Coming back with less idea than ever.

Discussion in 'Squad Help' started by Lustz, Dec 21, 2016.

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    May 30, 2015
    Hi there!

    I used to play Terra Battle long ago, but I got tired and leaved the game just staying on my phone. Now I tried to come back, but for me, it's like playing another totally different game.

    I leaved in the companion update, before the Vs events, and now I see more chapters, a lot of events, but I feel that I'm doing something wrong, everything cost me a lot of effort, the new events are just too hard for me and I can't even understand the toons of new things added in the game, trading post, luck, new op units, companions, Leveling phases etc...

    For reference, my best units are:

    -Koko ^ Lvl 62
    -Piz'Fer ^ Lvl 74 100% SR
    -Jennish ^ Lvl 65 100% SR
    - Gugba (71/72/90, SR: 100%)
    - Amimari (67 85 76, SR 35)
    - Zerro (Not leveled)
    - Snaip (66 65 90)
    - Macuri(65 65 90)

    I have some other characters, but now I don't know if they are trully helpful or not. So please, give me a hand and help me to reconect with Terra Battle again.
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    Sep 22, 2015
    Have you cleared chapter 34 yet? That should give you access to Metal Zone 7, currently the best leveling spot in the game.

    Dragon Kings, Shin'en and Mutoh are strictly end-game contents that require highly specific team composition. Don't touch them at all currently.

    Trading Post is simple. You get Animata items from playing, then you can trade them for items and companions. The type of item needed changes every week.

    Animata items drop from the majority of quests, roughly equal to the stamina cost of the stage. The most efficient method, however, is by fighting the Kino/8-bit monsters. The 3rd difficulty level drop about 500 Animata items every clear.

    Kino and 8-bit quests are new lines of quests that serve two purposes: 1. Farm Animata items; 2. Obtain the bosses, which are used for recoding. They tend to take very little damage to everything except the weapon/element they're weak to. Mechanic and Marilith are by far the easiest bosses since they take full damage from everything.

    Luck is a stat that determines extra drops at the end of a stage. See those Luck chests whenever you clear a stage? Those are what Luck opens. Higher Luck means higher chance to open those. Some items and Companions are exclusive to the high-level chests at certain stages. Also, your team's Luck is the average of your characters. So to get the highest level chest you need a team full of 100 Luck characters.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    1. Recode then re-level your top recodes
    2. Clear PoF and PoFoF - Recode Jaguna, Suoh, Camillia, Marilith and Lich after both are cleared
    3. Farm Kino/8-bit for Trading Post items - Buy power ups, job items, recode items and tickets

    Too Long; Reading Anyway
    It will take a while to get 'up to speed', so to speak, but it's not hard... just time consuming. I think the best thing for you to do is work on your roster. You only showed your 'best' units, but with so many new recodes the best might not be the best anymore.

    I think the first thing you should do is determine who on your roster you should recode and re-level. Pi'zfer, Zerro and Jennish are all very good when recoded. Amimari is the new starter so she'll most likely be getting a recode soon which will probably bring her in line with the Ami^s. Sn'aip, believe it or not, has a recode as well so you should get him recoded because he's one of the top dps. Ma'curi and Gugba are still great as well.

    The second thing you should work on (in parallel to the first) is clearing the PoF and the PoFoF (the Pact of Fate via coins, not energy). Clearing the PoF will get you some very good characters at 100% SB and also remove them from the PoT. Clearing the PoFoF will get you the exact same characters, but at max luck (100 for some, 80/70 for others). They are Suoh, Camillia, Jaguna, Seiryu, Invincible^ (not Invincible), Lich and Marilith. These characters are important because each one can reach 100 luck without requiring energy. Seiryu and Invincble^ reach l100 without any help, but the others will need to be recoded. Even then you'll need a little extra luck, but there's a weekly challenge that will fill in the remaining luck. Once this team is at l100 you can use them to farm the Kino/8Bits for extra items - notably O companions, extra Trading Post currency and Metal Minions for leveling companions. You can often anywhere from 150 - 600 extra currency per run. Each weekend should be devoted to running Coin Creeps to maximize your money gains.

    Even without luck I would still farm the Kinos/8-Bits for a few days a week so you can pick up items from the TP. The TP is a great way to pick up job/recode items, power ups, MMs and companions. I would focus on getting the companion of the week if it's worth while (not the O companion), the job items and the power ups if it's Coin/Exp boosters. I wouldn't worry about the time/trap capsules... save your time/currency. You should also prioritize the Fellowship and Companion tickets. The former will save you some time farming money and the latter lets you draw from the Companions of Truth without using energy - save them for the next 10/2 guaranteed S+ event. Most of the time you get at least one good companion which came make some battles way easier. There's a decent thread in the Guide's forum (I'm still updating it) outlining the Kino/8-bit strategies so you can get an idea of how to handle most of them.

    Like TrueShadow said I wouldn't worry about the Kings/Riftworlders. They're pretty tough even if you have a solid roster. The other option, however, is to farm Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin because you can re-recode them to 100L. It will take 5-6 recodes each, but I'd take that nice and slow... don't worry about it for now unless you're bored and want something else to do.
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    Oct 27, 2014
    Ignore the comments about the dragon kings. Farm 6 Tonberry from the ff event which is currently back. This will allow you to cheese primordial dragon king. This gives you access to holy dragons which can be used to beat inexorable dragon king which can be beaten with farmable units I think. That gives you access to resplendent dragon king via axion dragons which has a final reward (but low drop chance) of the primordial dragon buddy which doubles xp.

    Overall, trading post events are great but have varying difficulty. Events will come back. Just focus on the what you can do. PoF or pofuck clearing. Recodes. The non recode halves of events. You'll scale up with time.

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