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Discussion in 'Units & Items' started by Todd, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Oct 18, 2014
    So I took a break from SB for several months and with recent events I’ve stacked up a considerable laundry list of things I’d like to UB

    How would you prioritize this mess?

    A. Enough Xena’s to take my 1-Star Indra to max (and Gaia gear)
    B. Just got my first Elga (two-hand gauntlet)
    C. FIVE unryu (genji armor)
    D. TWO ahryu (genji helmet)
    E. Two Roland (Bahamut dagger)
    F. THREE Koh (gae bolg, orbling mail)
    G. THREE Kenton (ascalon, rapier)
    I. THREE Ken (Solomon staff)
    J. FIVE Cha cha (aroundight)
    K. Finally a fourth Ivan to get my Artemis bow to max (I fed the other Ivans to him plus a few more from current event so he’s already 25%)

    So yeah, I don’t feel really deficient in any one area, I have good physical attack but mostly katanas, I have some pretty good MATK already, I already have some good armor including 2 bahamut hats... IDK I feel like Elga is what I should do next, but after that?
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    Feb 1, 2015
    As TB2 is barely playable for me I don't SB, so my point of view might not mean much (but I'll try anyway, waiting for a more experienced player to share their opinion ;) )

    J. Chacha doesn't have only Aroundight (100U, sword with 263 and no Area at ★★★ ), but the Double Dice (50U) companion as well.
    As even B class guardians can deal some very high damage and events like the White Day pullable units away "for free" (i.e. for a "serious" player dumping Energy in Equip pacts makes more sense to me) I find having companions that give abilities like [​IMG] Weapon Mastery more useful than a weapon with, let's say, 10% of (M)ATK than something you can pull (considering that boosting takes hours :/ ).

    A. I find a lv79 (★✰✰) Indra more useful than a lv99 (★★★) one because of the Tera Area 3 (instead of the Peta Area 2)... it has 37 ATK less (so, 18-19 if equipped on the off hand), but it doesn't require hours of boosting only for what I consider small upgrade that reduces her Area of Effect, I'd move towards something else.
    Gaia Gear seems quite nice tho, I'll come back on this later I guess?

    B. Elga is cooler than he looks like, I'd try to 100U him to have at least one Two-Hand Gauntlet, as it offers a potential insane upgrade. I hope you can manage to pull another one during this event: [​IMG] Doublehand stacks, right?

    C. Unryu was my first gold: boring guardian, but that (maxed) Genji Armor surely is tempting as it also increases physical ATK by the other things, there are not many equips like that in the Fores (Energy) pool.

    D. Genji Helm has AoE for Giga skills, but once you got a weapon with a badass Area 2+ Tera/Peta, a vertical Giga doesn't matter that much anymore. Tempting, but isn't worth the time IMO. Maybe in a second moment.

    E. Roland's 50U Siegfried has Mega Cross All (3x3) (a little extra to those equipped with the [​IMG] Weapon Mastery ability): you have enough to get a couple of them and one Area 2 from a ★✰✰ Bahamut Dagger (hybrid weapon, good ATK and MATK), seems nice to me.

    F. Koh's Orbling Mail is the physical equivalent of Xena's Gaia Gear, but I find the Gae Bolg (100U) disappointing. I think there are better items to obtain.

    G. Ascalon offers a good ATK but meh, seems a lot of work for a sword with no Area. Good if you have the skill (can't remember its name) that raises the contribute of the weapon equipped in the off hand to 100% instead of the usual 50%, otherwise units with [​IMG] Weapon Mastery or [​IMG] Doublehand have a better life without it.

    H. letter not found.

    I. Ken has +10% Earth Attack at 50U, reward I found more useful than his 100U Solomon Staff but still too "focused" for my tastes. I'd leave him in the bench for a long time before boosting him and focus on retrieving better gear first.

    J. Already covered.

    K. It seems you already have the ideas clear: go and get that last Artemis you need for that Peta Area 2 ;)

    So, in summary I'd go for Chacha (50U), Elga (100U), Xena (Armor + Weapon), [insert physical here] and Roland (50 and 100U) in this order (or Roland and [physical] inverted). The first batch might include a couple of Chacha, one Elga (waiting to find more copies) and a couple of Xena, moving to [insert physical here] and Roland after.

    Unryu's Genji Armor is stronger than Koh's, might be a better alternative although 1. it takes more time to reach 100U thank it takes to reach 50U (duh) and 2. a 100% SB Koh is more useful than a 100% SB Unryu... I guess? Because I know that TB2's has a good number of skills with an high activation rate (or capable to boost it, see Pal'pal's [​IMG] Fire Frequency +50%), but having the freedom to use whatever unit you want in their "most powerful form" (the recode with the highest damage output) is still something to think about when you're thinking about investing your time.
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