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    Jul 18, 2017
    Greetings the original question i have is what can i do to improvy my machine team. That lead in the chat to farming luck in forest with certain characters.

    The curent machine team: Apirath , Phi Orbling, FOB, Manticlaw, mecha, cybergolem

    Soo here we go with the list

    Bahl all jobs unlocked lvl all over 80
    Grace all jobs unlocked lvl all around 74
    Kuscah all jobs unlocked lvl 90
    A`merpact 2 jobs unlocked both lvl 79
    Sheena 1 job lvl 1
    Ma`curi all jobs unlocked lvl all around 77
    Gatz all jobs unlocked lvl all around 71
    Eileen 2 jobs unlcocked lvl all around 60
    Yukken 2 jobs unlocked lvl around 72
    Rikken all jobs unlocked lvl all around 75
    Ka`pori all jobs unlocked lvl around 40
    Sh`berdan 1 job aruond lvl 36
    S`naip all jobs unlocked lvl all around lvl 72
    R`zonand 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 50
    Guba 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 81
    Kana all jobs unlocked lvl all around 50
    A`misandra 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 42
    Amimari 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 66
    Amazora all jobs unlocked lvl all around 68
    Ba`gunar all jobs unlocked lvl all around 66
    Burbaba 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 56
    Zan 1 job lvl 32
    Czekras 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 62
    Ra`pow 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 52
    Zenzoze 1 job unlocked lvl 1
    Pupru 2 jobs unlocked lvl all around 46
    O`pari 1 job lvl 13
    Gigojago 2 jobs unlocked all around 37
    Manmer 1 job lvl 1
    Korin 2 jobs unlocked all around 46
    Kem 1 job lvl 1
    Pharl 2 jobs unlocked all around lvl 64
    Nakumpi all jobs unlcoked all around 65
    Sampuki all jobs unlocked all around lvl 65
    Metupi 1 job lvl 4
    Daiana all jobs unlocked all around 63
    Sha`plar 2 jobs unlocked around lvl 10
    Sorman all jobs unlocked all around lvl 65
    Harold all jobs unlocked all around lvl 73
    Pupropu 1 job around 33
    Lunaken 1 job aruond 10
    Noctis 1 job lvl1
    Piz`fer 2 jobs unlocked around 65
    Zerro 2 jobs unlocked around 72
    Palpa all jobs unlocked around lvl 71
    Warrior Human
    Knight Human
    Archer Human
    Mage Human
    Healer Human
    Beastrace Warrior-Healer
    Maralme 3 jobs unlocked all around lvl 20
    Velraine 1 job lvl 10
    Manticlaw lvl 62
    Leviathan all jobs unlocked around lvl 65
    Bahamut all jobs unlocked around lvl 82
    Odin 2 jobs unlocked around lvll 65
    JadeDragon 3 jobs unlocked around lvl 73
    Mecha lvl 32
    Dracorin all jobs unlocked around lvl 10
    FOB lvl 73
    Beastrace hero
    Stonerace Warrior-Mage
    Lucialvl 70
    Phi Orbling maxed out on lvl & SB
    Mechano Orbling
    Leonidas lvl 70
    9bit Hisao
    Jaguna all jobs unlocked around lvl 65
    Lacuma 2 jobs unlocked jb1 lvl 71 jb2 lvl 24
    Nia all jobs unlocked around lvl 65
    Apirath lvl 74
    Joker lvl 83
    Kirùe all jobs unlocked around lvl 65

    Okkliot OII
    Tronic Gal O
    Grace OII
    Bahl OII
    Sha`plar OII
    2 healing wands
    regen ring
    regen flute
    5 Ochus
    iron sword, bow
    2 luna bows
    darkling wand
    twilight wand
    quickfire bow
    small shield
    champions shield
    sorcerers shield
    goelm tear
    rat fan
    2 pigs fan
    faeris fan
    draconic fan
    hiso chronicles
    hiso badge
    rat badge
    golem amulet
    dragon amulet
    rat buckler
    3 bronze swords
    white shield
    bronze rod
    2 steelward swords
    2 killer bows
    comba shield
    spike (star)
    2 fire visor
    fire helmet
    sunstorm wand
    lightning shield
    blaze wand
    shadowstorm wand
    3 glacia wands
    inferno rod
    4 blizzard rods
    mantle staff
    comet staff
    astral hourglass

    Well and thats it.
    Oh boy my hands Q_Q
    But that is all of my current characters/companions
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    Jan 2, 2015
    Oh lol poor xDDDDDDDD on screenshot of your adventurers would have been more than enough.

