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    With the next update we are going to get recoded form of the characters removed from the pool in Pact of Fate.

    I have created an spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your current progress.

    The spreadsheet has been created with OpenOffice (free Software) but you can open it with other aplications like Google Docs (you might lose the automatic change of color on a cell when a character LB is completed but you can do it manually or create your own conditional format, in any case is just an aesthetic thing)

    You can download the file from the following link:

    It is really easy to use, you only have to download it and fill it with your adventurers luck and your luck gain rate and it will do the rest.

    The file doesnt use any complicated formulas so everybody should be able to download the file and change it as they please to make it more confortable to them.

    I did it pretty fast so if you want me to add more things or change something you can just leave it written in this post. Ill try to keep it update myself but if I dont is very very easy to edit it to add more characters or information in the future.

    Inside you will see 2 sheets:

    - My LB.

    Here is a complete list with all the characters of the game and their LB values.

    You should see:

    - Bagunnar, Palpa and all the POF characters name cells colored. I like to manually color the cells with the characters I have and I picked these as an example.

    - All POF characters and their recodes LB values should be maxed. If a character has reached their max LB amount the column should automatically change its color, so you should see these cells as Pink/Yellow/Grey.

    The only thing you have to do in this sheet is to write the LB values of each of your characters.

    If you want you can also color cells with the characters you have as in the example.

    If you are missing some of the prefilled characters just change their value to 0 (or your current one)

    As new characters are added to the game (or if I missed someone) you can just write their name and LB value at the end of their column and their data will be automatically used to the total.

    - LB Completion.

    This sheet is very easy to fill.

    Upper part.

    The only thing you have to fill are the orange cells in the top of the page. What you have to write is:

    Number of characters you are LBing per party. Usually 5 (if you are using Dracorin^ or a max luck carrier) or 6.
    Luck you are gaining per character in 1 hour
    Luck you are gaining per character in 1 day

    After you fill these cells you will get the results with the % of completion you have in each road and pact and the numbers of hours/days you need to finish each of them.

    I also included a small table with the completion of the farmables characters in case you are curious to know

    Lower part.

    On the lower part of the sheet you can also find 2 tables, one shows the total number of days would take to finish the pacts from 0 luck with different values of luck/day. The other one is the same but with your own LB values for each character.

    By changing the values on the orange cells you can see how long would take to finish the pacts depending the amount of grind you are willing to put.

    My thoughs on the pact completion.

    From now the recoded characters will be only available in special pacts, you can complete the basic Pact of Fate by just LBing all the Base characters and ignore recoded and event forms.

    Since the recoded characters + event characters are 40% of the total Pact of Fate you can almost half your grinding by only LBing the base characters (blue pact in the final table)

    Of course you will want to also LB the recoded characters you like to use but this update is surely a huge improvement and will reduce a lot the amount of grinding needed to finally reach rainbow road.

    In any case, for new players I would recommend to recode the characters with useful ^, like Gatz or Snaip as soon as you finish the Coin Pacts because you will eventually want to have their recoded form and getting that extra SB/LB from pacts will help a lot to max them.

    Also in general I would recomend to recode every character at least once if the base character has low SB/LB because you get some nice bonus to SB/LB for recoding and an extra character, and is only 5 energies.

    KLB - Time & Strategy to clear A/B & S/SS pools by Doodootron.

    Which I just noticed/remembered also have a spreadsheet......... :worry::worry::worry:

    This guide for Doodootrom gives some nice tips about how to complete the pacts and it has a way more elegant spreadsheet in case you want to check it. It is outdated tho so you would need to add the new characters yourself and it doesn't split between base and recode forms.
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    I'm still figuring out the sheet but so far looks great. I've always wished the Terra Battle Stats pages had the newest characters for SB and LB.

    Maybe I missed, but don't see ZerroZ on the first page
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    Thank you very much!!!

    Im glad you are liking it ^^

    You were right, Zerro^ was missing ! Fixed and updated :love:

    I also took my time to check not any other characters were missing and I couldnt find anyone else but if you see something else that is wrong make me know ^^
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