Lucia IV and Recode Efficient Farming

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    Nov 5, 2015
    I know there is already a thread in the general forum for Lucia IV luck boosting, but I (and I'm sure many others) have no interest in spending 80+ energy (assuming you have that much) to LB a bunch of characters. To that end Lucia IV might be best for many of us if used to eliminate 1-2 recodes per character. The point of this list is to show you the minimum you'll need to bring an adventurer to shave off that last recode... the one that's only 1-10% luck boost. Removing a single recode is equivilent to saving 5 energy in most cases.

    For simplicity sake I'm going to include Kino/8-bit with the single group since grinding Kino/8-bits up to L100 per recode will be frustrating as hell... i'll just treat them as 0 luck monsters. We'll also assume all adventurers start at 0 luck and all monsters (aside from Kino/8-Bit) are at max luck.

    The first luck value is the minimum luck to farm if you DO have the adventurer recoded already and the second value is the minimum luck to farm if you DO NOT have the adventurer recoded.

    Double PoFoF +28 per recode, +33 per re-recode
    • Luck 0 / Luck 2 - 100/98 luck from 1 recode
      • Jaguna
    • Luck 1 / Luck 6 - 99/94 luck from 3 recodes
      • Gegonago
      • Bahl
      • A'misandra
      • Zerro
      • Jennish
      • Piz'fer
      • Lewto
      • Gatz
      • Alika
      • Bonna
      • Samatha
      • Koko
      • Palpa
      • Olber
      • Yukken

    Single PoFoF +14 per recode, +19 per re-recode
    • Luck 5 / Luck 10 - 90/95 luck from 5 recodes
      • Bahamut
      • Leviathan
      • Odin
      • Amina
      • Sn'aip
      • Daiana
      • A'merpact
    • Luck 1 / Luck 6 - 99/94 luck from 1 recodes
      • Suoh
      • Camilia

    Adventurers to look out for:
    We don't know the requirement for all recodes, but we can guess based on historical data although some of it seems random). Using that we can maybe use Lucia IV to 'prep' other adventurers to minimize recodes and regrets.

    • Gugba - L10 - probably won't need Temporals or Snouts, but will most likely require a Kino/8Bit. Z class Tremor...
    • Ma'curi - L6 - will probably end up as an S like Bahl and won't require as many rare resources like Sn'aip. Will he return to the top DPS pedastal?
    • Rikken - L6 - Hopefully she shares similar requirements as her sister. It'll be nice to have another NegPro unit with l100
    • Bajana/Oklitot - L10 - Hopefully she gets a recode before Oklitot. Now that companion selling has been normalized we'll need all the coin boosting we can get.
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    Apr 15, 2016
    Sheena, Maralme and Velraine luck can't go any further for now so I don't think you can prep boost them for possible future recode?
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    Nov 5, 2015
    That's a valid point... I removed them.
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    Dec 10, 2014
    I understand why you do not want to put the luck from kino/8-bit monsters, but if you can at least mark them, se we can easily spot them.

    Even if getting the monster to 100-luck is boring (and will take more time now, with the stamina cost increase), you can be sure that most people will have the monster above 0 luck when recoding. As you must wait for the event to get the monster, and use the event to farm a few items (temporal helix and a few other things), you should end up with more than 0 luck, as long as you have a NegPro user. Definitly more interresting to recode S'naip 3 times than 5, I don't like seeing him in the same category as Odin ;)

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