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    So, this is going to be a dumb post, made by a dumb and forgetful person wondering (read, knowing that there's just a 1% of chance) if this could be considered a bug:

    I've recently broken my login streak on Terra Battle 2 without noticing it (no big deal I guess, even for me, as it seems that lately we are not getting content) and I've contacted the support in merit.

    They answered me that I skipped a day a couple of weeks ago, but when I asked them for further information about my login history they fairly told me (in order to protect the user's privacy I assume) they're not allowed to make such information public.

    The daily reset for me happens at 1PM, and although I cannot remember the exact date I have a memory of me logging on day X after that time, skipped day X+1, and logged twice on day X+2 (first at 10AM then again at 1PM), do you think this could be the cause?

    At the moment I cannot remember if this is something I already did before on TB2 (probably yes, without repercussions), I just wanted to ask if someone here ever did like me, skipping a day and then "recovered" it before the next daily reset (again, on TB2) without breaking their streak, or if (1% of chance) this is a bug related to the way the servers are configurated.


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