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    Hi Everyone!

    This is going to be a guide on what everything is, what's new, and how to continue to rock in in the new installment of Terra Battle! This guide will not cover how to play the game, but rather will cover common questions that have been asked/explanation of certain mechanics. Last Update: 9/27

    Characters, Guardians, and Equipment
    • Characters are obtained via Story Mode, and are what you equip your guardians, equipment, and companions to.
      • For a list of characters:
        You start with Sarah, Kit, Khem, and Lind in chapter one. You lose them at the end of chapter two, but gain Nene and Kukurakan at the beginning of chapter three. Halfway through chapter three, you gain Cynthia and Ganah.
    • Guardians are what give character their skills. As you level up guardians, you gain more and more skills.
      • Recoding is a way to evolve your guardian that changes it's skills, usually with a specialization. DNA and RNA recode requirements and skills can be viewed via the Setup menu by clicking the guardian, then clicking the ( i ) next to their square portrait at the bottom.
      • The blue B is skill boost, which increases the frequency of skill activation by that amount. It is additive, meaning it adds that much %.
      • The red U is master, which can only be obtained after reaching 100 SB. Each character has a 50% mastery and a 100% mastery item, which can be seen in the U Reward button.
      • The yellow L is luck, which increases the chance of you obtaining a luck chest after battles. Luck chests contain various items. You can only obtain luck by Upgrading the same character into another copy of itself, raising it by 3 luck.
    • Equipment is what gives characters their stats, with four slots for Main Hand, Offhand, Hat, and Armor.
      • Main Hand weapons give full bonuses as well as any range buffs that the weapon may give.
      • Offhand weapons give diminished stats (50%), and shields can only be equipped in this slot.
      • Leveling equipment may give weapons a range buff at a certain level based on rank.
    • Companions and Accessories share the same slots, often giving small boosts as well as minor skills.
    Rolling for Guardians and Equipment:
    • To roll for guardians, you much reach the Fores Spiritwood guardian thing, which is halfway through chapter 2. This will change with the new update, but that has not been in effect yet.
    • Z class Guardian rates are extremely low even, but all Z class characters are very strong in terms of skillset. Same with SS class Guardians.
    • The guardian and equipment pool is shared, each roll costing 3 energy, and 30 energy to roll 10
    • Z equipment offers great stats, and arguably more valuable since they are what powers your characters. Since equipment is where you get your stat and ranges for skills, they are often valued highly.
    Story Mode and the Coin Shop:
    • Story Mode is a staminaless giant map that you and your characters go through, defeating monsters and progressing the story
    • In each chapter, there are sparkles that appear on the map. These are bonus items that can be obtained by passing over them.
      • Once you obtain all the sparkles in a map, they refresh the next time you start the dungeon (or if you exit out of it). If you did not collect all the sparkles, the remaining sparkles will be there the next time you start the map.
    • The coin shop, which contains companions, equipment, and some evolve materials, can be used after the completion of chapter 2. It refreshes on Monday.
    • Upon completing a chapter, your rank should increase Untested for any future chapters. There are currently only 3 chapters out as of 9/21.
    What's New in the Battle System
    • In story mode, to engage in a battle, you must move your characters around. The orange rectangle is your attack field, which will turn blue once your turn is up.
    • Once the attack field turns blue, you can choose to use a Field spell (these have various effects) or use an item that you have taken along with you.
    • If you do not do either, you click the sword to enter battle. You will battle any enemies in the field as well as have access to any characters in the field. You will not interact with anything that doesn't fit completely in the field. Boss monsters will only be engaged if all 2x2 units of their size are in the attack field.
    • In this installment, you can move most smaller monsters in order to help create pincers
    • Enemies that have a purple border or are Boss sized (2x2 square size) cannot be moved.
    • There are 4 main types of guardians that affect battle: Warrior, Magic Warrior, Mage, and Healer
      • Warriors have no element attached to them, and their attack skills only activate if they lead the pincer. Any equipment that affects their range affects the pincer area of attack.
      • Magic Warriors have an element attached to them, and their attacks will activate if they are chained (they do NOT need to lead the pincer). Any equipment that affects their range takes effect around the unit.
      • Mages have an element attached to them, and their attacks will activate if they are chained. Any equipment that affects their range affects the pincer area of attack.
      • Healers have no element attached to them, and their healing skills will activate when chained. So far, their skills only affects the unit chain. Not sure if range equipment affects them.
    • Quests are events that use up stamina
      • The triple sword Infernal Keep event is a Raid, which is a giant 10 person co-op event where you work together to kill a gigantic boss. Battle and skills are simplified, and you may bring two units to a raid.
      • The Leviathan event is a standard 5 stage battle similar to battles in TB1. There is no giant map or field. This event drops monster souls and hearts, which are recode materials. You may also have a chance of recruiting Leviathan. (Normal and Up)
        • Tips
          Use levitation to avoid Maelstrom. Once the high tide rises and Leviathan goes to the top of the screen, move all your characters to the bottom of the screen to avoid a lot of damage. Ice is weak to fire, so bring fire guardians to kill Leviathan quickly. Earth and Null guardians will die quickly, so avoid using them if possible.
      • Recode Quest event drops Nucleotides and other recode materials, which are used for recoding. Kill the dragons fast, and make sure they don't move onto any treasure squares. Even if you move it onto one, the treasure will disappear. This has multiple battles and multiple waves.
      • Metal Zone events help level guardians and equipment quickly. To maximize exp, use one character you want to level and a strong AoE based ally to kill as many orblings as possible. Equipment should be all filled out if you are leveling them (using only one equip does not increase the amount it gains).
    Hopefully this little guide has cleared up some confusion! if you have any more questions, post them below and we as a forum will try and answer them and update this mini guide as needed! Thank you all so much, and happy battling!
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    So far I have noticed:

