KLB - Time & Strategy to clear A/B & S/SS pools

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    May 1, 2017
    When you clear a letter the other letters increase in the same proportion. I noticed this when I finished clearing A/B pools.

    I don't remember the numbers exactly but originally they were something like this:

    Z - 4%
    SS - 11%
    S - 20%
    A&B - 65%

    After I finished clearing A&B it changed to something like this:

    Z - 11.4%
    SS - 31.4%
    S - 57.1%

    which is the same proportion as before with A&B removed.

    Since there is an event right now my current percentages are:

    Z - 24.24%
    SS - 30.30%
    S - 45.45%
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    Jan 2, 2015

    Clearing A/B pool increase the rate of Z pull. It triplicates the chance of Z passing from 4% to 12%
    Totally not do the 10x pull: 7 bahls for 1 Z thing. Totally unworth. After you finish her youll Z chance will skyrocket.

    What i say is do individual pulls now and get Bahl, then clear her luck with any other characters you have to work on and enter silver road :D

    I dont think is worth to clear your 9 characters before pulling from bahl. With a 70% chance of getting bahl you can risk a dupe or two. To give you 1 example last time I was close to a road with similar chances than you I pulled once and got a dupe of the higher road, then pulled again and got the character i was searching for. So even that dupe was worth to avoid me being stuck.

    What you can do is, (if you are good with dracorin) is create a party of 5, and clear those 5 characters, after that party is done (do the Goldens of course) then you can pull for bahl (only 4 characters to dupe) and then LB her with the other 4 (or 5 if you happen to get some other before her)

    So summary:

    Do a party of 5 (with dracorin, prefered) -> LB them

    Pull for Bahl and LB her with the other 4 characters :D

    Profit!!! You now are in golden road with a 12% chance for a Z character and no characters to LB :D

    Edit: So I basically wrote this post and forgot to finish the last sentence and press enter...2 other people have answered you meanwhile XDDDDDDD

    RIP me xD anyway my advice stills stands XD
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    May 13, 2017
    Oh, ok, i didn't thought the % of drop in Z unit jump to 12 %
    And i thought that the increased rate was a fixed amount.

    No doubt now, i will do single pull :D, depending of motivation, i will wait a little for pulling Bahl

    Thank for the information :)
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