Companion of Truth - Lineup Probability Showcase

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    Sep 2, 2016
    I hope for a second Peta Z weapon companion for Agartha Hard Mode. I have been pulling CoT almost every day since version 5.5 in last October; most are silvers, rare are golds, never are rainbows.

    That should have been over 100 days/pulls but never rainbows. I just double if the lineup stats are correct; Z companions are 3% drop rate so I should expect 3 out of 100 pulls, but luck turns against me.

    Today I have accumulated 300 energies finally, and I decide to burn them to test my luck, or to test the lineup stats. I have cleared PoT and I can wait for the daily pull to clear the PoFoT. Below are my results:

    Appetizers of 7 companions tickets, not counting into the summary result:
    1. Demon's Chronicle A
    2. Golem's Talisman B
    3. Memorial Bow A
    4. Blizzard Rod B
    5. Ebony Staff A
    6. Frog's Fan B
    7. Demon's Talisman B
    (all silvers...)

    100 pulls of 300 energies:
    1. Staff of Chaos SS
    2. King's Shield S
    3. Ragnarok SS
    4. Hiso's Shield S
    5. Ebony Staff A
    6. Infernal Shield S
    7. Demon's Talisman B
    8. Holy Bow of Genji Z
    9. Radiant Shield A
    10. Pig's Chronicle A
    11. Rainbow Balloons SS
    12. Gloomy Wand B
    13. Silver Sword B
    14. Luckster Z
    15. Pig's Chronicle A
    16. Bewitching Bow B
    17. Mythril Sword A
    18. Dracuan Knife A
    19. Demon's Fan B
    20. Faerie's Talisman B
    21. Miasma Blade B
    22. Dragon's Chronicle A
    23. Apollo S
    24. Comet Staff A
    25. Round Shield B
    26. Pig's Fan B
    27. Staff of Apollo SS
    28. Silver Sword B
    29. Lightning Rod B
    30. Rat's Talisman B
    31. Gloomy Wand B
    32. Ice Shield B
    33. Golem's Fan B
    34. Schweiz Bow Z
    35. Golem's Buckler A
    36. Healing Wand B
    37. Kappa Z
    38. Bow of Genji SS
    39. Dragon S
    40. Shield of Camaraderie A
    41. Thunderous Karma A
    42. Staff of Apollo SS
    43. Round Shield B
    44. Blue Cane A
    45. Bewitching Bow B
    46. Healing Wand B
    47. King's Fan B
    48. Fiery Karma A
    49. Pig's Talisman B
    50. Rune SS
    51. Discerning Spear B
    52. Dragon's Fan B
    53. Fire Shield B
    54. Aegis S
    55. White Candle S
    56. Staff of Zeus SS
    57. Miasma Blade B
    58. Hiso's Buckler A
    59. Frog's Talisman B
    60. Faerie's Talisman B
    61. Lightning Rod B
    62. Blizzard Rod B
    63. Ribbon SS
    64. Faerie's Talisman B
    65. Dragon's Fan B
    66. Round Shield B
    67. Musical Note A
    68. Aegis S
    69. Dragon's Talisman B
    70. Subzero Shield A
    71. Frog S
    72. Faerie's Chronicle A
    73. Silver Bow B
    74. Pig's Talisman B
    75. Healing Wand B
    76. Pig's Fan B
    77. Combat Shield B
    78. Combat Shield B
    79. Dragon's Fan B
    80. Demon's Chronicle A
    81. Regen Bangle B
    82. Dragon's Talisman B
    83. Ice Shield B
    84. Discerning Spear B
    85. Skip A
    86. Jennish's Staff Z
    87. Lightning Rod B
    88. Pig's Buckler A
    89. Shadowy Rod A
    90. King's Fan B
    91. Orichalcum Sword S
    92. Silver Bow B
    93. Rune SS
    94. Bewitching Bow B
    95. Mythril Sword A
    96. Dragon's Chronicle A
    97. Dark Karma A
    98. Shield of Camaraderie A
    99. Mythril Rod A
    100. Lunar Bow A

    Some summary:
    • Z: 5% (vs. 3% in lineup stats)
    • SS: 10% (vs. 8% in lineup stats)
    • S: 10% (vs. 10% in lineup stats)
    • A: 27% (vs. 30% in lineup stats)
    • B: 49% (vs. 48% in lineup stats)
    Most frequent companions:
    • Bewitching Bow: 3 times
    • Dragon's Fan: 3 times
    • Faerie's Talisman: 3 times
    • Healing Wand: 3 times
    • Lightning Rod: 3 times
    • Round Shield: 3 times
    Although I got my Peta Z weapon in the first 10-pull, I decided to continue the test. The probability results are similar with the in-game lineup stats, when using energies anyway.

    Hope this can be some reference for someone!
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    Aug 25, 2016

    I don't keep track of how many of the daily + ticket pulls I have done, but assuming they total at least 100, I have pulled enough for the 3% rate. To date I have pulled at least 7 Z companions that I remember so my personal rate is probably higher than the established rates as well. Many of those were a waste though since they were dupes of things I already had. It's definitely way harder to pull a Z and have it be something you actually want without the special rates on. My tip is to always pull one by one, since there's no longer a point to the 10 pull and mainly because for some reason the RNG loves to give you dupes within the same 10 pull(in my experience).
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    Dec 17, 2014
    I have close to 400 energy, all I want is Minidra, hopefully I will get it before MW pulls the plug. WIll do the mass pull once the termination of service notice shows up.
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    Feb 10, 2016
    Pulled my Minidra from daily reward, so Rainbow does exist.

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