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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Eblis, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2018
    ...since I realized I never actually did that. Hi everyone! Been playing for about a year and a half now - consecutive login ~250 after an uninstall/restart part way through. Lurked here for the first year and have been posting a bit for the past several months, mostly while figuring out how to tackle the end-game content and tracking stats. I'm a little (*coughalot*) OCD about collecting and love messing with data, so TB has been perfect for me. I really appreciate all of the input the community's provided, and I already posted in the other thread, but condolences again to everyone affected by the EU sunset, I hope MW pulls through...
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    Jan 2, 2015
    I would say welcome but you were already here sooo nice you decided to do an introduction post xD xD or something xD

    A pity that it is a sad time for us, europe TB players

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