Mutoh cleared, VH cleared, Senala^

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    Jun 14, 2018
    Finally able to clear Mutoh, and without much difficulty - although it took some planning! Have been working at this ever since the VH return was announced... First, Mutoh: the team was basically a standard triple pincer photon setup, limited by who I have available. Everybody's carrying HDZs:

    Gego^ (CT+3, %20 to help Senala, M+10%, no levitation)
    Beau'ne^ (max photon)
    Zafitte^ (levitation, %20 again)
    Senala^ (max photon + solar wind)
    Schweiz (max damage)
    A'misandra^ (I would dearly love to pull Amina or Nazuna instead...)

    Followed almost exactly this strategy, no RNG, no taps until the burst (but you can safely burn one PP to clear the second staves if needed).

    I _think_ I could squeak an Hourglass onto Gego to make the movement easier, but it would take some care; the last burst is pretty tight. Getting Senala^ to level 90 (not 100L/SB yet) within a few days was the fun part. Basic idea:

    * When VH started, followed @Rydia 's excellent-as-always guide to grab Clara + job items + recode + run up luck/SB + recode again (the 2x Clara + Clara^ -> Forest trick she recommends works really well!) Also Ella^ et al on the way (Feno^ and Zafitte^+MM are almost as good at board-wiping as Gugba for the speed runs...)

    * With Clara^ lucked out of PoF, I managed to get Senala during the odds-boost in one 10x pull (which is not that lucky - without Clara, she's roughly a 1/3 chance, meaning you're very likely to get her in at most six Z pulls).

    * Metal tickets + 2xPDZ for the MZ6K arena, a few saved Agartha level candies to go from 70 to 80, banked Fangs from Levi Recoded in the arena a few days ago, recode, rinse repeat MZ6K, then one stamina bar burn through MZ7K.

    Have been waiting a long time to either have the patience to try a hybrid Mutoh run with physical team + Beaune^ and Zaldor (ugh, but taps...) or get another photon Z. This way only took two S/Ls (both from me flubbing the moves), and the process of working through the whole VH/Senala build-up was a lot of fun. Many thanks to everyone for the guides + info to make it all work (and MW for bringing VH back)!
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    May 5, 2018

    I'm jealous, I've pulled twice 10x and only managed to get Beau'ne (now recoded and maxed out) and Haggo... No Senala :arghh:

    Judging from your team, I don't think I could make it. My only photon units apart from Beau'ne are Kir'ue and Bagunar . I have the magical tappers Zafitte and Peyrna but I still need a serious upgrade on the photon side... I'll keep you posted!

    Have fun meanwhile!

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