[Redeem] Strong Accounts for New Players

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    Even if I'm against rerolling, I thought to save people some time by collecting here some good accounts; scroll a bit to see the complete list.

    IMPORTANT: I don't handle the giveaway anymore, contact Rydia instead. Details in the next post.

    Q: I have a good account to sh-
    A: PM me the details, I'll add it to the list.
    You can add conditions if you want (i.e. must be a well-known forum user, I want to be contacted by the player, ... ).

    Q: What do you mean by rerolling?
    A: Similar to many JRPGs, Terra Battle features different characters (mages, healers, supporters, ... ) classified by a class (usually is "the higher the better").
    • Most of the decent units require an IAP currency to be "pulled",
    • This "Energy" can be also gained in many other ways, like by logging in daily,
    • Many exploit the 5/10 Energy (depending on which event is currently active) the game gifts to the players after clearing the tutorial to pull a new unit / reset the game data until they actually find a rare unit before actually starting to play,
    This thread lists some accounts with the above mentioned unit(s).

    Q: How do I know if a character is good or bad?
    A: The complete skillset for every character can be found on the wiki; if you still have doubts, ask the Community (in chat, or start a new thread).

    Q: Do I really need an S/SS/Z class unit to enjoy Terra Battle?
    A: No, you don't. Later on the game you'll be able to "power-up" some of the most common units to make them much more powerful, so even A and B classes can serve useful.

    Q: Can I take whatever account I want?
    A: Yes, tell me via Private Message (click here to send me a PM) what account do you want and, after a couple of checks, I'll send you the details.

    Q: What are the conditions?
    A: Every user can ask for 1 NEW account. This thread isn't for helping existing players to find new alts so please, be respectful towards those who spent their time rerolling.

    Trying (hard) to break this simple rule will result in a disciplinary action from the TBF Staff.

    Q: I have a twin brother/sister/gamer, can they get an account too?
    A: PM me a scan of your IDs and a photo of you two with a copy of today's newspaper, these are the conditions, otherwise not.


    Q: I just got my account credential. Now what?
    1. Start a new game (delete your "Terra Battle" data first, if you already have an account started) and select "Transfer Game Data"
    2. Go to Options > Change Devices and enter a password, then note these data (or take a screenshot and mail it to yourself) to avoid losing your details.
    3. (Optionally) Go to Options > Story to catch up with it
    4. (Optionally) Go to Options > Personal Details to change your Username (you'll see it only when playing a multiplayer match).
    5. Read this: http://terrabattleforum.com/threads/11798/

    Q: Why do some accounts have Bahl, while others have Grace? Who is better?
    A: The very first unit you get is one of these 2; because of one buff that increases her ATK exponentially, players usually prefer Bahl over Grace. Players will still be able to get the other character from the Tavern (like any other character).

    Q: I got an SS class character: Amina/Amimari/A'misandra!
    A: Freebie since 2016. You'll get the items to job them up by logging in daily.


    • Units with a (+) near of it start with an higher level and Skill Boost;
    • Units with a (L+) near of it start with an higher level and Luck;
    • Some units have a Λ (lambda) sign near of them: those are "powered up" version of their original counterpart and can be used in their same team (i.e. is possible to use both Bahl and Bahl Λ in the same team);
    • The accounts with the "ch3 cleared" note redeemed their one referral code;
    • Many units have a Λ equivalent, and many more will get one;
    • Visit http://terrabattle.wikia.com/ to read more about the units listed below.

    === Account List cleared, see Rydia's post below ===
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    Hello guys!!!

    We got a LOT of new accounts from forum members, so during the last Returners Event I transfered ALL of them to get extra energies/characters

    That means that currently we have 125 accounts ready to giveaway to new players and the only thing you have to do is pick one from the list !!!! click here to send us a PM with the number of the account and we will give it you :D

    On another note, please dont ask us in PM which account to pick, we want to be fair with all players and we arent giving advices about which are the best account to pick in private messages.

    Of course you are free to search info in the forum or create a new thread to ask the community help to pick the best account for you!!!

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