I'm back! A summary of what you missed from when you stopped playing

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    [ Android APKs are downloadable from Tharos' MEGA folder ]


    Since it's not unusual for a player leaving a game for coming back only few months later I tough that a summary of what happened in the meantime could have helped many returning user enjoying Terra Battle once again :)

    tl;dr version of the post:

    As you may imagine, terrabattleforum (TBF) is already filled with discussions and in-depth analysis of many aspects of the game done by some of his most loyal members (first of all our beloved @Tharos), so for saving a lot of time and space I will often include links like this one (which points to the official Terra Battle wiki); click on them for more information about updates, units, walkthroughs and more.

    I won't describe every single change made to skill balancing, coop adjustments (and so on) and minor events (like Coin Creeps in Arena); for a complete list of these I redirect you to the news section of the official Terra Battle Website [ English | Japanese ].

    Starting from version 2.4.0 (March) is possible to read a more detailed changelog for each update by clicking on the "TBF Thread" link present at the beginning of each list; for saving some time I also will often abbreviate some words, here the complete (and short) list:
    • PoT : Pact of Truth, the one that allows you to recruit units spending 5 precious Energies;
    • PoF : Pact of Fellowship, the cheap one that allows you to recruit units at the cost of 3.000 coins;
    • Eidolon : a "character" summonable when playing in multiplayer (Co-op or PvP) which can, as the case may be, heal and buff your units or damage and inflict malus to your opponents;

    More explanations about some important new features (like co-op) are added under spoiler tag, click on it for reveal the hidden text; I colored a couple of things that can spoil something related to the story of TB using a white font, when you see an empty space like this one highlight it using your cursor to reveal it.

    In case you have doubts about understanding some parts of this guide I invite you replying to this thread, your questions could be useful to many other returning users.

    Experienced players are invited to check it too, in order to make me know (via post or PM) if I forgot something or made a mistake.

    If you need more support for understanding how the new game mechanics work, which are the best units to level up, what is the best moveset for each character and so on you can PM me or, better, open a thread in the General, Units and Items, Squad Help or Levels and Bosses section.
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    [Current Events]
    [Recurring Events]
    • Once every 1-2 months, spending 50 energies for recruiting 10 units in a row from PoT grants you AT LEAST 2 S rank (or higher) units; this event first came out on March 2015 [English | Japanese] and is currently the best TB event you want to spend energy on (other examples include a guaranteed higher level/SB for recruited units and a double "gold" rate for companions).
      In case you already have some good units I suggest you saving your energies for this event.
    • Every 2 weeks, concurrently to chapters x1 and x6 (6, 11, 16, 21, ...) double drop bonus day, Metal Zones 5 and 6 King (or classic MZ7) appear in Arena, accessible anytime. Each run costs 1 Metal Ticket, which can be farmed in stages like 6-8 and Crystal Road in Arena.
    • You find here a schedule of all the upcoming events on Terra Battle.
    • If you wish, I created a calendar with all the past events; I constantly update it, if you wish you can find it here :) [ Google Calendar | .ics ]

    Until the End of 2014

    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin recruitable units appeared at the Arena a couple of time; these 3 now rotate weekly, and one is always available in Arena.
    • A bunch of new A, B and SS units has been added; on spoiler the complete list.

    January 2015
    tl;dr [Co-op]
    • [English 1 2 3 | Japanese 1 2 3 ] 2.0 and 2.1 versions came out; they introduced a couple of new features.
    • [English | Japanese] Inviting friends playing TB allows both of you to get some free Energy.
    • Co-op play mode added.
    Co-op allows players to game together story levels and to fight in multiplayer-exclusive dungeons available under Arena > Co-op Battle. After Patch 2.5.0, is possible to fight certain Eidolons in alternate weeks; click here to read more about it.

    In the same way is possible to face the event boss Bahamut in 3 different dungeons, you'll be able to fight strong bosses in stages like Artemis I, II and III (with increasing difficulty).

