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    Rating Scale: Bad < Ok < Good < Great : Tomahawk - 1 hp near death team kills
    Updated 08OCT2017 - Only updating tiering and units which we are starting to learn more about. Tremor was nerfed impacting three. 2 new units.
    Updated 12OCT2017 We know a few more union rewards, learned Robert actually had a good healer kit, Roland is a hidden Z unit.
    Updated 14OCT2017 Anryu and Unryu unions revealed. Testing for both still to be done. If the rising skills are chain, they are actually pretty decent. Added Bibi'lamia, Gun'ford and Kul'nero.
    Updated 18OCT2017 We learned some more stuff. Jodie doll is amazing. Doublehand stacks with it. Elga makes Sam do silly things. Conrandt gives you a Z spear. Dorys OP.
    Update 22OCT2017 The update on the 18th changed how doublehand works. It no longer stacks. Good timing right? I got full data on Tedda who is a good dps. Some how I didn't add Oppul awhile ago?
    Update 29OCT2017 I'm sick of people picking on Elga. He's great. Doublehand is amazing for casual and IAP alike. This might be the last changes I make to units already released. Future updates will just add new units.
    Update 25NOV2017 I have introduced a new rating for one character. This is just going to be known as Tomahawk. Recent testing as discovered a way to use him in such a way that everything in the game just dies to his kit. It generates so much damage it is literally impossible to test in game how powerful it is. Also I added Ayana. My mind is shot from Tomahawk.
    Update 23DEC2017 Adding missing guardians. I'm not sure why because the Miwa dogs are the strongest in the game and farmable.

    Z Rank
    Ayana - Great

    9.5x and killer on DNA. Equipment amp 1.2x and 6x on RNA along with natural aoe and a chain anti physical barrier. Union is a doll and 10%.

    Chelsea - Great
    Like all Z's has a 9.5x form. Her RNA form is a little weak but party frequency is one of the best skills for a casual player.

    Chirol - Great, my vote for best in game

    Augment magic - 30% one turn magic attack buff, 9.5x skill multiplier, 2 high rank armor pieces on union. Might be the best in the game in terms of value.

    Djagos - Great
    9.5x skill multiplier, Negotiator Pro/Master for recruiting monsters, equipment lore means no limits, weapon mastery for more aoe, magic cover reduces magic damage taken, an otomo for equipping staffs and a SS staff for union.

    Elga - Great
    9.5x skill multiplier however must pincer, doublehand and a doublehand otomo for union, s sword on union. For the casual player, doublehand is a very powerful ability to free up a weapon while one unit gets crazy attack.

    Jodie - Great
    Negotiator Pro and dps, but Djagos might have the better overall kit. Jodie doll is an area 1 tera ability with a 10% sb rate. This makes it great for killing self and skill boosting. It really completes her kit.

    Mizury - Great
    Tied for best healer in the game. Her 50 union pairs with Tomahawk. Her 100 union is the magic defense version of Genji Armor which has the title of best armor in the game.

    Mu - Great
    Tapper on RNA. 9.5x on DNA, but his selling point is offering the strongest physical weapon in the game on his 100 union. This is what puts him in the great range. He's just good otherwise.

    Ryoma - Great
    Might be the best Z in the game currently. His union is a doublehand otomo and a Z katana which beats Elga. He's one of the highest dps in the game in casual and heavy IAP for physical, hybrid, and magic. If Sam stops being a free giveaway unit, Ryoma is the one to replace her.

    Shannen - Great
    9.5x and a killer on DNA, but I'll gladly take the damage reduction to use the DNA form. Equipment amp is a very powerful skill turning her 6x multiplier into 8.2x while giving her a huge hp/def/mdef boost. She also has natural area 2 tera damage when you equip her 100 union reward.

    Tiffana - Great
    Like the other "sisters" she has a 9.5x and killer form. Her RNA form is weaker compared to Shannen, Ayana, and Jodie but has great art. The most recent update might have her being top 3 dps in the game. Unijishi can buff her damage to insane levels.

    Tsutsura - Good
    9.5x skill multiplier, reflect and empowered reflect (there's not enough in the game right now to test how powerful this is), 1 SS hat 1 otomo on union for weapon mastery.

    Xena - Great
    9.5x skill multiplier however must pincer, levitation, treasure hunter 50% (increase item drops), stealth to move through enemies (minor bugs remain), has a union ss clothing and z bow.

