Are there any useful B class guardians in Pacts with Fores?

Discussion in 'Units & Items' started by Sharrax, Jan 1, 2018.

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    For some time I've been pulling guardians from pacts which drop only A class guardians or higher and I think many players do the same. Those pacts are, obviously, a great deal: they offer higher drop rate for rare guardians and some extra bonuses (like ticket of resolve). sometimes they require less energy and so on. As a possible downside, I didin't get any B class guardians for some time, which got me thinking that I'm probably missing some good low class guardians .

    One example of potentially good B class guardians is Lyon because of his stackable 1.5x physical damage buff, which was extremely powerful in TB1. Lyon is good, but he doesn't look as overpowered as Bahl^ was: he has only 4x damage multiplier and horisontal cut (not sure what power does this skill have) with equipable +20% attack. If we compare him with Z class warrior Mu, who has 9.5x damage multiplier in his DNA form, we will see that just with one stack of damage buff Lyon deals about the same damage as Mu, and with more stacks he surpasses Mu. With 4 stacks (if it is the maximum as in TB1) Lyon deals about 2x more physical damage than Z class guardian, which is quite impressive. I have both of them, but in case I need physical damage I will prefer Lyon over Mu.

    I know about this thread by PM, who has done a great job summarizing information about good companions. In this thread I want to find answers to following questions:
    1. Are there not just good, but the best B class guardians, who deal more damage or have more usability than top tier characters?
    2. Is it worth to pull from pacts with B rank guardians to have a chance to get those strong guardians?
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    1. For best B class guardians, I do believe Lyon is one of the best. There is also photon element Yuriyuri, wind element Canous, lightning element Karyn, earth element Shaq'urino, and graviton element Kul'nero. Keep in mind the MAX potential of some of these B class guardians lies in otomos you can mostly get from higher class guardians. For useful B guardians, I can think of fire element Scarlett and wind element Torl'marl.

    2. I don't think it's particularly worth it to pull from normal pacts for a chance at these guardians. They really exist to make higher class guardians shine brighter or act as substitutes for higher class guardians of the same element, and they only reach full potential after being chained a couple of times (which is why they're often MVP in Co-op play). Higher class guardians usually will have higher multipliers, so they'll do better on the first few turns. But it's up to you to judge if these units are very important or not.

    Here's a list of good B units, IMO:
    • Yuriyuri. He does better than Revol (SS class photon mage) in raids, probably because of his MATK buff. He gets even better with photon atk +10% otomos, which you can get one for free from Ganah's default guardian, Gettarutta, as a Union reward. Thanks to him alone I'm able to rank 2nd place most of the time in raids, right behind Jeba, who also uses a Yuriyuri with photon atk +10% otomos, which I'm still grinding for. HOWEVER, Ayana DNA (Z class Non-elemental mage) users usually beat us.
    • Canous. She has an MATK buff AND a wind attack buff. If you put Shannen dolls on her and teamed her up with Ajishi she'd wreck everything in her way. BUT Shannen DNA with Ajishi and wind atk +10% otomo is the same thing with a higher multiplier.
    • Karyn is a great lightning unit, with lightning amp 1.25x b (basically a 25% buff). Similar to Canous, she'll be a very destructive lady with Chelsea dolls and extra buffing from Shean DNA. Again, though, Chelsea may beat her with the help of similar buffs from otomos.
    • Shaq'urino... I'm not sure of him, but I recall he was MVP of the old co-op quest, Infernal Keep, because of his earth amp 1.5x (IK was fire element, which is weak to earth). However, he has a low multiplier (4x), no dolls exist to take full advantage of this amp, and one of his slots are wasted on an atk buff, so it might take a few pincers to get him to full potential (which is why he was so good in raid). On the bright side, you could make it earth amp 1.8x by adding three earth atk +10% otomos (assuming you use the Dual Wield gauntlet), which would probably more than make up for his weaknesses. But this requires pulling Ken (SS earth mage) three times.
    • Kul'nero, to be honest, should probably be an SS class. His multiplier (7x) is already higher than contending higher class graviton units (Bulk, Fyuzal, Bali, Kyubae), and his matk buff makes him even better (Fyuzal might beat him because of fissure and in certain situations where Exterminator is useful). Chirol would probably still beat him, but I think Chirol is the only one who could beat him in graviton damage.
    • Scarlett is really good for any fire team because she has fire atk +20% ALL. AND IT STACKS. She makes Djagos into a powerful monster, and is incredibly useful as if you have her, but not Djagos, you can buff a friend's Djagos and just burn everything.
    • Torl'marl is useful because of Cowing Glare. The Hobble-like skills that cause an enemy to lose a turn were all nerfed, including Cowing Glare, but I guess Cowing Glare got the least of it, because it is now the most powerful Hobble skill. If you're having trouble defeating a boss he's really great.
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    Going down the list:
    - Canous for her wind+matk buffs
    - Chaim may be better than quite a few of the warriors in higher ranks because of self buff and amp/doublehand, but most warriors are crappy in general
    - Hermes has a good mix of abilities for a B healer, 3x chain heal and a 1x area(2) heal/CT+2/heal x1.5
    - Ka'prese has almost every type of anti-element capsule, one of which is unique to her currently
    - Karyn for lightning amp 1.2 which stacks
    - Kheim is the same as Chaim
    - Kul'nero has crazy good multiplier and matk buff to boot
    - Kutah'von is the same as Hermes but instead of an extra area heal he has restorative counter
    - Lyon
    - Scarlett greatly buffs fire units, and has more DPS than Pal'pal(who is only more unique in that he has + fire freq.)
    - Shaqurino has earth amp 1.5 that stacks, and since he's a spellblade his physical damage may help out depending on how you equip him
    - Torl'marl has Cowering Glare, Evasive arts that chains and also CT
    - Yuriyuri both forms are useful, DNA buffs matk/mdef and heals ailments, RNA has 5x multiplier/self buff/confuse/heal

    Depending on what you already have and what you are trying to do I wouldn't say that any of these are must-haves though, at least not enough to pull from a pact that gives you no advantage. A big reason why these even stand out is because they offer good value for their rank or have unique skills, but now that we can choose to take B ranks out of the pull pool they lose much of their appeal if you don't already have them.
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    One additional guardian with (limited) usefulness is Fofoe, who is the only one with Health Tattoo 10%. I've gotten use out of this for farming sparkles in Chapter 8 sync, running around the level with a single (magnet off) character every bit of health was necessary since there's a couple of barriers that force you to take hits

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