[Official] 2015.01.22 Co-op Artemis & Chaos Strategy Thread

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    Strategies and Guides
    - Very good generic summarization and overall guidelines by @Raijinili: http://terrabattleforum.com/threads...rtemis-chaos-strategy-thread.5693/#post-42554
    - Very nice write up by @darkebiru: http://terrabattleforum.com/threads/guide-general-guide-about-how-to-win-eidolons.5932/

    Artemis & Chaos Tips
    • Resistance:
      • Artemis 1: 30% fire, 50% other elements
      • Artemis 2: 40% fire, 60% other elements
      • Artemis 3: 50% fire, 70% other elements
      • Chaos 1: 20% fire and ice, 80% darkness
      • Chaos 2: 40% fire and ice, 90% darkness
      • Chaos 3: 60% fire and ice, darkness immune.
    • Item drops:
      • Artemis 1: The Emperor, 30%
      • Artemis 2: Knight of Bows, 40%
      • Artemis 3: Celestial Bow, 80%
      • Chaos 1: The Hierophant, 30%
      • Chaos 2: The Tower: 40%
      • Chaos 3: Codex Runicus: 80%
      (Aside from this special item, all 6 bosses can drop a random Ore, with 10% chance. So if you are lucky, a boss can drop 2 items. Or no item at all if you need more luck.)

    Having problem taming these new eidolons? Discuss it here!
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    Dec 17, 2014
    what am i supposed to do with the boss drop 'the emperor'?

    <Please don't advertise friend code on strategy thread!>
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    Tavern -> Strengthen Eidolon?

    Anyway, info:

    == What is this? =

    Eidolons are things you can summon in co-op battles.

    Artemis (Bow) and Chaos (Shadow) are Eidolons you can earn, in co-op-only battles. They are in Arena -> Co-op, and then you choose between Public, Private, or Special (poor naming).


    -- Level limits --
    You should know that not all of your skills are usable.

    Each stage has a level limit. For example:
    The first stage (e.g. Artemis) has a level limit of 25.
    The second stage (e.g. Artemis II) has a level limit of 45.
    The third stage (e.g. Artemis III) has a level limit of 65.

    This cap is applied by lowering your level to the limit, and all skills ABOVE that level are disabled. So for the first Artemis, your 70/70/70 Zerro will only be limited to TWO attacks, because her other attacks are at level 65 and 35. And if her equipped skills are from level 35 and 65, well, she'd be useless (Job 3 has no attacks until level 35).

    Be sure to check your skills before you join.

    -- Which units will fight --

    To join a fight, you choose one of your teams. The FIRST FEW MEMBERS of that team will join the fight and gain experience or skill boost. How many members depends on the fight, but Artemis takes your first three and Chaos your first four.

    -- More on team order --

    Artemis III: The first party member of the third player will get shot at the very start of battle. Make sure that your first party member has good defense and HP.

    -- iOS popups disconnect you --

    On iOS 7, at least, any pause of the app may disconnect you:
    - (Confirmed)Low battery warning (20%, 10%).
    - Lock button.
    - Getting a call.

    Tested not to (but don't risk it):
    - Notification Center: Swiping down from the top of the screen.
    - Control Center: Swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
    - Alarms: Check yourself before I get wrecked.
    - Switching apps (unless it kills the game).

    - "Trust this computer?": Plugging into a computer.
    - Emergency Alerts?

    So keep your battery levels high when you join.

    == Joining a fight ==

    Once you go to Arena -> Co-op Battle, you can either start your own room (and be the Host) or join someone else's room. Only the host pays stamina, but everyone can get the rewards.

    -- Hosting --
    Click on Special and choose one of the levels to start your own room. You will pay the stamina, and up to two other players can join you.
    - By default, your room will be Private, and have a number. Give that number to other players to let them join your room.
    - You can click on Make Public and allow anyone to join.