    SS Rank
    Amizuki - Good

    Augment attack - 30% one turn attack buff, frequency 80% adjacent, katana equip otomo in union, combos very nicely with Ohryu. A very balanced unit overall.

    Brone - Good
    Sword equip otomo in union, treasure hunter, decent multiplier. Buffs others. Looking at Dorys here.

    Conrandt - Great
    +2 move time and Z spear in union, stealth to move through enemies (minor bugs remain), unknown how much his damage buff helps. The spear bumps him to great.

    Fyuzal - Ok/Good, tremor nerfed
    Awkward kit with magic and tremor but tremor might be extremely powerful in this version of terra battle. Tremor turns into fissure, but no one has had a chance to test if fissure is just a magic based tremor or a stronger physical tremor.

    Gantt - Ok/Good, tremor nerfed
    Gear drop on union (most likely a shield), double shield?, unique party luck trait but luck teams appear less good, augment defense might end up good, tremor

    Haruhihikari - Great (The best if you farm SB/Union)
    Robert's kit appeared to be very bad at first, but as a healer, he's one of the best. The union otomo are extremely powerful though. They increase the rate others can skill boost as long as they do not have a healing phase skill.

    Ipp'oh - Bad
    Nothing on his kit stands out as great. He does have gear on his union though.

    Ken - Good
    Decent otomo and a weapon in his union. Natural aoe that proved to be good in terra battle 1. Not the highest multiplier though.

    Kenton - Great
    2 weapons in his union, a great but bugged Spear amp 1.5x, support abilities like frequency, and a good multiplier. Spear amp is a huge selling point but word is it's bugged right now.

    Koh - Good
    2 pieces of gear in his union, different support abilities with a range in how strong they can be, and a good multiplier.

    Leon - Great
    Leon might have the most pushed dps kit in the game currently along with some defense. Has duel mastery which is the highest flat buff in the game. Has 1.5x magic damage chainable. Has evasive arts chain.

    Melba - Good
    1 SS spear that is like dragonblade but bugged and a frequency otomo in her union, different support abilities with a range in how strong they can be, and a good multiplier.

    Mizzet - Good
    Weak union and average SS kit. His utility skills aren't needed currently, but he can pretty much make himself immune to all physical damage.

    Ohryu - Great
    Her union items appear weak, but her kit might be one of the strongest in the game. She has the unique ability to have a high chance to reduce physical or magical damage in chain. Is doesn't stop there though. Her DNA form packs a katana amp 1.5x much like Kenton's 1.5x Spear. This means her kit has defense and some of the best offense possible.

    Po'lar - Ok
    Healers are a little weak right now. Union gives a negotiator otomo.

    R'un - Great
    Good otomo and has a piece of gear in her union. She has an equipment amp 1.2x which means 20% more on all stats from both weapons and armors, a good multiplier, and natural aoe that proved to be very good in terra battle 1. She is just like Kenton and Ohryu in terms of offense, but could be the tankiest unit in the game.

    Revol - Good
    Good otomo and has a piece of gear in her union. Natural aoe in her kit. We're not sure how good the exterminator skills are yet but she can also heal herself and others. Should sb extremely fast.

    Roland - Great, has my vote for top 3 in game
    2 weapons in his union, and SS bow that is cross all 3 mega that upgrades to giga and a Z dagger that has tera area 1 that upgrades to 2 and higher stats than the one in the pact. Can aid in metal zone carries with increased xp gains while also being the mover. Has a lot of natural aoe in his kit but his aoe is forced around himself. If you pull him, you will have little reason to stop using his RNA form until every one of your guardians is max level. If you are leveling 3 or 4 units along with him, distributing xp to the lowest level unit will always increase your xp gains. Leveling 2 units is a net 0 gain, but allows you to take your own carry for free. You can use your own carry with a Roland friend to yield the same result.

    Samatha - Great
    She's free. She does a lot of stuff. She helps you kill things.

    Sohran - Ok
    Might be the second worse SS. You don't want to union him and his damage is just average for an SS.

    Tomahawk - Class of his own above all others in terms of team DPS
    Augment attack - 30% one turn attack buff, a chain skill that increases attack when hp is lower, ability to dodge attacks, and a great support kit. His DNA form has beautiful artwork, too.

    U'gyaro - Good
    Unijishi completely took everything good away from U'gyaro in his RNA form by doing it better than him. The DNA form still passes the better than average test with Ajishi being a thing.