    Here some helpful links: Eidolon Skills | Artemis [old] | Chaos | Valkyrie | Lamia | Power-leveling in Chaos II/III

    Important: playing co-op in a story chapter (like the famous 6-8, the best place for Metal Ticket farming) or an Eidolon boss fight limits the level of guest's units to [Difficulty of the level] + 5 (e.g. if the difficulty is set to 16, the max level of his units will be 21), which means he won't be able to use high level skills on low level stages.

    [!] Playing any co-op mode with another player for the first time allows you to gain a prize (first contact bonus, fc for short); you can read more about this here.

    February – March 2015
    tl;dr [Daily Bonuses]
    • Eidolon boss fight Lamia is now playable from the Arena [Walktrough];
    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin recruitable units are back at the Arena; these 3 now rotate weekly, and one is always available in Arena.
    • [English | Japanese] First "2 Gold/10 pulls" event! This is the best “energy” event around and it usually comes back every 1-2 months. If you are reading this, start saving your Energy! :)

    April – June 2015 [Version 2.5]
    tl;dr [New level cap, Recode DNA, MZ6]
    • [ TBF 2.5 Thread ] April Patch 2.5.0 Introduced new items needed for the "Recode DNA" function (more about this below).
    • [ TBF 2.6 Thread ] May Patch 2.6.0 introduced the Quick Match play mode and included minor adjustments.
    Quick Matches allowed people to play, at the cost of 0 Stamina, a randomly chosen public co-op match "against" Chaos I, Artemis I or Valkyrie I; until it was nerfed, adding story stages, a lower drop rate chance and level caps (Diff+10) people used to play it with a strong unit for quickly defeat the boss and a couple more units to grind.

    I once spent an (hellish) day grinding my Leviathan from something above lv60 (in each job) to 80/80/80 in one day (0 stamina used)... Now almost nobody play it.
    • Information about June updates (2.7.0 and 2.7.1) are listed in the next section.
    • Level cap has been increased from 70 to 90.
    • [2.6.0] [English | Japanese] The Z class Seiryu has been added to both PoF and PoT;
    • [2.6.0] A class Marilith and Lich monsters can now be recoded in Marilith Λ and Lich Λ (keep scrolling for more information about recoded characters)
    • [2.6.0] Achievements were included; meeting certain condition allows you to earn some rare items, like Energy, Metal Ticket and Ores. You can read here the complete list of all the achievements currently available.
    • [2.6.0] Daily Quests were added; you can read more about these special dungeons here.
    • [2.6.0] A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 31).
    • [2.6.0] Metal Zone 6 (for grinding lv60-69 characters) was added too.
    • [2.6.0] Introduced the Λ (read "Lambda") characters; these can be both pulled from PoT (1% assumed rate) and obtained via Recode DNA feature. Here is the complete list of all the Λ units currently available.
    Recoded (or Λ) characters can be considered as a stronger version of their original; not every character has a recoded equivalent, but many of them will probably get one with a future update (Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin have one).

    An adventurer can be evolved in a "lambda" through the Recode DNA feature, which allows a (usually) S/SS character who reached lv80 in all their jobs to be fused with 2 lv50 Monsters (a stronger one, like the A class Celestial Dragon, and a weaker one, like the C class Mermaid). The process also requires a lot of coins and some pretty rare items.

    The SS class Samatha, for example, requires the 2 monsters I already listed, 5 Deepwater Helix (a new item found with an average drop rate of 20% in stages that costs around 20 stamina each), 1 White Hole (15% drop rate), 15 Terra Spearbronze and 30.000 coins for turning her into the Z unit Samatha Λ.
    20% of the SB of the monsters used for the recoding (Celestial Dragon and Mermaid in this case) are transferred to the new Z unit, which means, in case both reached a 100% SB, a +40% SB for Samatha Λ.

