[Service Counter-Attack] At the Arena! Check for it Now !

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Welcome, how much people you are ? Do you wish a certain table ?

    Never trust waiter and waitress... they can be pretty deadful you know ?

    Four new characters were added the Menu today ! Maybe you want a real detail, Mister ?
    Eheheheheh ~~ Be patient, It'll come in some minutes !

    Somewhere, lost in the time and the space, there is a restaurant who welcome any kind of people as long as they can pay the bill... If you don't... something really bad can happen.

    Finish the event to receive Waitress Mya.

    "Mister ~~~ Do you want your coffee with some sugar maybe ~~ ?"

    Waistress Mya (Bow, Fire)
    • Fire arrows (Cross, all) 20% : Deals x1 Fire + 0.5x Bow damage

    • Attack +10%, Equip

    • Inferno Arrows (Area, 1) 40% : Deals x2 Fire + 0.7x Bow damage

    • Ice & Moon Protection, 10% : Create a barrier that reduce Ice and Moon damage by 30%
    Maid Mya (Bow, Fire)
    • Inferno Arrows (Diamond) 30% : Deals x2 Fire + 0.7x Bow damage

    • MATK +10%, Self 30%

    • Solar Wind Arrows(Diagonale + Border) 30% : Deals x3 Fire + 0.9x Bow damage

    • Control Time +4

    Smiling Mya (Bow, Fire)
    • Solar Wind Arrows (Cross, all) 20% : Deals x3 Fire + 0.9x Bow damage

    • Overheat, Equip : Cancel all damages (Ice & Moon) to all allies adjacent to her. Inflict 1000 damage to self and all adjacent allies at the start of the next turn if Mya was hit by a Moon or Ice damage.

    • Status Guard, Equip

    • Sparkling Arrows (4x6 grind) 10% : Deals x3.5 Fire + 1x Bow damage
    'Hmmm, Mya did you told them there's some extra for good customer ?
    Really ? Are you the kind of guys who love to makes surprise, Villan ?
    The hell I would ? I prefer to say it before any reclamation !'

    By playing the event everyday you'll be able to receive exclusive Waiter Villan !

    "Please Mister, can you make your order quickly ? I've still some works to do !"

    Waiter Villan (Staff, Fire)

    • Inferno (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 2x Fire damage

    • Anti-Ice Shield, Equip : Reduce Incoming Ice damage (Self)

    • Solar Wind (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 3x Fire damage

    • Heat, (Random, 3 + Allies) 10 % : Deals 3.5x Fire damage to 3 random ennemies. Increase all allies MATK by 5 %.
    Garcon de Cafe Villan (Staff, Sun)
    • Thermo Fusion (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 3x Sun damage

    • Anti-Lunar Shield (Chain) 30 % : Reduce Incoming Lunar damage

    • MATK +10 %, Equip

    • Solar Flare (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 3.5x Sun damage
    Butler Villan (Staff, Photon)

    • Tachyon (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 3x Photon damage

    • Anti-Graviton Shield (Chain) 30 % : Reduce Incoming Graviton damage

    • Holy (Pincer Area 1) 30 % : Deals 3.5x Photon Damage

    • Augment Magic, All, 3 times.
    "P--Please ! Every--Everyone !!! Do not bother our costumer !!
    Tiu, don't worry ~ Everything is under my control !
    Ahhhh. Just do not make our costumer leave without paying..."

    "Sirius, one hamburger for the table number 56
    Alright, something to add ?
    Yup, costumer is asking for a lot of salt, Tehee ~~

    Pact of the Restaurant :

    Odds up for Tiu & Sirius !

    Manager Tiu (This character can also be called Tiu^)
    Staff – Remedy
    • Control Time +4, Equip

    • Heal, All, 30 % (Power 1)

    • Upper Panacea (Zone 2) : Purifies all kinds of negative status.

    • Agony, 3 Charges, Increase DEF, MDEF & HP by 10 %
    Chief Sirius (This character can also be called Sirius^)
    No Weapons – No Elements
    • ATK +15 %, Self, 20 %

    • MATK +15 %, Self, 20 %

    • Broken Blade (Pincer) 10 % : Deals 2x damage from each weapons

    • Broken Archive (Pincer) 10 % : Deals 2x damage from each elements

    IMPORTANT [TO READ] : This is a self made 'event'. I was planning a lot of more things but to be honest I'm lazy ATM and I can't found any motivation to keep it up. Since it was something I really wanted to make... I posted it ! I hope you'll enjoy those characters. Some are really a joke others a more searched. Later on if this is appreciated enough, I'll maybe start to make the event story + characters.


    My dream would be to present my characters to MW and maybe see them one day (Well maybe not that OP but welp)
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    TB1 has always been pretty "pure" for what concerns its events while TB2, similarly to many other games out there doesn't fear to try different things: don't take this as an insult but I really see this as a TB2 event.

    Looking forward the arts :)
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    Mar 19, 2016
    I know right ? I wrote it while thinking about TB1, but it ends up being more TB2.
    I mean well... There's characters with personalities and even some lines, which isn't present in TB1.

    Also... Ye TB2 offer more serious potential about event without exploiting them. So that's pretty much a failed TB1 event .
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    Mar 19, 2016

    • Event description :
    After a very long ride, hunger sounds like a very huge problem. According to an old legend a very mysterious restaurant open his door when adventurers are lost… Not only that, they ask them to eat in, and to taste various dishes ! As long as you pay your bill, everything is fine you know.

    Be welcomed by the smiling maid Mya, the bad-looking Villan, the chief Sirius and the Manager Tiu for a travel in the most delicious dishes… At least it was as planned but as you arrive in, a brawl transformed a peacful restaurant into a battlefield ! Help Mya to find her teammates and to bring peace once again.

    => This is the event description I came up with, I started to work again on this 'fan-art' and some more contents will arrive in the next day ! Stay tuned to know what is hiding behind such a mysterious restaurant like this one !
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