    -- Joining a public room --
    Click on Public to see a list of open public rooms. Since host pays the cost, there are more people looking for rooms than making rooms, so you have to click fast (four clicks to join a room). Otherwise, you'll see no rooms, or you'll be unable get a Couldn't Join Room message.

    -- Joining a private room --
    Click on Private and enter the room number the host gave you to join their room. If you can't join, it's full.

    == Battle ==

    All the Eidolon recruitment fights only have one stage, as opposed to the five that the Bahamut fights had.

    -- Taking turns --

    The three players take turns moving their units. You can only move YOUR unit, but you can move your unit through the units of other players to set them up.

    You have a limited time to START your turn (10-15 seconds?). Once you start moving, you can move for your entire control time.

    When it is not your turn, you should tap on the screen. This will charge the Eidolon meter.

    -- Summoning an Eidolon --

    There is a single Eidolon meter shared among the players. It is charged by players tapping on the screen while they are waiting for the current player's turn to end.

    When the Eidolon meter is full (it's flashing), an orange S (like the Power Point P) will appear on the screen. When a pincer forms with the S, it will summon the Eidolon after the pincer resolves.

    The Eidolon that is summoned is the one owned by the CURRENT player.

    -- Miscellaneous --

    - You can only view unit stats on your own turn.

    - If Fast Forward is not on, you can turn it on on your turn.

    == Rewards ==

    If you don't have the Eidolon yet, it will drop in the first stage with 50% chance.

    Each level gives one particular item needed to upgrade that particular Eidolon. This item will not always drop. Drop rates have been found by this forum's Data Squad:[1]
    - Artemis: The Emperor (30%)
    - Artemis II: Knight of Bows (40%)
    - Artemis III: Celestial Bow (80%)
    - Chaos: The Hierophant (30%)
    - Chaos II: The Tower (40%)
    - Chaos III: Codex Runicus (80%)

    The upgrade requirements are:
    - Artemis -> Artemis II: 3x The Emperor, 3x Knight of Bows, 5x Terra Bowstring
    - Artemis II -> Artemis III: 3x The Emperor, 3x Knight of Bows, 3x Celestial Bow
    - Chaos -> Chaos II: 3x The Hierophant, 3x The Tower, 5x Dark Ring
    - Chaos II -> Chaos III: 3x The Hierophant, 3x The Tower, 3x Codex Runicus

    In total, you will need 6 items from the first stage (expected: 300 stamina), 6 items from the second stage (expected: 375 stamina), and 3 items from the third stage (expected: 150 stamina). However, the descriptions of the drops from Artemis 1/2 and Chaos 1/2 suggest that they might be used by later Eidolons.

    == General Tips ==

    - Killing the boss kills the minions.
    - Ally Revival is useless. There is only one stage. SS healers are still less useful than Kuscah.
    - Have a Control Time unit so that you can do more complex maneuvers.
    - Heal All is the preferred form of healing. At least three Heal Alls on the total party is recommended.
    - Heal All + Control Time (buff): Zeera (Control Time buff only at Artemis/Chaos 3)
    - Heal All + Control Time (equip): Kuscah, Sorman, Rikken
    - Heal All: R'zonand, Kana (neither get it for Artemis/Chaos 1)​

    == Artemis ==

    Damage taken (using (Def/MDef)^0.7 * 1.4 / 1.5 * (1-resistance), with Physical as base):

    ElementArtemis 1Artemis 2Artemis 3
    Artemis Attack Pattern (cycle 4):
    0. Before any move: Artemis's Mayuk shoots the FIRST party member of the THIRD player, and then she usually traps that member. Make sure your first party member has good defense.
    1. Poison Arrows, move- Artemis attacks and poisons those around her. Poison is based on the caster's Magic stat.
    2. Breath Attack (no damage), Lock-On - She will target a number of player units. This can do plenty of damage, so get them out of the way. The number of targets starts at 4 for A1 and 5 for A2, and increases by 1 every time she does it.
    3. Shoot, move - Shoots the targets.
    4. Breath Attack (no damage), move - And call for reinforcements?
    Limit Break[A2: 50%?; A3: 50%, 25%?]: Venom - All of your units are poisoned for three turns. This does up to three times her normal poison, but poison can't kill you, so just Heal All it off every turn.