    The Z unit starts again from lv1 and can reach lv90. Has only 1 job and can learn skills at level 1, 30, 50 and 80. Like other units can equip 4 extra skills from the other jobs (which, in this case, come from her 3 SS jobs), unlocked at lv 1, 20, 40 and 60.
    A recoded unit needs around 2 times the EXP required from his "original" version in order to level up, but is worth it (e.g. Bahamut job 1 needs 4,123,802 EXP for reaching lv90, Bahamut Λ 10,210,670).
    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin recruitable units appeared at the Arena once again; these 3 return – in average – once each 2-3 months.
    • [English - Japanese] The event dungeon that takes place few years after the events of the spectacular Wii game "The Last Story" is accessible from the Arena. It allowed players to recruit the S rank units Zael and Calista.
      The event came back only once, 7 months later.

    June 2015
    tl;dr [Weekly Challenges]
    • [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] [ TBF 2.7 Thread ] 2.7 version included several fixes and adjustments to the gameplay.
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 32).
    • Metal Zone 4 has been permanently added to the Arena; as for MZ1-3 you need to pay a Metal Ticket in order to enter.
    • Elemental weapon users deal now more damage.
    To the usual x1, x2 and x3 magic damage (MATK parameter considered) dealt by "weapon skills" like Thunder Arrows, Lightning Arrows and Tempest Arrows casted by elemental units like Alika, Czekras and Zenzoze a x0.5, x0.7 and x0.9 physical damage (ATK parameter considered, subject to the Circle of Carnage) is added!
    For now every WC consists in a speedrun level that you need to complete in little time as possible for getting up to 2 free Energy and a couple of extra items.

    July 2015
    • [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] [ TBF 2.8 Thread ] 2.8.0 Patch introduced 6 new units and made few adjustments to the gameplay.

    August 2015 [Version 2.9]
    tl;dr [Companions]
    • [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] [ TBF 2.9 Thread ] 2.9.0 Patch included fixes and adjustments to the gameplay.
    • Negotiator (x2 recruit multiplier) and Pro Negotiator (x8 multiplier) stacks are now limited to a 18x multiplier.
    • Skills now deal damage according to the skill's weapon type instead of the character's job's weapon type.
      Yukken in Job 3 [Spear] using Megabow deals Bow-type damage instead of Spear-type damage for the Circle of Carnage.
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 34).
    • Clearing Chapter 34 makes 2 new characters appear in PoT: the Z unit King 54B2 [Wiki] and the SS adventurer Princess 36AIS [Wiki].
    • Few new items were added for unlocking new jobs for these characters.
    • Companions are finally available!
    Otomos (or companions, buddies, or even minions) can be equipped to units in order to increase their stats (e.g. for getting a +20 ATK or a +10% HP bonus) or for allowing them to use certain skills (like Ice, MegaSword, Mega Heal, Poison or even stackable buffs like MDEF+5%).

    "Skill" companions have an activation chance that can be boosted by upgrading them (by feeding other otomos in order to increase their level); the best otomos to use for levelling up others are Metal Minions, which can only be found in Metal Zones. Higher Metal Zones also grant higher "drop rates".

    e.g. a lv. 1 Iron Sword allows to use the skill Mega Sword with a 20% of chance, that once maxed (lv 20 in this case) has a 100% of activation rate.

    Useful Links: OTOMO Data | Best OTOMOs for SBing | OTOMO for minmaxer

    September 2015 [Version 3.0 and 3.1]
    tl;dr [PvP]
    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin recruitable units appeared at the Arena once again; these 3 now rotate weekly, and one is always available in Arena.
    • A new "Collaboration" dungeon has been released; it lasted for a month, featured Mobius Final Fantasy characters and allowed people to recruit the S unit Echo and 3 exclusive otomos [ Ochu | Tonberry | Mog ].
      This event came back more than 1 year from this date.
    • [ TBF 3.X Thread ] Released versions 3.0.0 [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] and 3.1.X [English | Japanese] These patches brought some adjustments and few extra features (batch selling for companions and scrollbars).
    • PvP introduced!
    Competitive multiplayer allows gamers to fight each other during specific events (cups) which usually last for one week to rise the leaderboard and win some energy (and often an exclusive Companion). Since losing a match also means losing some points, during the first weeks after this play mode was introduced many players used to disconnect (dc) to avoid that, resulting in a lot of complains about PvP.

