Funny Generator bug in Ch. 4

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    Figured I'd post this here so people could laugh. I'm SBing in Ch. 4 on the first generator; I interrupted the enemy turn (pressing the globe icon) to check my equipment. Then I switched apps to send a text (TB2 doesn't like being interrupted, sometimes). When I got back to SB time, I was confused to see a story cutscene start, despite my party still being next to the generator. Once all the babbling was done, a bunch of mobs (I'd already cleared out! :rage:) appeared, as did a second generator. I was left with this:


    I ended up intentionally killing the generator closest to my party, because that one continued to spawn mobs on the map.

    I'll probably start a ticket with support, just to make sure this isn't indicative of something that broke in the latest update. Not too hopeful that the ticket will go anywhere.

    "Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle 2!" :hilarious:
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