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    Here is my entry into the Matsuno Event.

    I've done a story as I can't draw with a shit.
    Also, I maybe a late with this entry by an hour. UTC confuses me.

    6 traveled towards a fight of destiny.

    Ma'curi sauntered along the path his grim features ever searching for the next challenge. The next battle to be fought. The next pain to feel. Even if his body rejected such a thing as pain it is what his being sought. Nothing would deter the Lizardfolk warrior from his task.

    Bahl padded along behind the grizzled warrior. Her blackened blade shining brightly even in the light of the moon. Grim and determined as Ma'curi she knows the battles head will have what she wants. The chance at salvation.

    The stonefolk man in the party is none other then Metupi. His eyes always darting around. Always slipping back away from the party as he looks over something with passionate eyes. Idly, his dexterious hands fiddle at his new hobby. Little figurines of such detail that people have claimed that they are almost life like in there resemblance.

    Amimari chats idly with Rejin as they walk down the path a bright and cheery smile on her lips. "Your obssesion with the sword, Rejin, will ultimately lead to your downfall. I am certain of this." There is a pause and she hands Rejin a bag. One of her famous lunches. Rejin for his response, just adjusts his shield as he pads along the path.

    S'naip, travels quietly, almost as if he's meditating. That meditation, however is cut short as they spy the last bit of challenge. Morgana.

    With a fierce cry, Mac'uri and Bahl both rush in. Spear and blade trying to find the body of Murderous Angel. The mechanical being striking out in a rage landing blows on the pair. Amimari sighs as she goes about patching the pair up. "This is not productive!" she says with a sigh knowing that she'll never change the pair. Metupi stands there watching a knowing smile on his lips at the carnage and the beauty of it.

    Rejin is a step behind the pair, "Cover me," he gruffly calls to S'naip, who is already unleashing arrow after arrow on Morgana. "Right-o," the Lizard folk replies to Rejin in an oddly cheerful voice.

    The battle rages as the Mech Weapon B02 and E02 join the fray. Each unleashing blows to the party, and each falling dead to blows and still Metupi stands around watching with silent joy at the beauty.

    With a timed thrust by Ma'curi and Bahl, Morgana falls. The party stands there, panting for breath at the victory. Amimari frets over her charges offering bits of advice to each that fall on deaf ears. "We're not done," Metupi's sweat and melodous voice calls out.

    Indeed they were not. With a roar that rocks the landscape with its ferocity, Morgana cries out, "You die, now."

    "Really?" Everyone except Metupi groans out. His response? "Beautiful," and a lone tear of happiness.

    Four times the party vanqishes the the Murderous Angel. Each time one step closer to there goal. Ma'curi to feel pain again. Bahl to vanquish. S'naip to find inner peace. Rejin to find a master unlike any one with his sword, to hear that voice once again. Amimari to make lunches and heal with her hands and her words. Even Metupi to see beauty.

    As the beast falls one last time and the party surveys the carnage it is Metupi who stands unhurt never actually joining the fray. His soft voice says to the group, "That was simply lovely. Let's do it again."

    Even Amimari didn't have the words for the Stonefolk Upi. She had lunch to make.
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