    Each tournament (Ami Cup, Lizardfolk Cup, Bruiser Cup, …) grants different buffs (increased stats to a certain race, or an higher MDEF param to everybody, ...) and features different NPC whose purpose is to help/hinder players.

    Nobody knows when a new tournament will be announced.

    October 2015 – January 2016
    • Lucia Dungeons were available in Arena for a month; they allowed players to recruit the SS class Lucia and the 2 A class material units Leonidas and Storm Witch needed for unlocking her recode (Lucia Λ).
    • "The Last Story" Event Dungeon was back; as the previous time, it allowed players to recruit not only the S-class characters Zael and Calista, but the new SS-class Otomo Celestial Envoy too.
    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin came back in Arena; these 3 now rotate weekly, and one is always available in Arena.
    • 2 new units can now be recoded: Amazora (Λ) and Jaguna (Λ).
    • Chapter 1 enemies now start in random positions, making brainless SBing a little harder.
    Because of this, 1-4 and 1-5 are no more the best stages for boosting, some moved to 1-2 instead (link), but a second update months later made chapters 2-1 and 5-8 better alternatives.

    February 2016
    • 3 months from the last time, "Lucia the Explorer" Event Dungeons came back, allowing the player to recruit the SS unit Lucia, alongside the material monsters Leonidas and Storm Witch required to recode her in the Z class Lucia Λ.
    • [3.7.0] [ English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] The Download Starter Campaign stage [Yamamoto's Puzzle Quest] appeared for a week and a half in Arena; it allowed players to farm for Power-up items, jobs Materials and Companions.
    • [3.7.0] [ English 1 2 3 4 | Japanese 1 2 3 4 ] Introduced the new dungeon The Captive Golem to recruit the new S class Captive Golem.
    • [English 1 2 3 | Japanese 1 2 3 ] [ TBF 3.6 Thread ] 3.6.0 Patch introduced the Co-op stages Phoenix I, II and III.
    • [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] [ TBF 3.7 Thread ] 3.7.0 Patch introduced the Co-op stages Raijin I, II and III and few adjustements to PvP statuses.

    March 2016
    • [ English | Japanese ] From now on, the SS class Amina replaces the (OP) C class Healer for new players.
    • The new 2/10+1 Tavern Event showed up for the very first time: same as the good ol' 2/10 (2 S class or higher units when pulling 10 times in a row) but you get 1 additional character this time :)
    • Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin recruitable units appeared at the Arena once again; these 3 now rotate weekly, and one is always available in Arena.
    • [English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] [ TBF 3.8 Thread ] 3.8.0 Patch brought up few adjustments and turned the Chapter 34-10 (both Normal and Hard mode - accessible for 1 hour after 12:00 AM/PM) into a grinding stage, with a 100% chance to get a Metal Minion Λ Otomo when clearing it.

