How does one farm for recode monsters?

Discussion in 'Units & Items' started by randomname123, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. randomname123

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Like for Gatz, I need Apiranth but wiki says 5% drop rate...that's extremely low. Is it really this hard to farm for recode mats?
  2. Nyquist

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    Nov 6, 2014
    Hi, there are 2 main ways to proceed:
    • Farm Coin Creeps and then pull all the monsters from Pact of Followship
    • Farm Apirath on double drop days with negotiator pro
  3. Loner

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    Apr 15, 2016
    Honestly for the bosses that drop from chap 28 (?) onwards, it will be easier and more effective for you to farm coin and pull them from PoF. But it only applies when you already cleared the lower class monsters of course.
  4. Silver Mitsuki

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    Feb 1, 2015
    In order to recode Gatz, you need:
    Apirath drops from chapter 32-10 with a 5% chance (like other bosses); to increase this rate you can use
    • the [​IMG] Pro Negotiator skill from Rikken, Yukken and Yukken Λ; "ProNeg" increases the recruit rate by 8 times
    • the [​IMG] Negotiator skill from Samatha and Samatha Λ; "Neg" increases the recruit rate by 2 times
    • the SS Kiss Bottle Companion that increases the recruit rate by 1 time
    The recruit rate can increase up to 18 times (so 5% x 19 = 95%)

    This value is doubled on ch. [x2, x7] Double Drop bonus days, see here when DD will come (you can set here your timezone if the one detected is not yours).

    Slasher "drops" on chapter 23 and I highly suggest you to 100% him (and Apirath) before recoding Gatz since 20% of the used material monsters is transferred to the recoded unit, meaning that two 100% monsters can increase Gatz Λ's SB up to 20+20 = 40% :)

    Even the Deepwater Helix and the Black Hole drop with a low chance, running the needed stages (26-5 / 31-1 / 34-10 for the Helix, 19-5 for the Black Hole) with at least a couple of [​IMG] Treasure Hunter under Daily Drop day can come in handy :)

    In case you don't have the needed units, ask for them in Chat, many long time users have these characters and are more than happy to help other players by "lending" their characters :)

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