Coketump's nub account that needs help

Discussion in 'Squad Help' started by coketump, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Mar 10, 2015
    I don't really do anything but SB so account is pretty much ded
    I don't know why I just love SB. Please tell me there are contents other than SB and metal kings
    Posting my Zs cause pretty much got all SS and below at 100%SB (except like 5 of them, I'm trying to finish gold road here)

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    Jan 2, 2015

    Snaip Bahl Zafitte Olber Bonna

    Gigojago is a good one too but this one is optional

    Farm 100L in the forest:

    Snaip^ Bahl^ Zafitte^ Olber^ Bonna^ Schweiz^ and Myne^ (This is a 7 guys party but since all except Schweiz and Myne will start with some luck after the recode you can rotate them)

    Shinen Party:

    You dont need a 100L team to farm Shinen, a 80L team will be enough or even a "any" luck team if you own a Kiss Bottle

    Bahl^ Snaip^ Suoh^ Gatz^ Schweiz^ Kraken Kino^ (with his OII)

    Farm Shinen until 100L

    Shinen guide:

    Dragon Kings Party:

    You need a 100L team to do these.

    PDK: Bahl^ Snaip^ Gatz^ Schweiz^ Zafitte^ Gegonago^
    RDK: Shinen^ Amisandra^ Zafitte^ Schweiz^ Gegonago^ Invincible^
    IDK: Myne Zafitte^ Gegonago^ Schweiz^ Ellvern^ Invincible^

    Guide for the dragon kings:

    Moon King Party:

    MK: Bahl^ Snaip^ Gatz^ Zafitte^ Gegonago^ Olber^

    Guide for Moon King:

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