    April May 2016 [Version 4.0]
    tl;dr [New Attributes, EXP+100% Companion, TH/Debuff Caps, Chapters 2-5 1 Stamina, New (De)Buffs]
    • To Ice, Fire, Lightning and Darkness, 2 new elements were added: Photon (effective against Darkness and Graviton) and Graviton (effective against Lightning and Photon);
    • Added 2 new Recodes, Palpa Λ and Gatz Λ;
    • [ English | Japanese ] Added 9 new Z characters (not recodes) to the Pact of Truth: Sayu, Mogha, Beau'ne, Myne, Andelucia, Peyrna, Edg'low, Schweiz, Zavison;
    • Added 3 new quests always available from the Arena: [ English 1 2 | Japanese 1 2 ] The Primordial Dragon King, [ English | Japanese ] The Resplendent Dragon King and [ English | Japanese ] The Inexorable Dragon King;
      From the Inexorable Dragon King quest, the Primordial Dragon Z companion (EXP +100%) might drop with a 1% chance (ugh...). Playing this stage with an high luck team is advisable (more about the Luck parameter on the August-November Spoiler Tag.
    • [ English | Japanese ] From now, Chapters 2-5 cost only 1 Stamina :)
    • When feeding a companion to another one with the same name (Iron Sword to Iron Sword, Pig's Talisman to Pig's Talisman, ... ) the EXP provided is now x2; [ English | Japanese ] sometimes an event raises the multiplier to x3;
    • Treasure Hunter is now capped to +60% (each TH offers a relative +25% drop rate);
    • New cap for Debuffs: from now on, is no more possible to make a stat drop below 30% of its original value, making tricks like "0 DEF" for Bahamut Leviathan and Odin obsolete;
    • New type of (De)Buffs: Impairs and Augments; they can be used by tapping the unit with one of these skills. The strong Augments ATK from Palpa Λ, Gatz Λ, Peyrna and Schweiz kinda broke the game, allowing the Trinity to deal insane amount of damage (for 1 turn). Due to the introduced lower cap, enemy resistance and their weaker effect, are a lot less effective than the "Hops".

    June July 2016
    tl;dr [Trading Post, MZ7, Omicron Companions]
    • Added 6 Recodes: Camellia Λ, Eileen Λ, Korin Λ, Suoh Λ, Daiana Λ and Sh'berdan Λ
      • Starting from patch 4.1, Mistwalker started to releaes new characters over time, not all at the same time with a new patch
      • Now, the worse thing about this update was the item Temporal Helix used to recode the new A and B classes. Used in batch of 5, as the Pig Snouts used for Suoh and Camellia, they drop with a 5% drop rate (which, I can assure you, is a lot lower than it seems)
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 35)
    • Shin'en and Mutoh's stages were added to the map (on the same screen as the new chapter)
      • Before clearing the last stage of the chapter I wrote above, know that these 2 strong (and "free") units can be recruited only when faced on their most powerful form; clearing that chapter, and eventualy the following 2, will make the fight easier, but prevent the player from recruiting them outside the "hard mode hour"s, from midnight/noon to 1AM/PM UTC.
      • A tip: don't clear that chapter until you recruited or 100%SBed/100 Lucked them (read more about Luck under the August-November notes)
      • The Levels & Bosses subforum contains few threads that can help you knowing more
    • Trading Post was added
      • Trading Post is basically a shop that offers new stuff (almost) every week from where is possible to spend Animata Items (efficiently farmable on Kino and 8-bit stages in Arena, here's the list of the rotating events to acquire items and companions.
      • While sometimes it offers stuff like Fellowship Tickets and Orichalcum Sword, sometimes sells Companion Tickets and Tera Weapons like the S class Gungnir, so you definitely want to keep an eye on it ;)
      • The history of the items offered can be found on both TBc and on the Wiki.
    • Up from 999, Items cap was raised to 9.999 (now is 99.999)
    • Metal Zone 7 was added to the world map (proceed the story to unlock it)
    • Is now possible to use 1 Energy to open all the Metal Zones for 1 hour
    • Added "Omicron" companions, that can be equipped exclusively to certain characters.
      • Sometimes they provide some interesting abilities, but most of the time are just wards/dispellers for the new kind of traps introduced with 4.0;
      • Right now, we have O, OⅡ and OⅢ companions, and not for every character available; O companions are rarer, and worth 300k EXP when used to upgrade a companion, while the OII ones are often used as coin source, as they are worth 13.5k coins