    Velick - Great
    One of the best magic dps in the game. Her 100 union is really strong. Fire has a lot of easy to obtain support guardians, too.

    Xarander - Great
    Good dps on a unit that can lower enemy defenses. His 100 union is passable but the elemental 10% is preferred. However the average player isn't going to have an option to obtain 3 of those otomo.

    Zumba - Great
    Zumba is the guy you date for his money not his looks. You're looking to rip that 50 union otomo out of his hands and use it forever and forever. It gives +4 seconds move time on whoever has it equip. His taps might also do something good, but take his money for now.

    S Rank
    Ahryu - Good

    Weaker kit, but has an SS helm on union.

    Bali - Ugly but Ok
    Hybrid with nullify healing which could be valueable if enemies get tanky and heal up. Union might be trash.

    Bulk - Ok
    Weaker union, but has a hit random 5 times skill which means on a solo boss, he begins to have a high multiplier.

    Chacha - Ok
    Her kit is middle ground average for damage but is pincer only. Her union is good. It gives a decent s sword and double dice otomo for weaopn mastery.

    Chizuru - Ok
    Her body double chances to a very high chance to half physical damage but it's only for herself. Iai strike ignores defense but is not infinite damage like it would have been in Terra Battle 1. Blade grasp is a bad design. Reduce physical damage on a kit which already can half damage from physical. She's tanky atleast. Her union katana is a good SS weapon and a body double self otomo.

    Eliz'beth - Ok to Good
    Healers are weak right now but she has a heal all ability which means you don't have to look. Union appears weak.

    Enaveldt - I'm just going to say good, his kit is all over the place
    I have no idea how to assest this kit right now. It could be good, it could be really bad.

    Hime'nald - Ok
    Bad union but allows to flip between elements easily. His last skills are unknown currently.

    Ivan - Ok can be Great
    The strongest selling point to Ivan is to obtain 4 of them to unlock a tera area 3 weapon.

    Ji'row - Great
    You're going to want a Ji'row friend with no weapons, only a shield. Or with the most powerful gear possible. Hobble delays enemy turns which can be broken. Party frequency is 50% equip meaning everyone is better when this cool guy is around. Lizardfolk mob means build a lizard team makes his damage insane. He's so good no one has even gone to check all-out assult yet. Cough worst union? Doesn't F***ING MATTER!

    Louisharant - Ok/Good, tremor nerfed
    For those that played Terra Battle 1, he's the child of Gugba and Alika. It's actually in his lore. He's going to increase item drops with teasure hunter but tremor is now roughly 1.1x factoring accuracy and not the original 4x. He has the hardest hit by the nerf.

    Palpal - Good
    Palpal is the support to a fire team. He's going to trigger more fire skills and make them do more damage.

    Shalu'lulu - Good

    Has heal all but healers are weak right now. Her 100 union might be decent.

    Shean - Good
    Like a weaker Palpal but has the option to go to lightning or ice teams which means flexibility. Weaker union.

    Shen - Bad
    Another double dice union. His kit seems weak.

    Uhse - Ok
    She's not going to win any awards for being bad or great. This is about as average as a kit can get.

    Unryu - Good
    Weaker kit, but has a very powerful Z armor union. It appears to be the best armor in the game.

    Zomberger - Bad
    Has no home in the game as we know it right now. Some A and B units look better on paper.

    A and B rank- Known Good or Great units only

    High damage multiplier

    Decent multiplier with a unique skill of increasing attack and magic attack of allies in area 1.

    Very high physical attack multiplier with attack self 10%. Raid boss killer.

    He has a unique skill (Lol Leon has it now, too) to have 100% of the off-hand weapon stats. This is the biggest buff in the game right now. He also gives it away as his 100 union. So late end game players will want to have 4-5 of those items.

    Her death skills can fast farm quite a bit. She also has a xp otomo in her union.

    Mage with a high multiplier to go with 30% magic. RNA has a chainable fire barrier.

    Much like Palpal, she can buff other fire damage on the team.

    He has hobble and gives away decent support otomo. Sadly he lacks the free frequency like Ji'row.

    There's 2 self buff skills in a kit with average damage. Look for raid bosses weak to wind to fall over when this gust passes through on 5 pincers.

    Going to be one of the highest physical damages in the game.

    Gun'ford is another hidden gem. Lots of hybrid damage and even has a status effect.

