[Rule] How to Create First Contact Bonus Threads

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    Please follow the following format to create first contact bonus threads. Permitted once per user.

    Title: <username>'s First Contact Bonus
    I'll be hosting (or you can host) various <chapter information> runs for multiplay first contact. Feel free to ask me to join your room for the bonus as well. Bonus only works once with a new player. Don't join if you've already received the bonus between the two of us.
    <Additional information you want to add>
    Current progress: <write down / update how many bonuses you got so far>
    1: 1 energy
    2: 1 energy
    3: 1 energy
    4: 1 energy
    5: 3 energy
    6: 1 energy
    7: 1 energy
    8: 1 energy
    9: 1 energy
    10: 3 energy
    11: 3x Metal Tix
    12: 3x Metal Tix
    13: 3x Metal Tix
    14: 3x Metal Tix
    15: 3 energy
    16: 3x Metal Tix
    17: 3x Metal Tix
    18: 3x Metal Tix
    19: 3x Metal Tix
    20: 3 energy
    multiplay bonus credit @Rexlent
    Additional rules
    1. As you play with more players and get additional bonuses, update your post to let others know about the progress and empty slots.
    2. Once you completed all bonuses, please let mods know asap, so that we can delete the thread.
    3. You can advertise this at any place you want, including the chat, since there is no direct disadvantage for any party doing this.
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