    August November 2016
    tl;dr [Luck, DNA Re-recoding, EXP/Coin caps]
    • Added the Pact of Fate on Tavern, which works exactly like the Pact of Truth and the Pact of Fellowship, but increasing the Luck parameter for dupes instead of Skill Boost; more about below.
    • The Luck parameter was added
    This new parameter, harder to farm as the already existing Skill Boost, wasn't initially well received from the players, but I find it a nice addition.
    This param grows randomly up to +0.3 at the end of a 8+ stamina stage, and can rise up to 100; the higher the average Luck of your party is, the more chances the player(s) have to find an item at the end of the stage.
    Few rare items can be found only by using a team with an "high Luck team" (on some of the single player only Arena events), but most of the items/exclusive companions can be farmed by asking to other players to co-op with them.
    • As for the Skill Boost, a simple way to "100L" a unit is by re-recoding, more about it below;
    • Another simple way to gain luck, is to clear (with coins) the newly introuced Pact of Fate;
    • Stages like the Lucky Orbling Daily Quest and the Cryptid Forest made farming luck much easier than it was at the beginning, and Luck Boosting is now considered much more efficient than SBing for players who want to clear their Pacts (more on the Guides section of the forum);
    • Z class units, and all those with Λ in their name, can reach 100L,
      S and SS units' luck cap at 80L, everybody else can't go caps 70L;
    • Some companions can be equipped to units to increase temporaly their Luck (by 5, 10 or even 30).
    • Units can now be re-recoded!
    The process is simple: earlier, if the player already had the "lambda" version of a character, they couldn't be recoded, now is possible to recode a unit over and over until their "lambda" didn't reach 100% SB and 100L.
    The SB and the Luck gained by the "original" unit is transferred to the recoded form, alongside to 20% of the SB/Luck of the material monsters; in case the player already had the recoded unit, 5 extra Luck are gained.
    The interested unit and the material monsters are lost in the process, and must be pulled again (like the player never had them).

    Example: the player already owns the SS class S'naip Λ (introduced with this patch) and the A class S'naip, and wants to re-recode him.
    S'naip Λ is 15% SB and 6 Luck, while S'naip is 5% SB and 2 Luck. The player owns the 2 material monsters 8-Bit Golem Λ (100% SB, 100 Luck, since has Λ in its name) and Thornasaurus (40% SB and 70L, can't go past this value).
    S'naip Λ will gain from the process 5 + 100*20% + 40*20% = 33 Skill Boost (reaching this way 15 + 33 = 48 SB) and 2 + 100*20% + 70*20% + 5 = 41 Luck (reaching this way 6 + 41 = 47 Luck).
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 36)
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 37)
    • New Eidolon: King Orbling
    • New Collaboration Event, Battle Champs
    This event was well accepted from the Community: The 4 stages were fun, with multiple paths, offered a ton of Animata Items and sometimes, a companion that could be sold for a good amount of coins, allowing players to farm easily something around 1kk per week.
    We don't know if it will ever come back again, but hey, even Mobius Final Fantasy did!
    • More rewards from kinos and 8-bit; 8-bit stages, harder than the kino ones, saw their difficulty get lowered over time.
    • The Increased Odds event have been added to the Tavern: from time to time, especially when new units get released, the chances to find a specific set of adventurers rise drastically; an "increased odds for all the Z classes" has also made its appearance, now usually concentrated during the "2/10" events (at least 2 S+ class units when pulling 10 times in a row).
    • EXP multiplier is now capped at x2.3, and the Coin multiplier to x1.5 (both without considering the extra 0.5 coming from EXP and Coin Boost)
      fun fact on EXP: MW mistakenly set the EXP multiplier from the item EXP boost to 150% instead of 50% and many managed to reach 3-5kk EXP in a single Metal Zone 7 run :3

