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    Attention all Terra Battle Forum (TBF) Members,

    As our beloved Terra Battle (TB) prepares to advance into exciting new territory the time has come for our TBF community to make the necessary changes to accommodate these new times. All changes are being made in the best interest of TBF members as a whole, with the intention of bringing our community closer to official TB media standards and to promote a friendlier and safer community to all members. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the TBF Rules in their entirety as this announcement only highlights recent changes.

    The following changes are in addition to existing Forum Rules and are effective immediately:

    • Any material that is sexually explicit, pornographic, sexually suggestive, and/or censored is not permitted unless under the exception of being linked to another site that has a R-18 warning and or with a login requirement such as pixiv.
    • Any material that depicts excessive violence or gore is not permitted.
    • Any graphic/flashing images that can cause migraines or seizures are not permitted.
    • There is always a place and time for a joke but trolling is not permitted. This applies to in game coop matches that are openly hosted in the chat. If you are annoying other members enough that reports are coming in you are likely heading towards banishment.
    Account Tampering
    • Discussion of any bugs or exploits is forbidden.
    • It is forbidden to sell, trade or giveaway game accounts within this community.
    Alternate/Multiple Forum Accounts
    • Alternate/Multiple Terra Battle Forum Member Accounts are forbidden.
    • Threads discussing/displaying anything that is against the rules will be removed and further actions might be taken depending on the Staff's decisions.
    • Failure to follow the rules above may result in your account being banned from Terra Battle Forum. In some cases, the ban will be temporary, with repeat offenders receiving a permanent ban, and some cases may result in a permanent ban immediately (basically anything forbidden leads to immediate permanent ban, just don't do it).
    Closing Rules
    • Any questions regarding the rules can be directed to a moderator.

    In the interest of fairness; all members will be given 48 hours to complete any outstanding trades/giveaways before the Trade section is permanently closed.

    Members with alternate/multiple TBF accounts will also be given 48 hours as opportunity to surrender these accounts and select an account to maintain as their exclusive forum account. Members that do not come forward will be considered to be uncooperative and all accounts will be considered forfeit.

    NOTE: The 48 hour period to surrender alts has expired.

    Terra Battle Forum Rules Link: HERE

    Thank you for your attention and cooperation,

    ~Terra Battle Forum Staff
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