    Ok my advice is, if you want to beat the quest easily.

    Then you need to get Mechanic Kino + Mechanic Kino O.

    There are 2 ways to beat arachnobots tale ending F.

    -1 With a team of full machines + mechanic kino with his Mechanic Kino O

    -2 With a team of full machines + a lot of Z companions.

    The first way is the cheaper, easier way. The second way is way more expensive, the Z companions are much harder to level and will be harder to get the ending with that team.

    - IF you want to do it with Mechanic Kino + Mechanic Kino O

    In your companions list I see 0 Z otomos but i can see:

    2 steelward swords --> you can upgrade these to skullsplitters
    2 killer bows --> you can upgrade these to bewitching bows
    Tronic Gal O

    2 healing wands --> you can upgrade these to healing rods.

    That means you have more than enough otomos to do the quest the first way. The only thing you need is to get Mechanic Kino + Mechanic Kino O.

    The problem is Mechanic Kino O only drops from 100L chest. So what you should do is "farm Luck in Cryptic Forest" and Lucia IV until you get a team with 100L.

    The team I recommend you to use would be:

    Bahl Snaip Yukken Gatz Amisandra Palpa.

    Alternatively you can put Pizfer in the team and remove Yukken or Palpa. But since you have to complete the coins pacts having Yukken will help you to do faster. And having 2 100L tappers is going to be really nice for you to farm things like PDK or Shinen. Or if you are good on heal you can remove Amisandra por Pizfer but I think that a 100L healer is really nice to have.

    - Forget about all the other chars you have. Concentrate into leveling these characters to 80/80/80 and recoding them. Recode Gatz^ and Bahl^ first for an easier time.

    - Use all the rest of your stamina into farming Lucia IV everyday. With Gatz^ and Bahl^ recoded this should be a breeze. You have to outflank the lucky orblings that will appear. Each run of Lucia IV will give you between 0.3 to 0.6 luck to your whole team if you can outflank the lucky orblings. This cost 40 stamina but is easy and the orblings dont run away.

    - Once you are done with your stamina each dy try to farm Cryptic Forest. In this stage some "runners" will appear, if you pincer them you will gain 0.1 luck to your whole team.

    - By doing a combination of Lucia IV + Cryptic Forest you should be able to get 10L in your whole team daily without much troubles. Just by using all your stamina in Lucia and farming like 1 hour or forest each day.

    Once you get one team to 100L you only have to wait for Mechanic Kino to come back to arena, get his Mechanic O (if you havent finished all your characters to 100L is still fine, even if you have only recoded Bahl and Gatz with a couple of healing rods should be able to kill him without problems). That mean that even if you only get 2 characters up to 100L would be enough. Then you can do the quest using the first method described in this post:

    Cheap Easy Team for ending F

    Advantages of this method:

    - You are going to get a very strong team for you to advance through the game.
    - The otomos you are going to craft are going to be useful for you during the whole game, you can use them in Primordial Dragon King or Shinen until you get something better.
    - Mechanic Kino O will be useful in PVP battlebot cup so having him soon will help you to get some extra energies.
    - 100L team nowadays is going to help you to breeze through the game. Once you get those characters to 100L is going to be much easier for you to finish the Coin pacts (POF and POFoF) to get some really great free characters. Specially running stages with 100L Yukken is going to make it really really fast and easy.
    - The team I suggested is really strong. Only those 6 characters + Coin Pacts + BLO characters can clear 90% of the content of the game including all story, all the events, Shinen and the classic Dragon kings. So all the effort you are going to put on this will help you in the future.


    - Well you have to grind luck xD boring xD, also recoding those characters before finishing the coins pact will make them have lower SB/LB, but in my experience that wont matter much, you are going to use that team so much that they will just get finished from the natural use. No need of extra grind for them.

    - IF you want to do it with Z companions.

    - If you dont want to farm luck you can try a team like the one described by Silver in this post:

    No Mechanic Kino Team with OdinZ/BahaZ

    - This team only requires your machines and some Z companions.
    - So what you would need would be to farm Odin + Bahamut/Leviathan III in coop with someone until you get the companions you need.

    You can also use Axion Z if you think you can farm them yourself:

    No mechanic Kino etam with AxionZ


    - You dont have to grind luck and in the case of using Silver's method you can be carried in eidolons even if you dont have the units to beat them.

