Good squad but guess i can replace Bahl, need help! :)

Discussion in 'Squad Help' started by George, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. George

    George New Member

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    Jul 29, 2015
    I try to improve my squad and i cant decide myself, here is my main char:

    > Bahl (the one that could be replace, i think)
    > Koko (life-leach, 4 attacks)
    > S'naip (x1.5 atk, 3 attacks, 1 counter)
    > Piz'fer (i just get it and replace Grace with, i read and i hope he is nice)
    > Lewto (self-heal, 5 attacks)
    > Amina (Kuscah is good with his general heal but Amina has stronger stats no?)

    I'm leveling A'merpact and Ma'curi because, unless their A and B rank, they are pretty strong.
    I also have Bajanna but her 'not-on-bosses' skills dont suit me.

    But none of them are sword, so:

    - Is it a good idea to not play at least one of each kind of fighter?

    My other sword are not better (i think):
    > Rejin (same problem as Bajanna)
    > Maralme
    > Ko'pori (he has so low stats that i finally remove him)
    > Korin (not bad but not better than Bahl, no?)
    > Nakupi (only first job, but seems to be strong)
    > Samupi (i played him a time, only 2 attacks but control time)
    > Ba'gunar (no good ultime skill)
    > Zan (dont really like his two different element, i prefer balancer and focused char)

    I also up Burbaba but he has no more his place in squad.

    Thanks for your attention!
  2. ThePlague

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    Mar 9, 2015
    ill take as Spearteam
    koko /High dps as koko^ 4sek controt time and high dps
    Ma'curi /max dps
    Bajanna/15%more coin are allways good

    as Swordteam
    Bahl /High DPS
    Rejin^/only as ^ then the DPS are quite good
    Ko'pori /Augment Circle is very nice + he has Ninja Footwork what makes him moor tanky

    and the other 3 slots
    Kuscah/ heal all is Importent !
  3. George

    George New Member

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    Jul 29, 2015
    Thanks for yours advices:

    Bajanna could be just a farmer char if his only apreciable skill is gain more gold, no?
    Is Rejin playable without his alter-condition skills?
    Ko'pori can be kicked by magical attack, and he is a little bit weak.
    S'naip isnt as good as Ma'curi? He is archer, could be usefull, no?
  4. Umowoïs

    Umowoïs Well-Known Member

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    Feb 22, 2015
    Ma'curi, S'naip and Bahl are used to be called "The holy trinity" because they are (in this order) 3 very good physical dammage dealer, especially with their buffes. You need to level all three of them and use them whenever they are usefull.

    You don't tell us at wich point you are in the game and what are your playstyle and goals so it is no easy to give advice, but your choices are good for a basic team with your 2 SS mages, 2 or three physical dps, one healer. Koko SS is quite a good elemental lancer.

    For the healer it's up to you : some of us prefer Heal all and B healers, some better stats and SS ones. You can go threw the story with the one you want.

    If you want to recode, Koko lambda is really powerfull, one of the best characters available. You should go for it.
    Reijin lambda is a good one.

    Anyway you will need differents teams for differents fights and events.

    Oh, and you don't absolutly need one character of each weapon in your "main" team.
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  5. Vigilant Stag

    Vigilant Stag Active Member

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    Mar 31, 2015
    Definitely level Rejin and recode him. You will want lambdas for challenges, WC, and high level content.

    Bajanna is good. My first SS roll. Decent DPS, but not as valuable as Koko at the moment.

    Nakupi is a good sword with great J3 skills but not as good with DPS as Bahl. His CT+2 means you can lead with him; because it's gained at lvl 15 you can use it for low level WCs.
  6. George

    George New Member

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    Jul 29, 2015
    I'm at level 23 and for moment i never encounter problem (i like to level up my team so i always had some level advance).

    It's ok, you convince me, i will re-use Rejin as main char, and macuri will probably replace s'naip but s'naip is 3x lvl 65, macuri not :'(
    For the healer i dont really know if heal all > strong stat

    Really thanks for yours advices!

    Edit: And my playstyle/goal is to create a balanced team that could kick all encounter ass :D

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