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    So, since we had a lot of tappers introduced since they introduced the mechanic, I suppose it would be fun to compare each units and rank them. I'm excluding "defensive" tappers since they see way less use cases than the "offensive" tappers. Sorry Zavison, sorry Senala.

    Augment Attack Ranking
    1. Gatz^
    2. Zafitte^
    3. Schweiz
    4. Palpa^
    5. Peyrna
    6. Tronic Gal
    7. Annu
    Gatz^ is the best physical tapper, thanks to his high damage and slew of utility skills like Levitation and Disarm Bomb and other skills. Zafitte^ is pretty much the same as Gatz, but with less damage (but more AoE). Since they both offer mainly the same utilities, though, you don't need both in the same team.

    Schweiz, Peyrna, Palpa^, and Tronic Gal are used for their CT abilities. Schweiz is in the lead thanks to innate CT, being mostly physical (with some chainable skills to boot), and some utilities you may find handy. Palpa needs her CT activated, but she can also buff others' CT, plus she can can do some healing support with Regens. Peyrna on the other hand has innate CT but only small pincer damage. Tronic Gal is last of this group since she only has CT to offer. Despite the ranking, all of them are about equal, and their usefulness differ little. Honestly none of them are worth putting as a pincer lead so their pincer damage are kind of moot.

    Lastly, Annu has no utilities and only small amount of bow damage, so she's last of all physical tappers.

    Augment Magic Ranking
    1. Tronic Gal
    2. Ashe
    3. Peyrna
    4. Mizell^
    5. Annu
    6. Schweiz
    7. Zafitte^
    Magic tappers are a bit more complicated to judge because many late bosses only take significant damage from one or two elements. So I'm judging them against an imaginary boss that randomly changes its element every time you fight him (but lets you know ahead of time). Additionally, I'm also judging their abilities as Companion-carry AKA how well they do using nothing but Companions to do damage when the boss' element is mismatched (the Companions being Axion Dragon, Holy Dragon, Sun King, Moon King, or their Z versions).

    Tronic Gal is the obvious winner here. Being both Sun and Moon, she has half the elements covered. Add to that CT+4 and naturally very high Magic stat, she's a good pick even against the wrong elements.

    Ashe and Peyrna are similar. Both has CT+4, both have one "superelement", and both need to be in pincers to do damage. Ashe has higher damage than Peyrna, though. While they both need to pincer, it's not really a problem since in a magic team most of the damage come from chainable attacks, so you can afford to let them lead pincers.

    Mizell^ is non-elemental, which is rarely useful. However, she does have CT+2 and very high Magic, so she can do some support as a Companion-carrier.

    Annu's a bit weird. As a Companion-carry, she can outdamage even Mizell^ and Tronic Gal during the normal, pincer-to-pincer part of the battle. But there's a buff cap, so during the burst turn she will do less damage than them. She's also one of the normal elements instead of the super ones and she doesn't have any CT or utilities.

    Schweiz is a physical guy with a low Magic stat. As such, he doesn't cover any elements and even as a Companion-carrier he's not doing the best job. He does have a CT+4 for movement, though. He's kind of the opposite of Annu in that regards.

    Zafitte^ is kind of weird. She has high Magic, so she's a decent Companion-carrier, but her natural attacks are physical. On the other hand, she provides a slew of utilities like Levitation, Regen, etc, that no other magic tappers can. Unfortunately, no CT, which I consider the most important utility.

    Impair Defense Ranking
    1. Shin'en^
    2. Scarlet (with OIII)
    3. Myne
    4. Zaldor
    5. Haruhikari
    6. Edg'low
    Shin'en is the best physical impairer, hands down. He does decent damage in pincers, and he still does OK damage even when outside of pincers. Don't you just love chainable Peta attack with big AoE?

    Scarlet needs to waste a Companion slot for her Impair, instead of something stronger like Grand Peta or Minidra. However, if you want Impair Defense, you probably already have other strong physical units anyway. Now, for her own damage, she does more damage than Shin'en on pincer, but she has no chainable attack at all. I'd say she's a close second to Shin'en, but since he's arguably easier to obtain than both Scarlet and her OIII there isn't really any reason to use her.

    Next, the spellblades Myne and Zaldor. Both does surprisingly decent physical damage for spellblades. Zaldor does more damage than Myne, but all his damage are pincer only. Unlike Shin'en or Scarlet, however, I don't think his damage justifies putting him as a pincer lead most of the time, so I'll give Myne the win with his chainable attacks.

