Ella^ farming in <10 mins

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    Mar 18, 2015
    I am on my last few runs of the dungeon now. Some players in chat wanted a video of quick run.
    I don't have any recording app so will add some additional info here.
    Team set up,
    Mizell^ - full dps (holyz)
    Gatz^ - with levitation(peyrna sword)
    Bahl^ - Full dps (gragnarok)
    Snaip^ - outflank (gragnarok)
    Schweiz - No aoe
    You can probably replace schweiz with another high dps. But perfect runs do need perfect teams :troll:
    Floor3 - adjust skills on gatz/ssnaip to ensure right amount of damage(you need to get urai hp down but not kill him). Then set up for floor 4/5 in the stall turns. Only schweiz/ami will get 3 hits and they can tank it.
    Floor 6 - use pp and npc to wipe. Or you can take additional turns with shorter moves
    Floor 8 - there is no set up due to random mob moves
    Floor 9 - ensure u have levitation active
    Floor 10 - again pattern is difficult due to mob movement. Use a pp if needed
    Floor 11 - do a stalling pincer for Dagus to appear. Next pincer use gatz taps (2 is enough if u have only 1 tap unit). Put dagus/clara on one side and chain all but other side pincer units(use extend chain wisely). Bulk of the damage will be dagus/clara side pincer damage.
    Floor12 - use mizell tap to kill the 2 mobs. Turn2 even if u can't outflank, do pull dps pincer with pp/taps. This should put her below hp threshold and she will attack jainus next 2 turns and u can kill her.

    Here are the videos
    Part1 - https://play.lobi.co/video/93af13abbd2d00d671eb2ed0b5bc81fb46f2eea7
    Part2 - https://play.lobi.co/video/f7c25f50fa1766a5ac8055760108ef30b70e1694
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  2. limitbereaker

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    Oct 20, 2014
    team is similar
    more pot friendly
    shinen with hold d tap
    snaip ce
    gatz levi ww tap
    schweiz rune tap
    palpa v ww tap
    edglow holy d tap

    use stage 3 while dodging boss try pre position for stage 4

    stage 3 pre position gatz to bottom right corner. his my only unit with random aoe dmg. doing this you will pass stage 4 without danger of killing mask man and also perfect set up for stage 5

    stage up to 8 you can keep rng to minimal with this team if you do some pre positioning.

    those slime monster can be taken down with edglow/shinen magic atk

    stage 12 boss can be taken down turn 2 with npc pincer with shinen/gatz tap

    stage 13 boss/stage can be down in 2 turn . use all remaining tap and chain shinen at top screen to wipe out all bee/ella.

    slime mostly survive so use pp and take them out with shinen/edglow.

    once you get use to it you can get ella 100% of time.
  3. mudamuda

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    Aug 25, 2016
    I've got my team set up perfectly and placements for pincers down to a routine most stages that I pretty much get the drop every run but the fastest I can do is around 15 minutes. I screw up movement and s/l a lot more than I should trying to use the least time moving as possible so a lot of time is wasted loading the game. It would be nice to have a drag timer going to know if you can afford to take more time moving when you need to.

    Team is very simple and physical DPS based: Gatz^, Bahl^, S'naip^, Suoh^, Palpa^, Piz'fer^
  4. Hayden

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    Nov 7, 2014
    I'm using the exact same team but instead of S'naip i'm using Mutoh which allows me to single pincer kill Janus on turn 2 and single pincer kill Ella on turn 2 as well (With PP of course!). :3
  5. Jeba

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    Mar 18, 2015
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