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    Hello everybody!

    As it has been previously announced, after all the requests forwarded by the community the Staff has been working hard on an alternative to the legendary, yet outdated, Taigachat of TBF and today we're happy to announce the opening of our brand new Discord server! :D

    The invitation link is the following:

    As we don't want to split the Community we highly encourage all the active users of the forum chat to move to Discord.

    But what about the users that for some reason can't or don't want to use Discord?

    As it has been mentioned on the thread linked above, we understand that the inactive players who don't use Discord and join the chat only from time to time to play a cooperative match might have no intention to create an account on a different service for this single purpose, reason why we implemented the use of tags like @TB1 and @TB2, whose use is explained further below.

    Everything said on the TBF's chat is mirrored on an especially created channel on the Discord server to give the users an easy access to the messages of the before-mentioned players: in addition, the support of Discord for different roles doesn't only allow our bot(s) to get the attention of the users on important timed content like streams and in-game events, but also let the "Taigachat users" to reach a wider audience by sending a notification to all the (interested) "Discord users".

    By doing a pratical example, the role "Terra Battle 1" on Discord identifies all the users who play the first chapter of the franchise, and is appended to a restricted number of our bot's timed messages, like when a Stream begins, when an important Daily Quest (like Lucky Orbling and Sweet Temptation) begins, and when a Weekly Challenge is almost over. If needed, other users are capable to mention this role as well, and for this reason its usage will be moderated, but users who don't want to be harassed are able to leave (and to join back) anytime. Further explanation about this feature is given on the Discord server.

    In order to mention all the users who are part of a special group at once, any TBF user on Taigachat can write a @ followed by one of the following words:
    • TB1 (or TerraBattle1)
    • TB2 (or TerraBattle2)

    Example: "I need help on Artemis III, Room number 34567 @TB1"

    Similarly for the messages left in chat, any new thread and post left on a publibly accessible profile will be logged as well, making this way easier for the users to follow the new content from the Community; in respect of the privacy of the users, any message (chat, thread, status, post and so on) deleted from the forum will be also removed from the Discord server in the shortest time as possible.

    A final word goes to the 11 users who voted to "leave everything as it is right now": we know that you might not like this change but give Discord a try, we're sure that you won't regret it ;)
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