(Android) System optimisation apps like 'L Speed' can also prevent TB from running.

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    Nov 24, 2014
    I just install this L Speed app today to, hopefully, extend some battery life for my phone.
    It however also makes TB to forced-close (ErrorCode=1).

    I don't know what option (or combination of options) in this app actually trigger this error.
    But all 3 default optimisation profiles (Battery, Balanced, and Performance) can prevent the game from starting up.

    Though, TB runs fine if I do not use default optimisation profiles, but instead, manually toggle options that related to battery saving.

    So, for people who have problem opening TB, it is possible that it might have caused by apps of similar nature.
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    Sep 21, 2017
    It maybe late reply
    But honest don't use those mod it is free on Xda he is collected on there and rewrite the script,some of them give you a placebo effect and some only work it can make your phone unstable,like Sd speed tweak it will destroy your sd card someday,...i have tested many mod on there,...some of them on xda copy other script and rewrite stupid things or edit and called the zip super mod,pure mod,...,only 30% real Dev on there
    Real thing to saving battery are
    Lower your brightness setting
    Turn on battery saver option in your phone (it can cause some performance issue)
    Root method (it can risk your phone,it danger try it yourself,i'm not recomended.)
    Use no frill cpu (root,kernel must support,reduce performance to save battery)
    You can also try exposed framework method if your device support or endup with bootloop if don't have custom recovery,...
    It disable services and kill apps to save battery maybe you will not receive some apps nofication,
    Amplify just use defaut option,don't set anyting if you not knowledge about this,it can kill important service,
    Greenify only greenify some battery hunger apps,don't use on systerm app can cause some issue,
    You can also use one of them don't need combine
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