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    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    In order to accommodate a pleasant experience here on Terra Battle Forum (TBF) for everyone please follow these rules accordingly. All rules apply to thread posts, chat, and conversations. Moderators have the authority to enforce such rules and will act on behalf of the best interests of the TBF community.

    • Any material that is sexually explicit, pornographic, sexually suggestive, and/or censored is not permitted unless under the exception of being linked to another site that has a R-18 warning and a login requirement such as pixiv.
    • Any material that depicts excessive violence or gore is not permitted.
    • Any graphic/flashing images that can cause migraines or seizures are not permitted.
    • There is always a place and time for a joke but trolling is not permitted. This applies to in game coop matches that are openly hosted in the chat. If you are annoying other members enough that reports are coming in you are likely heading towards banishment.
    • Warez or any other tooling that interferes with the game's code and/or settings are strictly prohibited.
    • When linking to legal software make sure to declare the author and source of it.
    • Advertisements or promotions of other products and services are not allowed. It is of course perfectly allowed to link to content from any of the following sources:
    Account Tampering
    • Public discussion of any techniques that might put other people's accounts into jeopardy, such that at some point in future Mistwalker might ban these accounts, is strictly forbidden. If you have doubts, clear the idea with a Staff member first. Some examples (not a complete list) of such actions include:
      • Source code modification
      • Client emulation
      • Network package tampering/simulation
    • Discussion of any bugs or exploits is forbidden.
    • Any member that requests account tampering, including (but not limited to) the actions listed above, will also receive equivalent punishment to the person doing the action itself.

    • It is forbidden to sell, trade or giveaway game accounts within this community.
    • It is not allowed to sell anything associated to an account (e.g., stamina for co-op runs) within this community.
    • If Staff has substantial belief or proof that a monetary transaction has taken place for account exchange of any kind, the punishment is immediate ban. This rule applies even if the exchange has been completed outside the forum such as instant messages, e-mails, etc. or via private messaging inside the forum. Monetary exchange includes but not limited to cash, online credits such as PayPal, bitcoin, etc., gift cards such as iTunes, GooglePlay, etc.
    Alternate/Multiple Forum Accounts:
    • Alternate/Multiple TBF Member Accounts are forbidden.
    • There will be no use of profanity or derogatory statements.
    • There will be no racial, sexual orientation, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discrimination.
    • There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. All members will be treated with respect.
    • Members are asked not to act as back seat moderators. If members notice an issue which contradicts any of the rules they are expected to use the report button and give a proper description of the situation at hand. Don't be afraid to use this function. We will read and handle every report.
    • Before creating a new thread or posting read the (stickied) threads and use the search functionality to search for the desired topics/posts. Duplicate topics will be closed. Furthermore there will be referenced to the original topic and the duplicate will eventually be removed.
    • Title your thread correctly. Use descriptive texts when creating a topic. Poorly titled threads will be moderated.
    • When adding a new reply to a topic try and contribute to the conversation instead of going off-topic. If this will not be the case a post can be marked as spam and be removed indefinitely by the Staff.
    • Try posting complete sentences when replying to topics to contribute to a discussion as much as possible.
    • When creating new threads make sure to post them in the correct section on the forums. When this isn't the case the Staff is allowed to move them without any notice.
    • Posting on old threads without related or new content is considered spam.
    • It's not allowed to share any copyrighted material without express permission.
    • Members are expected to post in a way that is consistent with "normal writing". Don't make excessive use of emoticons, large (coloured) texts and punctuations.
    User Content
    • Signatures and avatars must not show anything that could be considered against the forum rules in any shape or form.
    • The maximum allowable height of a signature is set at 250px.
    • When posting images we prefer you use an image host like imgur.
    • All posts must be posted in the language of the sections the threads are in. Staff are excluded from this rule and are allowed to post in any language they deem fitting.
    • Sometimes, for various reasons, it is not possible to immediately understand whether there is a misconduct or not. In this case, the Staff might start an investigation. During the investigation, the staff might ask questions and request the involved users to explain their behavior to help them reach to a better final decision. Cooperation to these investigations is highly encouraged since the Staff will assume the worst case scenario if the involved user does not cooperate.
    • The Terra Battle Staff will always be the ones to decide what's right in arguments/disputes that get out of hand. Staff decisions are final.
    • Public discussions of Staff decisions are not allowed. If you disagree with any measures taken feel free to start a conversation with a Staff member at hand to discuss privately.
    Private messages
    • Any violations that are done through private messages or back channels such as e-mails, instant messages, etc. will be considered as a more severe violation and punished accordingly.

    Failure to follow the rules above may result in your account being banned from Terra Battle Forum. In some cases, the ban will be temporary, with repeat offenders receiving a permanent ban, and some cases may result in a permanent ban immediately (basically anything forbidden leads to immediate permanent ban, just don't do it).

    Closing Rules
    • Any questions regarding the rules can be directed to a moderator.
    • In every case the rules will be referenced to to clear up any uncertainties.
    • Staff is allowed to allowed to edit, add or remove any rule at any point in time without any notice.
    • When any of the above rules or guidelines are broken the Terra Battle Forum Staff has the complete authority to edit, add or remove any content they deem fitting.
    • If you spoiler anything that hasn't been aired yet, this goes for any series

    Thank you for your attention and cooperation,

    ~ Terra Battle Forum Staff
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