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    I plan to send an e-mail to MW support/staff about Shay, Arionne and Haruhikari

    (Introduction : I'll be honest here : It's not a ranting letter about them to shit on MW. It's a letter to maybe change them on greater character with some respects. Maybe you'll find I'm harsh but I tried to be clear and make arguments with good/bad points contrast to not write a shitposting. I'd be delighted If you can reply with some love, facts I'd forget etc... (Even If you like I'll be delighted) Remember that I'm not here to rant. I know It's nearly pointless to write this because there's few chances those 3 will get udapted/changed but at least I'd have tried.)

    Why ?

    I don't know if it was intentional or not but those are the worst one created for their ranks (Even Jaguna is doing her job as B rank lol). Also I kind of love both Shay & Arionne design !
    For Haru it's more simple : I got her in TB2 and she just doesn't deserve that kind of treatment in TB1 she is worse than 36AIS & Kuscah.
    To be sure : I'm not asking this because I want to obtain op units. I've only Shay and since day one of his release


    Shay (http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Shay)
    Z Sword Character

    His swords skills are pretty good (Tera, Peta) but he doesn't have enough ATK stats in his 3rd Job. Like Lucia they forget to give him ATK ? [Edit : Well I don't figure it was a very high ATK but compare to all those Mage it seems low. Sorry]
    I'm going to rant hard here : his second job is just A FUCKING STUPID JOKE ? 527MATK for a character WITHOUT magical skills ? Are you kidding me ?? And what's this 90Lv skill ? "Scorch Relief"
    "FREES allies from scorch" ... How the fuck did you want to free sthg that last one turn and only affect during drag time ? So Shay is not only useless but he has a useless skill !
    Also what's up with that Scorch things ? Shay will never be in any team against SK. Be serious sometimes.
    Also his giga sword one row uhm... Bahl^ is S class and have THE SAME SKILL we are speaking about a J3 Z class skills here

    Arionne (http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Arionne)
    Z Non-Elemental Mage Character

    Hello Ari what's up ? Ow yeh there's Mizell with AOE and taps ?
    Hmm ? You have Lunacy ward ?? I don't care lol I just need to be intelligent and smart in my move ! You can free Lunacy ? Uhm well that's not like it can help since my stats will be reduced before you cast your freedom skill.
    Her offensive skills are same as Shay : They are good but it's not enough. BUT her skills are a little better than Shay, because Pincer Area (1). Like Shay why Giga 1 Row ?
    Her stats are quite good : 554 MATK is Marcus tier (And it's already good) but then... Restorative Counter... REALLY ? She is mage guys ! A MAGE !!! Who is gonna equip that shit when you have 3 others offensive skills + a stackable MDEF ? Really guys... And then same shit skills as Shay with Lunacy. But this time it seems more concrete because Non-elemental character are more able to fight against MK than sword characters again SK LOL ! But not enough because If I've a slot open for non-elem mage I'd choose Mizell.

    Haruhikari (http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Haruhikari)
    Z Healer Characters

    Okay... There is uhm quite a lot of things to show but I'll start with good things :
    Levi All is quite good on a healer because it can be a real pain to find a characters with that skills (Well there's Gatz & Gego). CT +2 is nice too. Barrier and Revive are also interesting.
    Yeah there's some potential here... but sorry it'll turn to hell. First Haru is a healer so her objective is to HEAL. So please why her overall heal is capped to 3500 ? Did you really think 3500 is enough to heal ? Gatz have 6k + HP did you think you can save him with one pincer ? Olber is fucking more useful because he have 3000 capped heal + other interesting skills. And that Barrier... 20% ? FOR REAL ? I know it's on low HP target but 20% is not enough to prevent him for being killed. Palpa ADJACENT barrier is 50%...
    And then the meteor strike and gave the last blow on Haruhikari => The Range. Area (2)... Area (2).... Why ? I mean in a battle were you need to be extremly carfull with your placement (Hello MK) you can't allow a character sure as Haru with only Area (2) skills it's not enough... I'll not speak about Restorative Counter Diamound or I'll cry. Devloppers were like this "Huu let's give a rainbow like of area. Why not Diagonal then ? And maybe Corner heal next time ?"
    Well then I'll stop here my rant and finish with the last things : Impair, All. It's a nice surprise but I'll be honest : It can't take back all your mistakes on Haru. No point to give her this if you just crush her MAIN utility behind her.
    Please Save that characters because I can't understand why making this after the TB2 Haru with NO CAPPED heal. Some Heal (All). And some others enjoyable things. You're just making fun of a character (Like Noctis).

    I'm not sure there will be any change even after listing GOOD POINTS and bad points. I arrange my letter to not be only ranting but a true review of 'all' aspect of those 3 characters. I'll finish here by saying that Arionne and Shay are both Limited characters, I know they were out during a free Z character for 10pull but are they victim of marketing ? Were they scapegot and bait for Moon characters 2 weeks after ? I don't know and I don't want to raise my judgment against devloppers but I think for those Z ranks they deserve better respect.