    - Since you will get carried in Eidolons to get the 6 Z companions the only thing you will need to do by yourself is farm a lot of MM^^

    - It involves less effort and you have to do "less different things"

    - Eidolons are fun.


    - I havent tested the team myself so not sure how hard was for @Silver Mitsuki to beat the stage with this team. I think he can give better insight about this but in his own post he doesnt recommend doing it.

    - These Z companions are going to be veeery expensive to level up, that means you are going to use a lot of MM^^. So even if you wont have to grind luck you will end grinding a lot of MM^^. Since you dont have any 100L team the better places to farm MM^^ for you would be: Kinos/8Bit and buy them in trading post, running MZs and 34.10 and upgrade MM^ into MM^^.

    - Even if all the companions are a "nice to have" thing. If you use the Eidolons ones I dont think they will be unlocking any "new content" for you (please someone correct me if im wrong) besides this specific quest. Other Z companions like Axion Z or Holy Z are IMO a better investiment of your resources but would be hard for you to get them without recodding your characters and are definitevely easier to farm with a 100L team.

    - This method will end being also grindy at the end and is way less rewarding than the first one.

    About the machines you want to use. Thats the last part and the last important. You need to focus on which companions you want to get first. THe reason is that both: Mechanic Kino O and Odin/Levi/Baha are things that are going to be rotating in arena, so arent always available. Once you have the otomos you can just farm the machines you want to use using Yukken (and if you arent running 100L team you can put Rikken too) until they have enough SB.

    So my personal recommendation is to do try to farm luck. At least the time an effort you put on it wont be focused only in this single event but will help you in your overral progress through the game.

    Also if for some reason you arent able to finish the 100L team in time for getting Mechanic Kino O from arena that team i told you would allow you to farm Primordial Dragon King very easily. That way you can still get Axion Z and use them to beat the quest. With the additional advantage tht those Axion Z will help you to beat other things like RDK.

    Of course all of this is my personal opinion, so other people maybe have different opinions and are welcome to share them here.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    Oh... oh my god. That was not necessary.

    First of all, you can ignore LB/Sb grinding for all monster units. Over time you'll get enough money to finish the Pact of Fellowship and Pact of Fate (coins) which will max the monster LB/SB without any grinding necessary (except for grinding money).

    The aforementioned pacts will also max Seiryu, Seiryu^ and Invincible^, get you to 80 LB with Sheena, Suoh and Camillia, and get you to 70 with Marlme, Velraine and Jaguna. All but Sheena and Maralme can be recoded to increase luck to near 100 with the remaining luck easily farmed in the Cryptid Forest.

    In terms of who you should actually grind in the forest it's generally better to start with top tier characters and then decide how much further you want to go with the grind. Completing the Pact of Fate is a very long and very repetitive (and boring) process, but if you just want a few characters of note for luck chests there are several top tier units to prioritize.
    Person Man created an excellent priority list that you can find here:

    I'll just give you a quick rundown of the best units you have that should be top priority for LBing after which you can just follow the priority list linked above for anyone else you want. I'm only listing the recodes since recoding gets you a boost in Luck/SB and most of the base forms don't reach l100.

    Bahl^ - Best physical DPS and best Sword unit
    Sn'aip^ - Second best Physical DPS and best Bow unit
    Gatz^ -Super utility with Augments and great sword damage
    A'misandra^ - One of the two best healers in the game
    Daiana^ - One of the best fire mages with anti-ice capsules
    Zerro^ - One of the best shadow mages with anti-lightning capsules and tons of area damage. Seiryu^ is a comparable copy, but Zerro^ is better overall.
    Piz'fer^ - Clone of Zerro, but with ice magic.
    Palpa^ - CT+2 seconds and Augments. She's the 'worst' tap unit so if you pull something better in the interim you should drop Palpa^.​
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  4. Rydia

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Oh I forgot to tell in my post but equip Tronic Gal on someone (maybe Palpa) in the forest so you get 4 sec of extra time each time you chain her.
  5. Sean Bond

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    Mar 6, 2015

    Fixed that for you, Frog. #Piz'ferMasterRace

    Mono, Rydia and Frog have already covered most things for you. Ignoring your original specific question, as Frog said, you'll want to concentrate on a good general team for progressing through the story (and events). I would recommend taking a look at the various guides on TBF, because you'll get a better sense of which characters are worth your time, and which aren't. These are going to be the characters that (as Frog mentioned) you'll want to make sure to run through the forest until they're max luck. Once you do that and finish the coin pacts, you'll have a pretty good base 100L team, which will allow you to really benefit from running the various Kino, 8-Bit and bigger events.