    Attack pattern table (action Artemis will take after this turn):
    RoundPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
    1 Poison Arrows Lock-On Shoot
    2 Revive? Poison Arrows Lock-On
    3 Shoot Revive? Poison Arrows
    4 Lock-On Shoot Revive?
    5 Poison Arrows Lock-On Shoot
    6 Revive? Poison Arrows Lock-On
    7 Shoot Revive? Poison Arrows
    Notable Minions:
    - Minion: Mayuk (brown bear) - Puts a shield on Artemis every 8-10? turns, making all damage of a weapon type (Sword, then Bow, then Spear?) heal her instead. The shield and the weapon type that heals her appear as a glowing weapon icon on her. This lasts for two turns. The bear will be resummoned (for free) about two turns after it dies. Drops EXP boost (9%, or ~1/11).
    - [A1, A2]Minion: Nanuk (white bear) - If this is damaged to a certain HP range, but not killed, Mayuk will do a severe counter attack on those who hurt Nanuk.
    - [A2, A3]Minion: Cerberus's Head (snake slimer) - She has a minion with a slime trail. Any unit on or moving over it will take damage, unless they are Levitating.
    - [A3]Minion: Slugosaur (bomber) - This minion launches a bomb every turn, with a powerful Area 1 effect. The bomb goes off in one move and has very high defenses, so just get people out of the way. It is a bomb UNIT, so it can't be Disarm Bomb'd.

    Useful skills:
    + Offensive:
    - (Physical) Sword attacks: Bahl, Gugba, Zuzu, Sheena, Gatz,
    - Sword buffs: Korin and Ka'pori only.
    - [A1, A2]Thousand Attacks: Do good damage at low levels. Zuzu and Ma'curi have these.
    - [A3]Physical Attack 1.5x: S'naip, Bahl, and Ma'curi can use their +50% damage buff on the third Artemis, and only the third.​
    + Defensive:
    - Healers (at least two in total team): Anyone with Heal All, especially with Control Time. Examples: Kuscah, Sorman, or http://www.terrabattlex.com/skills/heal
    - Poison heal: Personally, I don't worry about Poison
    - [A2, A3]Levitation, All (at least one): Only need one, but a backup can't hurt. Examples: Anyone here except Jaguna: http://terrabattlex.com/skills/levitation
    - [A3]Evasion skills: Dodges most of the attacks. Olber, Zuzu, Lunato, and Lunaken can grant Evasion +50% to allies, and two casts makes it 100%. Note that these skills are level 65, so they can only be used on Artemis 3. The Lunatics grant the buff in Area 2, while the other two grant it to their chained allies.
    - Negate Circle Spear (Djugan only), if you bring Spear units.​
    + Support:
    - Control Time (one per player, suggested): It is always good to be able to take a longer turn. You'll need to move many people out of the way for Target -> Snipe.
    - [A3]Treasure Hunter: 25% bonus to item drop rate. Alika and Gatz have this skill at some job's level 65.
    - Powered Point Amp: Get a near-guaranteed Powered Point every turn. Examples: http://terrabattlex.com/skills/powered-point-amp

    General Best Units:
    - Kuscah/Sorman/Rikken: Heal All and Control Time. Sorman and Kuscah get Heal=1.5x All for Artemis 3. (Zeera gets Control Time for A3 only.)
    - R'zonand and Kana have Heal All, if you can't afford the above.
    - If you must do elemental damage, prefer Fire.

