[Special Dungeon] Odin: December 19-29

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    Oct 21, 2014
    From the in-game news, the Odin event will be available from December 19-29. Looks like it will follow Leviathan's format with 3 difficulties available simultaneously. If the drop rates are also the same, it will follow this format:
                                 stage: Descended      Evolved             Ultra
    Have Nothing:                       20% capture    40% capture         100% capture + 20% ore
    Have Odin:                          20% tears      50% item1           100% item1 + 20% ore
    Have Neo Odin or Item1:             20% tears      20% particle        50% item2 + 20% ore
    Have Odin Omega or Item2:           20% tears      20% particle        30% capture + 20% ore
    Artwork seems to imply Darkness-element, but I'm sure more information will be revealed as data is mined.

    Discussion: http://terrabattleforum.com/threads/odin-official-thread.5008/#post-31641

    PS: Myskaros: since these are announcements, I made the thread sticky, linked it to the discussion thread and locked it. I hope you don't mind :) PM me if you do...
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