    Unrelated, since it's early on in your TB life, I'd recommend starting to save up your energy, and only pulling during the 10/2 events (10/2 refers to "Pull 10 units at a time, 2 S+ are guaranteed). It's a guaranteed way to unlock a couple higher tier (rarity-wise) characters each time, and you'll sometimes get lucky and pull one of the best units in the game. Rates for rainbow characters are very low, so your best bet when you have such a large pool to pull from is to save up for only the best-odds events.

    Starting out, this game seems totally overwhelming. Midway through, the game will still probably feel totally overwhelming. Your job is to chip away at the content (and characters) until one day you're in the endgame, and you feel confident that you can begin to approach almost anything. The most important thing with TB is to have patience, because it's easy to get frustrated and just stop playing. Put in your due diligence, and you'll be rewarded (even if you're not an idiot like me, who throws money at MW).
  6. Silver Mitsuki

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    Feb 1, 2015
    The things to say to a player with your roster are too many; you have a really nice roster, and by following the tips given to you by the community (clear PoF/PoFoF, pull during 2/10, farm PDK, ... ) you'll be able to reach the end game and get some very powerful units and companions in a very little time, but for now I'll just focus on your Mecha problem:
    • I assume that you don't have a L100 team, so the Mechanic Kino Λ + O strategy (the easiest one) is excluded;
    • [IMPORTANT] Remember that you have 51 Days and 3-4 hours (by the moment I'm writing this post) to clear the event, so relax, as @Rydia has proven that one month (~30 days) is enough to clear almost all the main content you have enough time to get everything from the event ;)
    • Clearing the pact of fate (of fellowship, the one with coins) to farm efficiently the Mechanic Kino O companion is a valid alternative, so from time to time ask to run some Valkyrie I, Chaos I or Artemis I to get some OII companions worth 13.5k coins, or farm some Coin Creeps 3 during the weekend to get some money
    • The currently defined schedule for the week [ 25 July » 1 August UTC ] is Lamia, Valkyrie and Bahamut. No Odin this round (unless something changes), I guess you'll have to wait for one further week for him to come back in Arena.
    • As the Bahamut Z and the Leviathan Z companions are identical (with the attribute as their only difference) I suggest you to ask to be carried by someone in Leviathan III (Eidolon version), which is way easier than Bahamut III (Eidolon version);
    • a way nicer, and overall better alternative is using the Axion Dragon (or, even better, the Axion Dragon Z, their evolution) companions farmable from the Primordial Dragon King (you find here the wiki, and here and here some guides and tips); note than Axion Dragons (magical chainable companions) won't replace the Odin Z companions that have to be given to your physical units (phys > magic, and as you don't have any Grand Peta companion you want Odin Z, which is currently the second strongest physical companion)
    • The team I used (follow Rydia's link) *** all lv90 charas, with 100% Skill Boost and maxed companions obviously *** allowed me to clear the first floor in a total of, 4 turns? I'm a monster! (I just noticed it) ok, you need to do it in no more than 5 turns.
      If it was 6-7 turns it would be easily doable, but 5 turns is also ok, nothing of impossible, the point here is that even by pincering an enemy with 2 physical DPS with Odin Z (Tera skill in Cross All + DMG +5% for the turn) isn't enough to kill it, and as a new unit spawns every turn you need to work a lot with AoE and, eventually, outflank the lastly spawned enemy.
    • The point of all of this is that yes, is doable, but without the required experience it might take you even few hours (as you also have to be lucky for the enemies to spawn in an decent position)
    • A mechanic, or any healer anyway, is suggested as on the second floor enemies will start to attack you (and you don't want to die after being able to successfully clear the first floor, don't you? ;) )

    Remember that until 23 July UTC, MZ5K and 6K are available in Arena, and until the following day upgrading a companion will ALWAYS grant you a bonus of EXP (+25%, +50% or +100% EXP), so you want to farm as many Metal Minion Λ companions as possible to level up your Leviathan Z and your Axion Dragon/Z, as they need a total of 2.274.416 EXP each to reach lv80 :p

    Once more, OII companions come to your help, as they are worth 75k EXP each.
    Being ready to clear this event will take you time, but trust me is totally doable, especially with the community at your side :)

    Make me know if I skipped something or you want more information about something I said <3

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    Jul 18, 2017
    New characters: Marcus, Shay, Lewto, Burbaba A, Djugan, Feno, Iskar, Maldor and the few characters from the maxed out monster pacts.
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