    Metal zone easy will get your guardians up to mid 20’s and then the exp is pretty weak at that point

    Leviathan wiped out my characters with his deluge attack, not sure what level is recommended to defeat him

    The recode quest I tried once and it was very difficult, there were blue and red drakes, they don’t hurt you but break the chests if you don’t kill them, it appears that you need appropriate elemental damage to defeat them

    I have found at least 1 energy hidden in a sparkle on the map adventure thing

    The raid thing didn’t seem too tough - follow the attack pattern, he alternates vertical and horizontal attacks. Most people were not respecting that though, and we made little progress so I quit out.
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    Writing some additional notes while reading your guide:
    - Characters are strictly story-provided (at least for now) and you can't fill up those empty spots in a party without them
    - Every characters seems to have a default empty-slot guardians (usually called souls) that provides less active skills, but with more field map skills (important to note that they currently cannot be leveled or sb-ed)
    - Reaching certain guardian levels seems to boost some of its active skills' activation rate, but I am not exactly sure about how it works yet

    - Offhand weapons do not provide range bonus, but there is a guardian skills that enables it (and similarly, there's also a skill that offsets 50% stat reduction)
    - Weapons' range are upgraded very early during leveling, but it's still annoying to not have a preview
    - You can 'unleash' equipments when they reach their max level by fusing it with another same one, but be warned to check the spare's level since it doesn't have any impact (I made that mistake). Unleashed equipments gets a star and their max levels are increased
    - Depending on the weapons' rank/unleash status, it only provides the range bonus on specific skill tiers (between mega, giga, tera)

    - Clearing chapter is not the factor that increases maximum energy, but increasing your rank is (rank can be farmed by playing previous story missions, albeit a lot less exp).
    - Story mode offers 'synced' play which offers players to play that specific chapter with restricted guardian/equipment levels in favour of better rewards. You typically pick up rarer items and upgrade materials

    - Similar to TB1's metal creatures, TB2 has its own exp upgrade guardians/equipments with its quality determined by their ranks
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    - I haven't seen this brought up anywhere else yet, but this isn't entirely correct. You actually can level up/skill boost default guardians (only through battles, since they can't be upgraded in the inventory), it just doesn't always show up properly. It does always show up in battle though and carries over as normal, even if some menus don't show it.
    - For your second point, for some reason, what level a skill is unlocked at/upgraded at only shows up when you are looking at a character's stats in battle. For example, reaching level 90 with an Orbling boosts it's Megacut activation from 50% to 80%, but the only place that the game will tell you this is in a story chapter/quest, if you have one equipped.
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    My general advice for efficiency for this early stage of the game is:

    1. Use stamina to farm leviathan (or whatever monster may be next)
    2. Mooch off of raids
    3. Run world map for SB / items
    4. When done farming #1, use stamina on metal zones
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    Thanks for this! Got many good info from here n.n
    btw after i completed ch3 i got NO stamina refill... not sure if bug or what o_O (used all stamina on Levi cause i though ill have a refill and got just a big NO T_T

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