    November 2016 January 2017
    tl;dr [Stamina regen increased, Metal/Hunting Zones cost lowered]
    • Added the Lucia the Explorer IV quest
      • Meh. Good mainly because of the presence of the Lucky Orblings that allow, when pincered, to make gain to the whole team to gain +0.3 Luck (with a 50% chance).
        Many 100L their most rare units this way (by refilling their stamina with Energy when needed), but more efficients methods were introduced later on.
    • Added the "Medieval" (Vengeful Heart) quest
      • Wonderful quest, nice story, multiple challenging paths, new characters and companions. Loved this event, will certainly come back again later. For the first time, Mistwalker added units available in PoT only for the duration of the event.
    • Mobius FF Event came back, alongside to the new stage Mobius Final Fantasy RECODE :D
      • Another nice stage, where Gegonago Λ's Stealth skill was disabled for all the duration of the Dungeon :3
    • Added more kinos
    • New Eidolon: Bahamut
    • New daily quest, Lucky Orbling, and new rotation Schedule for the Daily Quests
    • Inventory Item cap was raised to 99.999
    • For some time, the community had a chance to farm dozen of Companion Tickets from BLO1 (also 2 and 3) and Shin'en (and Mutoh). Unfortunately 4.6 and 4.7 heavily reduced their drop rate...
    • To help the new players, Amimari is now given as the default Healer when starting a new game, alongside new freebies and more;
    • The stage Orbling Cavern was added to the map, featuring 2 easy stages from where is possible to get the companions Bahl OⅢ and Grace OⅢ
    • From now, Eidolons also drop OⅡ companions and their "unit version" (like Chaos Λ and Valkyrie Λ)
    • Z class companions
      • As for Adventurers, from time to time an "increased odds" event takes place, increasing the chance to get a Z class companion and/or a specific set of companions.
      • More information about the increased odds event can be found on the June-July Spoiler Tag
    • Metal Zone 5 has been permanently added to the Arena; as for MZ1-4 you need to pay a Metal Ticket in order to enter.
    • Starting from the end of December, stamina started to regen every 2 minutes, instead of every 5 :love:
    • ... and not only this: the stamina required to access the Metal/Hunting Zone (except for the Coin Creeps <.< ) is now halved (some Metal Zones cost a little less than helf, others a little more)
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    February 2017 – March 2017
    • [ English | Japanese ] The new stages on the Cryptid Forest used to farm the materials needed to unlock the new jobs of Dracorin made the Luck farming damn easier, and, overall, a better alternative to SB for the completionists :)
    • The Jade Dragon came back, alongside to a lot of rewards for its vanquishes, this thanks to his recruitable friend Nephrite Dragon.
    • New Kino monsters, little adjustements.
    • Joker Λ can now replace one of the 2 material units when recoding a character;
    • A new chapter has been added to the story (Chapter 38);
    • Added the stage Crystal Road to the Arena for farming Metal Tickets and helper items;
    • Pig's Snout drop rate got increased, Helices (including Flawless and Temporal) can now be farmed in chapter 29;
    • Metal Zone 6 and 7 are now unlocked earlier in the story;
    • Reduced the cost for playing the story stages, which are now capped at 20 Stamina;
    • Japan servers are now the only ones available :/

    April - May 2017
    • [ Thread | FAQ ] The PC version of Terra Battle is now out! It brought back redeemable codes and, .....drum rolls... REFERRALS! Check this thread, 10 codes are worth 41 FREE Energy! :D
    • Clearing Chapter 38 now unlocks a permanent Hard Mode for the Shin'en and Mutoh Stages;
    • Highly reduced the drop rate for Companion Tickets in BLO1-3 and Shin'en / Mutoh stages.

    toDo, for now, look here: Terra Battle 4.7.0
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    A minor correction. The Silver Sword example (in the Otomos spoiler) allows the use of Gigasword, not Megasword.

    "EDIT" by Silver: yup, I was thinking about Iron Sword :3 (in fact I wrote that his maximum level is 20).
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    I should have done this earlier, I reserve another post for the future.
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    Jun 27, 2016
    So this hasn't been updated in a while, I wanted to ask what did I miss since TB2 release? It was more or less when I stopped playing. Last thing they added were the Royal Kings iirc.

