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Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Todd, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Sep 8, 2016
    I played TB 1 for I think nearly 2 years? Finally left it for TB 2.

    I played TB 2 for about 30 days. Finally left it for literally anything else.

    This game is a complete "nope".
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    Jan 27, 2015
    I have to agree with the general sentiment of this thread. It seems like a complete 180 in how TB 1 is marketed comparated to how TB 2 is marketed. I don't think MW is calling the shots on marketing, but they are still definitely producing the art.

    TB 1 continues to focus on giving stuff away to FtP players, particularly stuff they need. It doesn't punish players for not purchasing and doesn't require it for accessing content. While TB 2 doesn't really require purchasing to be able to clear content at this point, there's no incentive for purchasing new things. It's Grindwall after grindwall with a Skinner Box scheme just to try and lure us in to reduce the Grindwall by a tiny bit.

    Where TB 1 skirts the Ethical Boundary of Skinner Boxes, TB 2 goes charging past that line without a second thought and straight into Moral bankruptcy. It's unconscionable how they have tried to monetize the fanbase.

    I'm heading out of the country for the holidays and I'm thinking that I'm just going to Uninstall TB 2 because it's not worth the time/effort for my log in bonus anymore. The only thing I do play when it comes out is the new chapter and I think it'd be better to come back to this game after a year when we have 25-35 chapters and can actually play it like a real RPG.
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