    Haruhikari is like Palpa, but with Impairs. She does healing and support without providing anything to the damage. But since Impair isn't as important as Augment, bringing a no-DPS is less justified. Haruhikari herself is kind of a weird healer with Area(2) skills, so she needs to stick close to allies, and she can't heal allies on the other side of a boss.

    Lastly, Edg'low, who provides basically nothing to a physical team. Yeah, he has Synergy Wave, but that's a weak attack that requires him to be a pincer lead in vertical pincers only. Yeah, no.

    Impair Magic Defense Ranking

    1. Mutoh^
    2. Edg'low
    3. Haggo
    4. Dahlia
    5. Myne
    6. Haruhikari
    7. Violet (with OIII)
    Look at all those Gravitons... I'm judging them the same way I'm judging the Augment Magic people.

    Mutoh^ is the best magic impairer. She has one of the highest Graviton damage in the game, and with her very high Matk stat, she makes for a good Companion-carry, too. Her one weakness is that she can't turn off her Graviton. Against a boss that absorbs Graviton, she will heal him more than she can do damage with Companions.

    Edg'low is a close second to Mutoh. While his Graviton damage is way inferior, he doesn't have to worry about it being absorbed since he can switch to Photon. Having both Photon and Graviton also means he has half the elements covered, like Tronic Gal. Unlike her, though, he doesn't offer much utility and his damage is like only about 60-70% of hers.

    Compared to Edg'low, Haggo does a lot more Graviton damage, and his higher stat makes him a better Companion-carry. On the other hand, Haggo lacks Edg'low's versatility. He also shares Mutoh's problem of healing more than he can do damage with Companions, although he can alleviate it by switching to J1.

    Myne does about the same Photon damage as Edg'low, and he needs to initiate a pincer to do it, so he's worse than Edg'low magic side. He doesn't bring many utilities either.

    Haruhikari...see her paragraph in the Impair Defense section.

    Lastly, Violet. No, Violet isn't bad by any means. It's just that she needs a Companion slot to do Impair, so she has zero potential as a Companion-carrier. Even in a battle where she's effective, she could be using that Companion slot for an Axion Dragon Z. So, yeah, in a battle where Graviton isn't effective, she brings nothing but Impair, and in a battle where it is, you're trading off her damage for a burst turn.

    Note that the above observations are made with individual abilities in mind, in general conditions, without taking in mind team synergy, other units you already have, or other specifics. For example, Haggo is basically discount Mutoh, and once you have her you'd probably want Myne over him. Similarly, if you have already have a dedicated mover, you may want to take Zafitte^ over Peyrna against non-Photons. There's also the issues of mixed teams and thus mixed physical/magic taps, which I didn't cover.

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    I think you already covered everything.

    One nice thing about tappers is that their abilities don't require the players to SB, therefore is possible to just play with Gatz Λ while keeping Annu in the bench, ready to be used against one of the magical superbosses.

    One thing often not considered (as most of the attacks in the game are avoidable and Z classes have insane parameters) is defense, and units with Augment All can increase the chance to actually finish a stage. As affordable units like Bahl Λ and S'naip Λ make challenges like the Shin'en Λ stage a joke I'm not going to give Schweiz more credit more than Gatz Λ, but in stages like the Sun King is definitely more useful than, let's say, Annu (ok, wrong example, wrong element, but you got the point).

    Impairs are indeed less useful than tappers, but as buffs are limited to +200% units with them can actually be of some help in certain boss fights... the problem is that physical enemies can be easily taken down by the "trinity", while to magical ones an extra hybrid/mage allows to deal way more damage, so I relegate them as mere supports as long as the player doesn't have the DPS needed. I'm still confused about Haruhikari, but she might be a good support (in some specific strategies) for some future challenges, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Of course all of these assumptions are done on the actual single player experience: a future "level/SB cap mode" might put Annu (whose taps are unlocked at lv50) above Zafitte Λ.

    There's certainly more to cover, and that's a shame that there are not many impairs available at a low level as that augment skills allow to deal such a huge damage, Terra Battle has more to offer than pure damage. The recent wave of new bosses showed us that there's still hope to see a use for specific teams in the future, so threads like this one can actually help us to improve our strategies, thank you for starting it ;)
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    Don't forget Djugan's O Otomo! :troll:

    Thanks for the list! I was thinking of the same priority list after getting a bunch of tappers available. Now I have something to refer to when setting up a team. :cat:
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    Those Schweiz bombs though.
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    No opinion on Dahlia? She is a magic tapper moon mage.
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    /waits quietly for Schweiz recode...

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