    PS : I'm Sorry for my English Mistakes >:

    Edit : Finished
    Scd Edit : Introduction added
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    Oct 20, 2014
    A beautiful post, I would like your suggestion of how to fix those characters one that would not necessarily be power creep but functional worth using them.

    Isn't the 3500 heal also ranged, if they make it All and add a random critical of double effect 7000heal I think it would be useful.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Thank you.

    How I would fix those characters ? That's a pretty interesting and difficult question, there's a lot of things to see.
    Haruhikari is the character who need the more fixing so let's see first Shay & Ari


    (For Shay, I'm gonna use Suoh^ -because Z physical- and Bahl^ -because best physical- to compare)

    First if Bahl is working that well it's because she has ATK+10% (Equip), ATK+10% (2 turns), ATK x1,5 (2 turns). That's already fairly good to have those boost. Her base Atk is 418
    Now Offensive skills : x2 (1 row), x2 (All), x2 (3 row) OR x4 (3 row). If you're using 3 ATK up from above then you should use x3 (Single Target).
    For Suoh, it's a bit behind Bahl : ATK +10% (2 turns), ATK x1,2 (2 Turns). His base Atk is 427
    Offensive skills : x3 (ST), x3,5 (ST). Then it depnds but let's say I use 2 ATK up from above + Non offensive skills (HP, Deg Phy -, Negate) + x2 Sword
    Now Shay : No ATK boost (Only Adjacent). His base Atk is 486
    Offensive Skills : x2, x3, x3.5, x2, x1. (All ST, except one row for x2)

    So Shay's ATK is not gonna move (unless you equip otomos)
    For Suoh his ATK should be a good 550. Bahl should go beyond 600

    Shay's problem is Attack Boosting and that high MATK being useless. Adding him Magical attack seems to not be a good solution instead I'm thinking about Heal or Regen. Also why not Cross instad of row on Gigasword ?

    Arionne's turn..

    Arionne is MORE problematic than Shay... why ? Because Mizell is shining at the top rank of Non-Elemental. It's rare to see two chaarcter of that attribute in a same party. She can be better than Mizell, but she will be staying behind Mizell^. I'd give her 1 or 2 AOE and 1 heal. But on this, I don't know how to make her great. Non-Elemental is a problematic attribute, it's not like you need a party full of them. I really don't know what to do with her.. Changing Elements ? Make her to the same level as Mizell ^ ?


    I need some reflexion about Haru like I explained earlier.
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    Easy way to fix them? Give them Augment skills. There, no matter how shitty their other skills are people will still want them.

    Another way? Change Arionne's element to Sun and Shay's to Moon, so their remedy skills may actually be useful. Or heck, make them Photon so they can help against Mutoh.

    The hard way? Well, Shay and Arionne are criminally underpowered compared to their fellow limited characters Senala and Tronic Gal, so let's use them for reference.

    Damage-wise, Arionne is pretty good already as she is. I'd probably just replace her Mdef skills with the corresponding Matk skills, and change her regen with a tier 2 Ring/Corner attack. She'd be better than Mizell in double pincers. Or if we want to maker her more OP, replace Trance with Ultima, make her Ultima Pincer Area with Ultima Pincer Column, and her Ultima Pincer Row with Transcendence Pincer Row.

    Shay is the hard one. Even taking into account his shit pincer-only skills, it's very hard to beat the Trinity without resorting to Phys 1.5x damage itself. First step is obviously giving him Atk buffs instead of Def. Then he need some chainable attacks. That Megasword should be Megasword Cross All, that Gigasword should be chainable Gigasword 1 Row, and that Gigasword 1 Row should be chainable Terasword 1 Row. Now he packs quite a punch, but only at Grace^ level. Next, I'm saying screw it and let's just make his Terasword and Petasword chainable ala Grand Ragnarok. There, you have a powerhouse with all chainable attacks. Oh, yeah, there's that useless counter...just make it Defense -10%, Area (1) so he's better than Impair tappers.

    Seriously, though, their biggest problem is they have no niche. Senala helps against Mutoh, while Tronic is immensely useful against Sun/Moon Kings. So perhaps MW need to release more enemies that use Lunacy/Scorch if that's what they want Shay/Arionne's uniqueness to be.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Request status : I sent a message to their support Thursday I believe (23/11). I received a generic reply (Maybe automatic) some hours after.

    " Thank you for your extensive feedback regarding Shay, Arionne and Haruhikari.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    TERRA BATTLE will consider all your comments and requests as our reference to provide a better service to all players. Your opinion, which we have received, will also be considered as a reference to improve our service in the future. "

    Well I don't want to make my hope too high. I wasn't expecting an answer to start with, but well let's hope that even if they are not updated they will stop that bunch of fail Z.

    If there's any new progress in that matter, I'll post it here ^^
    (I also want to make sure : While I was writing my message, MW worn me that they are not forced to send me any reply at all. For that type of message, It makes me believe that the reply above was more automatic like "Hey we have read your message now you can wait for a reply (or not)")
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