandra in particular? (Accounts with Amina are super easy to get and the two are almost the same in ability)

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