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    why am I making this with point, capital, 6 and Pink .. ?

    [What is 'Synchronisation Mode' ?]

    Synchronisation mode (I'll call it 'Sync' because my fingers matters) is a mode where the difficulty is increased. It's called "Sync" because your level is cut to 20. Yeah your eyes didn't bug on that line it's really Level 20 (Because I don't wanna retry Chapter 8, I missed the point it was Sync 40 sry). Do not except much help from your weapons and your friends support : That is the same.

    [Then why playing this shit ? It gives the same rank exp as normal mode right ?]

    Sync is giving the same amount or really no major difference in the amount of Rank Exp.; Why playing this then ? 2 energies for completing ! And some fun ?

    [But... BUT !!! This guide is useless ?]

    Well... You want some advice for your Sync ? Because if not you're gonna spent a lot in phoenix shit.

    --- Golden Rule ---

    * N.E.V.E.R seperate your units. Taking an attack on an isolate allies is gonna cost you a huge amount of life. Don't except to be safe from a boss/2x2 lonely attack.

    * Healer : Mizury or Haru are losing 90% of their healing power AND lose their ALL range, meaning you cna only heal MEGA in chain, a double pincer is barely enough to restorate Chizuru mid-life for my part. So either you are counting on bottle potio + one healer or take companion healing

    * Water spot : They are very nice, take the opportunity to relax there. Don't forget that mobs are dumb and don't respect sacred water... yeah they will just enter to beat your crap.

    * 2x2 ennemies : They will cut your magnet formation (To make it better : They are pain in a ass) If you don't wanna your magnet formation to be cut either avoid them or kill them. Second option is better, because chapter like Chpt 5 are very narrow and that make difficult to avoid 2x2.

    * Packing for moar shit : Do not think you're some OP guys like Superman or other meme. You're in Sync mode... Forget Range from your Sage's staff ! Packing is a very bad idea since you'll need a lot of pincer. 1) You don't have any Range. 2) You don't have CT (or maybe CT+1/Companion). Also be carful with ennemies you can't move !

    * Violet Staff : The only staff that can do ROW range while being sync. (I discovered this thanks to an anon that I used as friend)
    => For other weapons check post below mine !

    --- Chapter 3 : The Ties that Bind ---

    You shouldn't have to worry about this. Just rush and assassinate the boss, wait for your turn and take the exit !

    --- Chapter 4 : The Sound of Silence ---

    Really, that stage is piece of cake. Just be carful with the 2x2 who appear in the lake, he can teleport anywhere
    --- Chapter 5 : In the Land of the Sais ---

    Fog : Greatly reduce your control time [Field only]

    Boom Boom Fire Boom Boom : Well maybe chapter 5 is far in your minds, I'll try to be precise more than that shit section title. There's huge explosion during your traveling (With some fog). This is your first wall, while your units will not die by this, don't forget that your units are Level 20 and so are your stats (Include your HP and DEF). Try to pass this as quickly as possible. Taking too much explosion boom boom and Rush on Monster sides is gonna make your units pretty weak

    Croco tus : He is dumb. And when pincer he will counter in area (1) and attack friend (like a certain Zavison). Once killed all units in the current battle will die.

    Boss trap : When you're near the boss... game will work like a 'DANGER' and switch to ennemies turn. If you didn't kill Crocosaurusbetus, he will just teleport near you.

    Boss : I just beat his crap out of him. He is putting his shildosaurus (30% DEF).

    --- Chapter 6 : Jail(Bait)break ---

    Boom Boom Fire Boom Boom : Refer to Chapter 5 <3

    Boss : That piece is piece of cake, a bit long if you don't have enough to double pincer. You can manage to not be even touched once !
    He is switching between 4 basic elements (Earth, Wind, Ice, Fire) randomly (?).
    Earth :
    Wind : Summon Twiters
    Ice : Summon Icicle in BORDER
    Fire : Inversed Ring (Basicely except around him on Area (1) he is gonna unleash a pretty huge fire attack everywhere else.

    --- Chapter 7 : Blade & Soul... Fuck wrong game : Heart & Soul ---

    Bees : I NEVER SAW A MORE SHITTY FUCKING ENNEMIES THAT BEES. Well in fact try to NEVER GOD NEEEEEEVERlet them engage a battle if they are more than 15. Why ? YES. Those shit can reproduce (Well they are summoning helper, BUT ANYWAY). Ow and killing the original won't destroy others. Enjoy. I forget... they can poison as well.

    Mantle : Paralyze in Area (1). They have 2 turns cooldown, pretty easy to avoid.

    Shitty Kurbies or whatever : Can attack your units from a range skill, which is pretty huge (for level 20)

    The Cactus
    YOU DIDN'T EXPECTED IT ???? Yeah pretty much the cactus is the most shittiest along with bees in this fucking desert. If you step in... your turn ends. Like ... ye just like this. They can put your on a very, very difficult situation. Because well they are ANYWHERE (Even behind you if you look closely)

    Boss : Except reducing your control time he isn't very hard, just double pincer for easy life. He is even helping you by summoning a PP each turn (I recommand for you to use it because he can eat it... And I prefer to not know whay)

    --- Chapter 8 : Once upon a time (Goochi said there will be chapter each week....) ---


    --- Chapter 9 : Among the Ancients ---

    Coming 30th January
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    Just want to chime in on weapons for Synced Play.
    In addition to Violet Staff, Iwa-toshi, Kappa, Trident, Sun Dagger, and Sun Rod also have really good range in Synced Play starting from Chapter 3.

    Iwa-toshi and Kappa have 1-Row for Mega Skill at LV 10.
    Trident has 1-Column for Mega Skill at LV 10.
    Sun Dagger and Sun Rod have Cross-All for Mega Skill at LV 10.

    For Chapter 5 onward, Shichi-shitou and Rhongomyniad can be used in place of Iwa-toshi and Trident because they have the same range but better stat. They, however, take a lot of effort to obtain :inpain:. Both Shichi-shitou and Rhongomyniad are 100% Union rewards from Kukurakan's and Nene's default guardians respectively.

    Shichi-shitou has 1-Row for Mega Skill at LV 20.
    Rhongomyniad has 1-Column for Mega Skill at LV 20.

    EDIT: There are more weapons with Row/Column range that we can use in Synced Play but they are hard or impossible to obtain currently.

    These weapons were only available for limited time in special pacts:
    Ryushi-tou has 1-Row for Mega Skill at LV 20. (Has lower ATK than Shichi-shitou)
    Mutou has 1-Row for Giga Skill at LV 20.
    Particle Spear has 1-Column for Mega Skill at LV 20. (Has lower ATK than Rhongomyniad)
    Mist Spear has 1-Column for Giga Skill at LV 20.

    Currently available for limited time in Illusive Element+ pact:
    Oichi's Dagger has 1-Column for Mega Skill at LV 20.

    Union Rewards:
    Solomon Staff has 1-Column for Mega Skill at LV 20. (100% Union reward from Ken and Revol)

    And for convenience, here are equipment synced levels for each chapter:
    Chapter   Synced LV
       1          4
       2          8
       3         12
       4         16
       5         20
       6         22
       7         24
       8         26
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