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Discussion in 'General' started by LDF, Aug 31, 2018.

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    Hi guys I'm a returning player. You guys probably don't know me much because I am very inactive on the forum. I have some thoughts that I wants to share - again, I don't come to forum often so somebody might already said these, or something I propose below is already happening. Well, I'll still put them down anyway.

    recently I opened TB by accident and collected a lot of legacy energies from past events I missed, so a few days ago I tried a 10-pull and got Mizell and Gatz. I was happy and started to play daily (which I used to about a year ago).

    But why I stopped playing a year ago? That's because as a softcore player, I don't see the hope of reaching new milestones.

    Here's my situation back then - I'll use it as my definition of "softcore", and I guess there are quite some players in similar situation: I never bought energies, I don't do SB/LB grinding for unnecessary characters so no golden road, and I only use energies for 10-pull events. My best characters are lewtoZ, nazuna, the trinity and the free Z's. I finished 2 of the 3 dragon kings, I met the minimum requirement to beat shinen but I sucked and kept failing. I could't even dream of defeating mutoh or sun/moon king.

    Apparently there are some "key" characters that open many doors for players. I am sure tappers are such characters for many. Besides if a player pulls someone with disarm/ward (like my Nazuna), he/she might want to do serious grinding and planning for dragon king/shinen. If a player gets dahlia, he might start to think about sun king, and the hope/expectation might make him a potential energy buyer, dream of getting feno one day.

    But the thing is, he might not even think about buying energies to build up a sun king team if not getting dahlia first.

    For me, now that I pulled gatz, I'm sure I'll beat shinen easily, which opens some more doors, for example get some companions and try to beat bahamut 4 and recode my new mizell, etc. and guess what, I might seriously buy some energies for the first time (well the fact that I recently got a job might also be the reason). When some doors are open, I will have more targets/expectations, and then I think about ways to reach them.

    But what about those didn't get their gatz? They surely want to beat dragon kings/shinen/sun king, they save energies for a few 10-pulls, don't see what they want, and they'll leave and never buy energy. I don't know how many players left because of this, but I think it's really important to make sure players see the potential of reaching their targets, and "key" characters makes them actively go for the targets.

    Well I'm sure someone would spend $200 just want to pull Sayu and then another $300 to get Feno. And I guess they are MW's target customers. I am no expert in this business but I guess this means MW's main goal with TB is to keep the 5% cash players buying energies in routine. This is exactly what MW has been doing - keep introducing new characters, and obsoleting old time god-tiers. But is it really working? what if the cash players gets tired of it and stopped paying? I'm sure they can beat mutoh/sun king the ** out of them, but the thing is, they conquer everything in the game so easily. At some point there will be nothing for them to conquer - that's when they leave. Again I'm no expert in the business but if I beat every boss in the game so easy, I would leave for another IAP game and not return - why would I wait 10 months just for 2 new characters?

    so I guess my point is, MW should really pay more attention to softcore players. try to win them back, not only by the comeback events (I do like those), but give them hope/expectation/target. Give people some starter for their end game teams. Many of them might become energy buyers.

    To do that, it might be a good idea to have some events for "key" characters. I don't think FF collab events are helping people plan for end-game, and I don't think anybody need that noctis dude - he's not "key" character. instead, what about having more quests that reward those "key" characters in different ways. some quests could reward a photon, some send out a tapper, etc. Make those quests mid-hard so softcore can train for them, and the "key" characters can be mediocre since you don't want to send feno to everyone like palpa.

    well it came to me that BLO and dragon king quests (in some way palpa and pact of hope too) are basically doing similar job, but BLO characters and dragon king companions are already not "key" enough (or maybe they still are if used wisely). So to put it simple it's good idea to have some new versions of BLO, and instead of companions for photon/graviton/sun/moon, be a bit more generous with those elements.

    and the good thing is, this won't affect MW's current business model. They can still keep introducing new god tiers/elements, and this can still attract the 5% cash players. the key is to let softcore people to have more access to "ok but not god tier" character, so they become potential buyer for god tiers.

    Bottom line is, I do enjoy the game, and I want to see it getting better. I don't know if it's having a slow death now, if it is, then maybe there are ways to avoid that. My points and ideas could be seriously wrong or naive, and even if I'm right, there's good chance that MW will never see this post or simply ignore them. But I'll still post them here and you guys are more than welcome to share your thoughts or comment whatever you want.

    - LDF
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    There's a balance that developers of mobile games have to manage between veterans and casuals, whales and minnows. That's the sad reality of mobile games.

    To address your point about key characters, MW actually implemented the Pact of Hope, which is a IAP exclusive event in which players can spend money to get 1 character of their choice. Albeit the characters were randomized for the most part, they did include key characters such as Sayu and Feno at least once. The only issue was that this was implemented far too late into TB's lifespan. Coupled with the already small player base and lack of PR on MW's side, they can only receive so much with an event like this.

    Even for the veterans that have completed PoT and PoFoT and, perhaps, CoT, the only thing that keeps players attracted to any mobile game is new content. The fact that players run out of content is due to MW's lack of updates, which can be expected as they have been working on several games simultaneously, in addition to the TB1 team being very small in comparison to larger companies.

