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    I haven't seen any good guides for SBing, and it's a headache to explain, so I made one myself.


    Boosting, also known as Skill Boosting (SB)/Union Boosting (UB) is a large part of the experience of Terra Battle 2. It can be daunting for a new player. It is incredibly boring and incredibly grindy, but there are a lot of great rewards in store.

    If you're new and don't know the basics of the game, read in-game help (World Menu > Options Gear > Help), or check out this still-relevant New Player Guide.

    Terms to know:
    • B(oost)
    • U(nion)
    • Activation/Proc rate
    • Otomo (companion)
    • Skill Phases
    • SB = B boosting
    • UB = Union boosting

    What is Boosting?

    Boosting is farming a Guardian's B or U.

    You can SB up to a certain point so that all your Guardian's skills activate. A skill's activation rate is calculated like this:
    Guardian's B + skill's base proc rate + any B from special skills (such as Skill Organ otomos or Party Frequency skills).

    Once you've gotten a Guardian's B all the way to 100, you can start farming U.

    You can farm U up to a certain point (50 or all the way to 100) in order to unlock their Union rewards.

    Certain factors will determine the amount of time it takes to boost a Guardian to 100U. The shortest I've heard is four days.

    How do I boost?

    There is a chance to activate a skill/union boost every time a Guardian uses a skill. The lower the base activation rate of the skill (percent that shows next to the skill name), the higher the chance the Guardian will get a boost. This means Guardians with 10% activation rate skills will have a higher chance to boost than Guardians with only 30% or 50% activation rate skills.

    Having multiple 10% skills will not increase your chances of getting a boost. Certainly, if you have more, you have a higher chance of getting one to activate, but once a Guardian has reached enough B to activate the skill 100% of the time, there's no point to having more than one.

    There are also separate skill phases. The most important ones to boosting are the attack phase and the heal phase. Your Guardians can get a boost once in every phase, so multiple phases give guardians multiple chances to get a boost.

    Guardians can earn a maximum of 0.2% B/U per battle.

    What do I need to prepare?

    1) Before leveling or recoding your Guardians, find out what their lowest activation rate skill is. Guardian skills can change as the Guardian levels up; for example, Ohyru DNA has a 10% skill at level 40, however she loses this skill after level 60.

    Also find out if your Guardians have any heal phase skills. Heal phase skills include any level of heal and also status effect heals (panacea, clarity, shatter shackles, etc). By the way, Regen is not a heal phase skill!

    If you're not sure about a Guardian, make a thread or ask in our Discord. Level/recode the Guardian accordingly after you've found out.

    2) See if you have Jodie, Shannen, Ayana, Chelsea, or Tiffana (or their New Year's forms). These Guardians reward an otomo called a doll at 100U. This doll when equipped provides a 10% activation rate skill, which can help Guardians who don't have any 10% skills. These Guardians should be some of the first Guardians you Boost if you have them.

    3) See if you have Haruhikari. Haruhikari rewards two otomos called Mega Heal Angel and Giga Heal Angel. These give the skills Mega Heal and Giga Heal. A Guardian with an angel equipped will have double the chance to get a boost because the skills will provide an extra skill phase. Haruhikaris should also be some of the first Guardians you Boost if you have them.

    4) For Guardians with neither their own 10% skill nor their own heal phase skill, keep them at level 1 and equip them with a doll and/or an angel. If you do not have a doll and/or an angel for them, buy the anti-fire/anti-earth charms from the Un store and equip the Guardian with them. These measures are to keep animation time low.

    5) Find a friend with Kenton DNA, Godaugar DNA, or J'irow DNA. These Guardians have a skill called Party Frequency +50% which will help immensely with getting your Guardians' skills to proc. The best way to look for such a friend (if you don't already have one) is to check out our Discord!

    6) Entertainment. Like I said, it's boring!

    Who do I boost?

    -Jodie, Shannen, Ayana, Chelsea, or Tiffana
    -Elga/Ryoma (Two-Hand Gauntlet - Doublehand)
    -Macrant/Mym (Dual-Wield Gauntlet - Dual Wield Mastery)
    -Guardians with weapon/equipment unions
    -Guardians with elemental attack +10% otomo unions
    -DO NOT BOOST TO GET EXP WINGS. These are farmable from Nidhogg Hard.

    See Person Man's spreadsheet for a full spreadsheet of Guardians and their rewards and also the best recode/level for them.


    There are multiple setups for boosting. Depending on what kind of pincers you want, you can just search up "sb farm [single or double pincer] terra battle 2" on Youtube or some similar query.

    The following are my preferred setups in Chapter Four:

    Optional step: Clear the chapter first (not the lake part) so there is less animation time and so setting up is easier. Leave one generator (the 2x2 bosses that spawn monsters).

    Doll skills have their own area of area one. This means you can only have mages (with dolls) directly over the generator. For warriors, spellblades, or healers, area of skills becomes centered around the unit. Of course, it is okay to put any non-mage unit over the generator if they don't have a doll.

    In general, be mindful of the area of your Guardians' skills.


    Double Pincer - for Guardians that have no angels or dolls and no skills with proc rates of less than 30% nor heal phase skills

    Equipment: 50 ATK on Haruhikari.

    Single Pincer - for faster farming with multiple Guardians with 10% skills/dolls and/or heals/angels

    Equipment: 216 ATK on Haruhikari (100 ATK is most likely enough)
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