    Has a sword amp skill which could be decent

    Has an active self buff to lightning damage. This is very powerful.

    Like Chaim in terms of damage but spears are a little lower stat wise to swords.

    One of the better mages in the game oddly enough. 7x Multiplier with a magic self 10% buff. This is one of the more hidden gems I don't see people talking about yet.

    He's going to be the highest physical in the game as it is right now. He has chain physical 1.5x amp. The thing that makes Kenton and Ohryu so good is passive. This is chainable.

    A smaller amp to Lyon but still good.

    Easy to obtain Negotiator.

    Weaker Chaim and Kheim, but has defense -10% area 1 on his RNA which is unique and can increase damage a lot.

    Like Lyon, Shaq has a chainable 1.5x earth damage amp. This means the mage is very good damage.

    RNA is a good dps.

    Has a buff on the DNA form which increases magic attack and magic defense 10% in area 1.
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    Sep 21, 2017
    Ahryu and Unryu not bad at start,pretty units
    Those have Genji Armor and Genji Helm in Union reward.
    Powerful equip in FF series,maybe it will pretty strong in Terra Battle 2,
    Now waiting character have Genji Glove and Genji Shield or even a Genji Katana,...i will collect them all
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    Oct 18, 2014
    You didn’t mention that Xena’s union rewards are fantastic, Indra is a z bow
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    Sep 28, 2017
    How to raise union in TB2?

    [edit] other than reaching max luck

    [edit2] and to raise luck only way is to feed duplicates?
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    Aug 25, 2016
    Zomberger is like those terrible units in TB1 with underwhelming skills and change to different elements/weapons every job making them good at absolutely nothing. Didn't they learn anything from that smh. And he's S too, why?

    Chainable physical amp is nuts, but the trend for now seems to be that magic > physical.

    You can only start raising union after you have maxed skill boost. Luck can only be raised by upgrading with dupes, union can also be raised at the same 3% rate by upgrading with dupes but again you have to have 100%B first.
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    Oct 27, 2014
    Oops you're right. Forgot to copy and paste the union line.
  7. Boser

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    Oct 12, 2014
    Gaants tremor goes to all on his recode. (I have a recoded gaant.
    Haru has heal all in RNA. (SS I got in discord)
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    Apr 9, 2016
    I have Jirow but I'm not sure if he's worth leveling.

    To be honest I expect the hobble skill to be a bug. I bet they'll decrease its strength to the same level like it was in tb1 (add action turn)
    That being said: his multiplier is not that good and since sbing in tb2 is incredible fast and most attacks have a high chance I'm not sure if he's so strong

    What do you say?
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    I’m not seeing heal all for Haru in her RNA. I have her too.
  10. Souskei

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Grantts Tremor is full screen. I just used him for metal zone and it's cleared the whole screen Everytime tremor activated.
  11. Boser

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    Oct 12, 2014
    I can't confirm. Other than a very active user in discord showed a SS. Did you go into battle and look at skills and how they change? It's an update as you level I know that.
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    Feb 22, 2015
    When you level her up, her first skill becomes Mega Heal, All (level 60) and later Giga Heal, All (level 90).
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    Oct 27, 2014
    Ohhhh ok thank you. It’s good to hear she has heal all
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    Nov 24, 2014
    :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: Gooch did not lie. He really is Z level.
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    Aug 25, 2016
    I haven't maxed Gantt yet but at lvl 93 his tremor is area(2) so I think that's already pretty good. This is just his unrecoded form too.

    I wonder if the trend is that only the higher rated units (S-Z) have skills that upgrade when you reach a certain level. None of the As and Bs seem to have this happen.
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    Aug 23, 2016
    I haven't unlocked it yet, but Ohryu's DNA form in the Recode skills screen says "Katana Amp (1.1x)" now, so I assume they nerfed it.

    Also - I also have Kenton, and his Spear amp is still listed as 1.5x in the Recode screen.
  17. Boser

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    Oct 12, 2014
    Ohryu amp goes to 1.5 at 90
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    Sep 8, 2016
    They do. I recoded my Canous and some skills upgraded at level 60 or 90 mostly. It affects range and frequency skills trigger.
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    Apr 9, 2016
    Just wanted to add: R'uns equipment amp counts for weapons as well
    My 300 base matk became 360
  20. Ragnarok

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    Nov 15, 2014
    Solid info I think she is my best mage. Making her RNA

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