    A1 Best Units (offense):
    - Zuzu: 1x + 1000 damage.
    - Sheena: 4x multiplier.
    - Korin: 1x multiplier, but buffs Sword defense and frequency.
    - Yukken Job 2: 3x multiplier.
    - Amimari Job 2, Nakupi, Samupi Job 3: 1x multiplier, but Control Time.
    - Suoh Job 1: 1x multiplier, but with a good self-buff.
    - Burbaba Job 1: 2x multiplier, but low attack.
    - Daiana: 3x Fire spell multiplier.

    A2 Best Units:
    + Offense:
    - Zuzu: 7x multiplier + 1000 damage.
    - Sheena: 6x multiplier and Control Time.
    - Gugba: 6x multiplier and huge attack.
    - Suoh Job 1: 4x multiplier, but gets a weaker version of Ka'pori's and Bahl's buff at this lower level limit.
    - Korin: 5x multiplier, buffs Sword defense and frequency.
    - Samupi Job 3, Nakupi: 5x multiplier, Control Time.
    - Zan: 3x multiplier, but with his extra elemental attacks, it's more like 4x! >.>. Well, could be better than your other options.​
    + Defense:
    + Levitation:
    - Gatz: Levitation, 3x Sword, gets buffed by Korin.
    - Ellvern: Levitation, Antidote: All, Giga Regen, tough.
    - Zafitte: Levitation, Antidote: All, Giga Regen.
    - Gegonago: Levitation, tough.
    - Eileen: Levitation, Giga Regen, Lullaby.​

    A3 Best Units:
    + Offense:
    - Bahl, S'naip: Super high damage.
    - Zuzu: 7x + 1000, plus Evasive Arts (+50% to chain).
    - Gugba: Powered Point Amp and 8.5x total multiplier, including Avalanche (AoE 1.5x) and Tremor (All 1x).
    - Ka'pori: Augment Circle buffs swords by 20% per cast. 5x multiplier.
    - Korin: Buffs swords in Defense and Frequency. 5x multiplier + Desperate Measures works against poison.
    - Rejin: 8x multiplier. Note his AoE skills require him to be pincer lead (true for most Sword AoEs).
    - Suoh Job 1 (Sword): He gets a weaker version of Bahl's skill. Note that all his damage will be Sword, even if it's Teraspear, so he's doing 8x sword damage.​
    + Defense:
    + Levitation:
    - Gatz: Treasure Hunter guarantees drop. 3x sword multiplier, and gets Sword buffs.
    - Gegonago: Control Time (All) is... magnificent. Throw in Frequency (Chain).
    - Ellvern: Control Time (Chain) is great. I like Powered Point Amp, but it isn't vital. Antidote (All) can give confidence.
    - Zafitte: Frequency (Chain) can be helpful. Antidote (All) can give confidence.
    - Eileen: Healing Dance is a nice backup plan.​
    + Evasion:
    - Zuzu: Also amazing damage.
    - Olber Job 2: Gets Capsules, too. Ignore Chain Heal if there are enough Heal Alls. Use him on Job 2 to not take major damage from Spears, and to not use Self-Sacrifice (if you want). And make sure all his Evasion is up. And make sure your allies know how to chain Evasion, or he'll die from Self-Sacrifice.
    - Lunato/Lunaken: Note that Lunaken takes double damage from Bow, so keep his evasion up.​
    + Support:
    - Treasure Hunter: Gatz and Alika. Either one guarantees drop.
    - Control Time buff: Gegonago has All, while Ellvern, Zeera, Palpa have Chain.​

    Don't use:
    - Elemental weapon attackers. They don't get the Chain attacks that mages get.

    Worst units:
    - SS Healers: Amina, A'misandra, Amimari. Except Amimari Job 2.
    - Spears (they take double damage)
    - Jaguna

    Priorities guide (pretty strict):
    # Avoid bomb.
    # Avoid slime (if not levitating).
    # Avoid snipe targeting.
    # Chain Heal Alls.
    # If Artemis is near dead: Try to kill Artemis.
    # Chain Evasion.
    # Damage bomber (Slugosaur, green boss summon).
    # Damage Artemis.