    I checked the threads for latest versions, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything important.
  7. Silver Mitsuki

    Silver Mitsuki The Italian Mod Staff Member

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    Feb 1, 2015
    Sorry for this, over the past months I had so many things in my head I didn't update a lot of stuff.

    If I remember correctly, since TB2 we got the following (note: this is nothing but a temporary list, I'll update the main one when I'll have the chance):
    • x3 speed can be enabled from the settings menu (replacing the classic x2 speed), which is makes stages like the Sun King way more pleasant to play.
    • the Tower of Temptation stages (maybe they came a little earlier than TB2): single player stages, with coop progression in a similar way as the Jade Dragon. Each boss (Alika, Gugba, Bajanna, Zeera for now) has 3 stages with increasing difficulties and a Health bar shared across all the players. This falls a bit every time someone clears the stage, and when it reaches 0 a new stage can be unlocked. Prizes include Energy, Companion Tickets and special Helper Items (like EXP Boost and Disarmers) that spawn an NPC to fight by your side (e.g. you can spawn an Alika if you need an extra Treasure Hunter or a 7th unit on the field): unfortunately the amount of items of this kind we can get with every event is very limited, so they just do the same end as the Elixirs in a Final Fantasy game remaining untouched by the majority of the players.
    • The Weekly Challenges got reassorted, now not only have more stages, but some of them require us to use a fixed team of kinos, girls and so on, or to protect an NPC.
    • Matsuno World (The Death of Shay and Arionne) has finally been added; it's currently available at the moment I'm writing this post, play it if you still haven't.
    • More quests: KINO World (with a bunch of kino and 8-bit enemies), 3 featuring Fujisaka's characters Ethereal, Blade Falcon and Bone Killer (currently active at the moment I'm writing this)
    • Even more quests: added the Melting Pot stages, so far we got one for the Lizardfolk, with 15 different stages featuring Lizardfolks enemies, with one superboss every 5 floors and interesting challenges as for the Tower of Temptation stages (like "Clear with a team of B class units") and one for... I think we got only one so far? Another for the Beastfolks should be on its way.
    • Even more, and more quests! The "Ultimate 5" (normal first, hard mode after) were added: from the Hard Mode is even possible to get Companions with one charge of Augment. If you like the challenges, try them!
    • 2 new Eidolons: Apollo and Selene
    • Machine Road, works exactly as for the Dragon Road and usually comes together with the Battlebot Cup (if I remember correctly?)
    • OP Z class companions drawed by Sakaguchi resembling some "characters" from TB2 were added
    • Added a bunch of Characters, the list will follow.

    This is a raw list, a complete update will come in a later date. If you have questions about the new content please start a new thread.
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  8. Guaparrón

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    Jun 27, 2016
    It's fine, Silver, your job in the forum is highly appreciated, but it's not an obligation.

    Thank you for the list, I'll search for more information about everything here in the forum or on the wikia. If I have more questions I'll start a new thread as you said.
  9. Silver Mitsuki

    Silver Mitsuki The Italian Mod Staff Member

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    Feb 1, 2015
    This is definitively not fine as it isn't even close to the level of quality I'm used to offer to the people that surrounds me: over the past months/years I saw my performance getting worse as time passes by, and the quality of the content I'm supposed to take care of reaching the bare shadow of what my standards used to be, and I need you to know that this is going to change.

    Terra Battle is a mere game for mobile after all, I understand it, but this is not about the game, this is about fulfilling the commitment I took.
    You all deserve better, and sooner or later you're going to get it: my purpose here is to make sure that this is going to happen, and I'm not going to let you down.

    [/OT] :disappointed:
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  10. Guaparrón

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    Jun 27, 2016
    What I'm trying to say is real life issues are more important and I believe if you couldn't take care of everything here was because you were busy irl. You have done an amazing job so far and if the last couple of months you didn't, it's fine, you probably had other things to do and you shouldn't beat yourself for that. Family, friends, a job or studies and ourselves are the priorities.

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