    In the past year, they did create some good events that awarded all players such as the Tower of Temptation and The Ultimate Five, but the prior quickly became a new template and the former is simply another milestone for players to reach.

    Many hopes were pushed onto the success of TB2, which unfortunately ended in a bust, and now MW is facing the repercussions. What was already a small player base has dwindled, and even the communities are seeing a lack of activity. Just like you, I want the game to flourish, but recent events have left a bad impression on the TB franchise. Despite all of the crap, I can say with confidence that this community was the best one I've ever been a part of, and I regret nothing about my time playing TB, either as a lurker or as an actual member.

    TL;DR Where da content at yo. BTW, love you all.
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    tl;dr: poor job by what it is a small team that could have handled everything better, but most of the game (Shin'en and Dragon Kings included) can be cleared without spending Energy, link to the guides in my signature.

    At 1 year from its launch (--reminder, it is developed by a very small team) Terra Battle was still glorious and balanced but without any doubt it was conceived to be a small game, something to play casually, with a good amount of challenges that could be beaten by any player, not something meant to last forever. As for any other RPG levelling was the key, so if you didn't have enough luck to pull a S class character and still wanted to clear the game all you had to do was to remove O'pari from your team and levelling up your A and B units, managing to deliver the kind of game people actually like: one where they are able to enjoy without having to wait DAYS to gain enough IAP currency for a pull and HOPE to get a character they NEED to actually have a nice/decent experience.

    Remember BLO III? They were indeed terrifying stages (if played as they were meant, without Grace nor the infamous Red Starwhip), but were still doable with "silver" characters (no Piz'fer for Baha 3? Use the B class Gigojago instead... if you managed to pull him), everything was fine, life was good.

    As the time passed, things started to change but the 2 main mechanics that moved TB off the rails were the Augment skills and the Luck stat, mainly because they confused many long time players: Shin'en and Mutoh weren't supposed to be defeatable immediately after they were introduced, nor were the Dragon Kings I suppose. Most importantly not everyone should be able to defeat them, yet as the players saw that new content was introduced they felt the urge to clear it.

    "The Luck system sucks, I spent HUNDRED of hours SBing all of my units to clear the PoT and now they released a new one?? This is bullsh*t, I'm not starting all over!" ...and who the hell forces you to clear ALL the content???

    The fact that there's content to play doesn't mean that it HAS to be cleared, nor that is needed to be cleared in a short time. The need of a very specific set of few characters is in my opinion caused by a poor job from what it is a very small team that could have indeed done a way better job by adding more events and challenges for the players who soon stopped bothering to log in daily as... what's the point? Log in and farm/grind daily for a whole month only to be able to take one challenge? I really love Terra Battle and even after the closure of its servers I'll forever remember it as a great game (note that I still -very- rarely make my stamina rot!), but seriously, there's so much unexpressed potential...

    Remember that for how many people like Sakaguchi would love to spend all of their life working for their fans and delivering what they actually want, they still need money to support the development, and some choices have to be made.

    About the "need" of having specific characters for, let's say, the Primordial Dragon King, or Shin'en, we have guides on the forum (link in my signature) that explain clearly how to clear them without the need of spending a single Energy, using only characters retrieved from the Pact of Fellowship (the only "tapper" you need is Palpa, and she is a free unit). Sure, putting together 6 Millions of Coins only to face few challenges is without any doubt a poor way to address the lack of characters with a certain set of skills needed for some stages but is indeed way better than nothing, especially if you consider that it gives access to some great characters like Suoh Λ, Seiryu Λ and Invincible Λ (with 100% SB!)

    Seriously MW, da content. Love you all too, live long and prosper.
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    >>I'll use it as my definition of "softcore", and I guess there are quite some players in similar situation: I never bought energies, I don't do SB/LB grinding for unnecessary characters so no golden road, and I only use energies for 10-pull events
    ... so I guess my point is, MW should really pay more attention to softcore players. try to win them back, not only by the comeback events (I do like those), but give them hope/expectation/target. Give people some starter for their end game teams. Many of them might become energy buyers.

    Seriously, MW needs to make money. If you are concerned that the softcore player cant progress without paying up, that isnt true there are some chars that have rate ups and the pact of hope is basically buy your character so you get those threshold chars like Sayu, Feno, etc.. Had you just did logins for a year you would have amassed enough energy to make it to those thresholds.

    What MW really needs to do is 1) add new content, 2) dont restrict EU players from November onward.
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    Hear, hear. I had something like this in mind for the "procedural content arena" idea in the other thread, too... My current energy burn strategy is very similar to yours - only during events, and I've only paid a couple times for specific Hopes (Feno and Hourglass were completely worth it...) It means that most of the time MW doesn't make any money from the hours and hours of gameplay everyone puts in.

    If there was a set of somewhat randomized boards with a more puzzle-solving flavor that I could go to casually during five-minute breaks, I would pay for it. They could easily micro-transaction something like that through a new ticket type (or similar mechanism). It generates a constant revenue stream, it satisfies casual players, it keeps everyone engaged (not as repetitive as Forest etc.), it's more or less a one-time fixed cost for them to set up, and it fills the gap between dirt-boring farming and serious-challenge (and expensive-to-generate) major content.

    Also, keep the EU players! :)

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