    == Chaos ==

    Each player can take four units into the fight.

    Damage taken (using (Def/MDef)^0.7 * 1.4 / 1.5 * (1-resistance), with Magic as base):

    ElementChaos 1Chaos 2Chaos 3
    Chaos's attacks (Chaos 2 and 3 do Portent every turn):
    - Dark Portent: Depending on tier: Shadow/Abyss/Black Hole Breath for 1/2/3x Damage, and knocks away. Chaos 1 might do Shadow instead, which doesn't knock away.
    - Silencing Portent: Nullify Healing: Disables healers for three turns.
    - Bloody Portent: Shoot: Physical damage.
    - Limit Break[C2: 50%?;C3: 50%, 25%?]: Perdition: Paralyze 75%/85% for 3 turns. Same damage as Dark Portent, but less damage to units far away.

    Notable Minions:
    - Malocchio (eyes): Paralyzes units around it at the start of its move.
    - Shadowfeeder (shiny horse): Move->Breath Attack can knock units into the Portents. Also loves to pincer your units (hitting the weak physical defense of Kana). It prefers to run through a Capsule, though.

    - Anti-Darkness Capsules: Jennish > Pupropu > Ba'gunar. As many as possible.
    - Control Time: Try to have at least one unit which can move for a long time.
    - Heal All: Kana, Kuscah, Rikken, Sorman, Zeera.
    - Anti-Paralysis: Kana and Bonna have a skill making them immune to Paralysis and can cure it (whole party at once).
    - Damage: Jennish, then Pupropu, then Samatha and Alika, then other lightning and physical. Note that Tiamat is better than Vajra.
    - [C3]Control Time buff: Gegonago, Ellvern, Zeera, Palpa can grant Control Time to allies.
    - [C3]Treasure Hunter: Always useful when farming. Gatz and Alika have this skill
    - [C3]Powered Point Amp: Good to be able to always use a Powered Point.

    Character ranking:
    # Jennish
    # Kana/Bonna: Kana should have Heal All, Locomotion, Paralyze Ward, and her Counter move if possible.
    # Pupropu
    # Ba'gunar
    # Alika (Chaos 3)
    # Samatha and Alika (Chaos 1-2)
    # Kuscah/Sorman
    # Yukken
    # (other Heal All)
    # Tiamat (especially with high SB%)
    # Vajra (weaker and less durable than Tiamat for all stages)
    # Samupi?
    # Fire/Ice mages
    # Other damage (gotta kill minions)

    Recommended party build (by priority):
    # 2-3x Bonna/Kana
    # Anti-Darkness Capsule: As many as possible.
    # 3x or more Heal All.
    # Non-capsule Lightning attackers: Samatha and Alika.
    # 1x/player Control Time+2

    Not useful:
    - SS Healers: Should have so many Heal All that it isn't worth bringing other healers. Revival is useless.
    - Darkness: Little or no damage.
    - Jaguna.

    Priorities guide (rough: reorder slightly depending on which ones are doable):
    # Kill Chaos (if it's close to death).
    # Avoid Dark Portent, OR activate Anti-Dark Capsules and Healing.
    # If Paralysis: See who is paralyzed. Chain Kana/Bonna with non-paralyzed units.
    - Paralyzed units can't pincer even if they get healed later.[VERIFY]​
    # Chain Heal Alls.
    # Chain Capsules and chain more Capsules.
    # Attack Chaos (ignore minions?)
    # Attack the Paralyzing minion.

    Team order preparation (Chaos 2-3 only: they don't move the first two turns):
    - Host: Put Lightning/Capsule/Caster on slots 1 and 3.
    - Guest: Put them on slots 1 and 2.
    (See http://imgur.com/cPvSjCy for starting setup.)
    Host should use a Control Time character to drag the units into a double pincer, and, if possible, form a third pincer against a minion (for capsules).

    == FAQ ==

    What happens if someone disconnects?
    Their turn will be skipped, but their units will still be on the field and can be shifted around.

