Distilled Mutoh details?

Discussion in 'Levels & Bosses' started by Todd, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. vicenturi

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    May 14, 2015
    Thanks for advices! Finally, Sayu dropped so I recorded her and Mutoh becomes a piece of cake ;)
    Now is time to go for sun king and garuda hard.
  2. Papa Stef

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    May 5, 2018
    Hello everyone!

    Hoping not to be totally alone here... Thanks to the ad pulls, I'm getting very close to the golden road and, whilst I haven't managed to get Sayu, Tronic Gal or Feno, the units I got make me wonder whether I could give a try at Mutoh.

    For the magic way, I have the relevant units: GegoΛ, ZafitteΛ, Schweiz, GatzΛ, Peyrna, AminaΛ, Annu, MizellΛ, Edg'low, BeauneΛ. I don't believe BagunarΛ is worth mentioning here. Any serious chance to build up a team? I haven't seen any example team around these units...

    For the physical way: BahlΛ, SnaipΛ, SuohΛ, Scarlett might be relevant.

    Any hints?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Silver Mitsuki

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    Feb 1, 2015
    Unfortunately Mutoh is totally not my field, but although you don't have many photon units there are still a couple of chances for you to clear it, take a look at the following material:
    Personally, I see quite hard for you to succeed, but these guides should be a nice start :)

    I hope this helps a little bit (without an account I can't test anything anymore), make me know if you still need some support, I'll try to look at the numbers more carefully.

    (sorry for the late reply)
  4. mudamuda

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    Aug 25, 2016
    I (barely)beat Mutoh just once before the physical damage buff nerf with a Korin^ buffed sword/physical team so I may be off on some things, but recall reading that someone found another way to beat her with a physical-sword team after the nerf. It included Scarlet in place of Shin'en(for impair-def)I think. This method may be your best bet, even if less reliable due to RNG if you don't have Sayu/Senala/Myne and you should be able to find mention of this in one of the Mutoh threads.

    The other popular and easier method was a mixed physical-photon team which imcluded Myne in it(iirc Ed'glow could not be subbed in).

    I don't think you have the enough photon power for the magic method, even if you have plenty of magic taps.

    Some other tips for a physical(sword) or mixed team:
    - You need Korin^ w/companion for the sword team
    - You need impair-def for the burst turn. (Scarlet with her companion in sword team or Myne in the mixed)
    - You need at least 2 phys tappers(better if they have mag too)
    - You don't need a dedicated healer taking up a slot, a Magic Lamp or even Candle will get you through
    - You need CT+4 so Schweiz is your guy since he also has augment,all and you can give him the heal companion too.
    - You need grand-peta companions on all your physical units and HDZ on high matk units.
    - You need a unit with Levitation, all and that's usually Gatz.

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