    What happens if the host disconnects?
    The host will treat the other two as disconnected, and continue the game.
    The joins will be kicked out.

    Error: "Room not found"
    You were too slow.
    Error: "Couldn't join the room"
    You were too slow.
    Error: Network connection lost
    No idea. Blame Mistwalker for setting their ping timeout low?


    (Permission granted to put this on the Wikia where it can be mercilessly edited, but tell me so that I can link to that one and not update this. Also, please credit the numbers to jnalyz and Tharos at terrabattleforum.com)
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    Jan 20, 2015
    Anyone lucky enough to get the public co-op working? I can only spend my energy creating rooms and it usually fills within 3 seconds. But I could never find any Public room to join, always the Room not found message.
  5. caropoopooline

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    Dec 17, 2014
    nothing shows up in strengthen eidolon
  6. Killua

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    Dec 5, 2014
    I'd assume it works like "Add Jobs" in the Tavern. You would need an Eidolon that can be upgraded before anything shows up.
  7. tobsy

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    Oct 13, 2014
    Just beat Artemis and recruited her with my girlfriend. Man that was kinda difficult. Level cap and timer were definite surprises.
    Anyone figure out how long each turn's timer is? And how do we get the upgrade items for these eidolons? do they drop from higher level events of the same kind?
  8. JoeyDee9

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    Dec 5, 2014
    I got Artemis just now but I've come so close to finishing Art II, Art III, and Chaos I but each time the other two players leave before it finishes. I dig get an item from one of the adds, but didn't finish the mission to see what it was.
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  9. Moto

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    Nov 28, 2014
    The two developer summons don't have upgrades so they don't show up. When I got Artemis, you can strengthen her with 3 Emperors 3 Knight of Bows and 5 Bow strings, Not so sure where to get the Knight of Bows.

    On another note, I did a couple of public Co-op battles and even the level 25 ones are challenging due to the skill limitation. I think it's 2 skills on the current job and one additional on the first slot although I'm not too certain right now.
  10. JoeyDee9

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    Dec 5, 2014
    I got the Hierophant from chaos I.
  11. Gantrithor

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    Dec 13, 2014
    I dropped a Knight of Bows on Artemis 2.

    I guess the Emperor is on Artemis 3 ?
  12. Moto

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    Nov 28, 2014
    Dropped on Artemis 1 for me
  13. tobsy

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    Oct 13, 2014
    So seems like The Emperor drops from Artemis 1, Knight of Bows drops from Artemis 2, and Celestial Bow drops from Artemis 3. And equally, The Hierophant drops from Chaos 1, The Tower from Chaos 2, and Codex Runicus from Chaos 3. Confirmation?
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  14. yamo

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    Dec 4, 2014
    How do the skills work? Only skill level one and two can be used in the slots?
    Ran once with 2 others (I didn't host) and all that was left was two of my mages. Finally beat it, yay for mega heal, self.
    Thankfully Lewto is at SB 100% and Pupropu at 41.8%

    Have to think carefully what skills to put in the slots and which job to use
  15. Nico301

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    Nov 18, 2014
    I found heal all is really important and revival is useless
  16. yamo

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    Dec 4, 2014
    Can you use skills 3/4 from another job?
    For instance, with lewto, it might be better to go in with job2, but use inferno/solar wind from job3.
    Althouh job2 is only at level 35, doh!
  17. JoeyDee9

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    Dec 5, 2014
    From my experiences it seems to level lock them to 25/25/25 in the tier 1 dungeons. That means lvl 35 and 65 abilities don't get used.
  18. Vorpal

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    Oct 26, 2014
    Does it allow you to at least fix up your skills before you enter?
  19. tobsy

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    Oct 13, 2014
    well, you can always adjust your squad before you decide to join a co-op game. lol
  20. Vorpal

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    Oct 26, 2014
    If it forces me to think beforehand, I'm not a fan of it. Time to quit. :c

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