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Discussion in 'Units & Items' started by Rydia, May 26, 2018.

  1. Rydia

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Hello guys does someone knows the exact numbers for how Tarantulia companion buff works?

    There are videos with the animations but what we would like to know is how the formula works

    Also sorry if this was already posted somewhere, but @wes and me couldnt find the info we are searching

    Probably @Tharos @fhs or @Silver Mitsuki can help us with that?

    Thank you very much!!!!
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  2. icehro

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    Mar 19, 2016
    I used it quite a few times with Shay (Don't throw tomato plz)

    According to Wiki :
    "Tic Toc Power, Self
    Drag & Pincer: Unused action time is converted into physical or magical attack power for up to 200% boost."

    That means that if you are really quick in your movement you can increase ATK or MATK for 200%
    Obivously there's "up to" so that means that you'll not hit 200% each time. Besides 200% boost I don't know the other exact number but I guess it's 100% -> 200%.

    If blue clock with yellow aura => Maximum Boost (200%) -> Need less than 2s drag time (Damage more than 6k with Shay)
    If blue clock without aura => Minimum boost (100% ?) -> More than 2s drag time (Damage more than 3k with Shay)

    * Disclaimer : I'm not really sure about 2s but that should be almost there
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  3. Rydia

    Rydia PinkPikaPony Staff Member

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    Jan 2, 2015

    Yeah I mean we know how it works (actually there were more aura colors) but we dont know the exact numbers of time that trigger each buff and we were wondering if maybe someone actually had the exact information. Since it only last during the turn you use it is hard to see the buffs in the game

    Thank you for taking your time to answer and sharing the information you had with us

    I guess nobody actually has the exact numbers to it U.U

    *Throws Tomato at K├┤ for using Shay*
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  4. Tometo

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    Mar 7, 2018
    I've used it when trying to find out if Blade Falcon could one-shot every mob in Cryptic Forest.
    From the test runs I did, it seemed like 3/4+ of time remaining resulted in the 200% attack boost, 1/2 - 3/4 of time remaining resulted in about 150% attack boost, and anything less was almost no boost at all. If there were a 100% boost, it would most likely appear after the drag time exceeds the halfway mark.
    Granted, Blade Falcon doesn't have any innate control time skills, I don't know if the same percentages would apply to other characters with more than 4 seconds of drag time.
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  5. Rydia

    Rydia PinkPikaPony Staff Member

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Thank you!!!!
    Maybe we can figure it out from the experiences of different people
  6. TrueShadow

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    Sep 22, 2015
    Okay, so I'm running some tests.

    • White Sabertooth, level 67, 227 Atk. Its Megaspear damage is the test target.
    • Bomborg. Only has Equip skill, which makes it ideal for this kind of test.
    • Stage 1-1. Enemies has 3 Def and is Sword.
    Without Tarantulia:
    Megaspear does around 12k~13k damage.
    If we plug in the numbers into the damage formula (can be viewed in the wiki), we arrive at 6544, which is doubled to 13088 because of CoC. This is consistent with the previous, actual results.

    With Tarantulia:
    Recording the damage of each Megaspear:
    Golden Clock appears:
    • 39254
    • 36224
    • 28818
    • 37898
    • 31386
    • 36446

    If we plug in the number with Atk with 200% boost (CoC included), we get 84716...which is way too high.

    So we try 100% boost. We get 42522. With the 10% RNG, the actual range is between 38269~46774. Which is still a bit high.

    Furthermore, there isn't a value where both 28818 and 39254 are inside its 10% deviation range. The different results here couldn't be because of mere RNG.

    So, probably, the Golden Clock doesn't give a consistent boost, but varies depending on how much time you spent.

    For the record, 28818 is the result of around 361 Attack (around 60% boost), while 39254 is the result of 433 Attack (around 90% boost). Actual boost can be higher or lower, since RNG is involved in the formula.

    Blue Clock appears:
    • 21168
    • 19104
    • 18392
    • 19254
    • 16062
    • 16716

    The highest result here, 21168, is the result of 301 Attack, which is around 33%. Lower than the expected 50%, but nothing so far prevents 50% from being the highest boost a Blue Clock can give.

    Meanwhile, the lowest result, 16062, is the result of 256 Attack, or a mere 13% boost.

    CT meter becomes red. These result still gives Blue Clock, but withvthe CT meyer in the upper right becoming visibly red.
    • 14892
    • 13864
    • 15074
    • 15016
    • 14920
    • 13692
    The highest result, 15074 is a result of a mere 9% boost, while the lowest result, 13692...is within the RNG range of no boost at all.

    If you run out of time, it doesn't give any boost and no clock icon appears.

    The most likely conclusion I draw is that the companion gives a boost depending on much time you spend moving. It doesn't seem to be linear, as the meter starts becoming red at 1 second (1/4 of the meter), but at that point it only gives 10% boost at most.

    Further tests probably would require you to record the time spent moving. I also didn't record how CT+ affects the companion's effect.
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  7. Rydia

    Rydia PinkPikaPony Staff Member

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Great job and post !!!!

    Thank you for taking so much time and effort to try to figure this out. Your results were surely very interesting.

    So... regarding to your post:

    The max boost tarantulia grants is 100%
    We knew that from datamining from Tharos.

    So maybe 100% is a "theorical" number when would be no moving time? or a very fast movement..maybe 0.2 seconds like in pupet could trigger that boost? Im not sure how fast are you being into doing the movement.

    Looks like tarantulia isnt worth to use unless you are doing it in extremely controlled conditions like in some WC to reach top spots.

    Do you plan to do more test using CT to see how this affects the bonus????

    Have you think about doing the tests against a Mage type to avoid the CoC bonus in case that would be increasing the deviation┬┐?
  8. Tharos

    Tharos The Source Explorer

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Some raw math. I'm bad at explaining math in pure words, so I let others doing this ^^

    the added ATK/MATK is power * 100

    It means:
    when power is 0, the bonus is +0%
    when power is 1, the bonus is +100%
    when power is 0.5, the bonus is +50%

    Now, the interresting part:
    power = timeFactor ^ 3
    yes, cube of timeFactor. It means that it's not linear, and it's difficult to reach 1 (so +100%). The formula keeps you way more easily near the lower bound

    timeFactor is the "unused action time" from the description. Formula:
    timeFactor = (4 - dragTime) * 0.25
    so kinda the percentage of unused time in your first 4s

    Small thing to note: time attack modes (so WC) and other "battles with time limit" have another formula:
    timeFactor = 1 - dragTime
    and dragTime seems not always in some of those cases. I did not went further here

    Small example, with Rydia's 0.2 second move:
    dragTime = 0.2
    timeFactor = 0.95
    power = 0.8574
    => bonus is +85.74%

    If you use 0.5s to move, is goes to +66.99%
    1s is +42.19%
    So yes, it goes down very fast
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  9. Rydia

    Rydia PinkPikaPony Staff Member

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Thank you very much Tharos!!!!
    Very good explanation, very easy to understand

    This pretty much explains the results Trueshadow got.

    And yeah looks like Tarantulia isnt a very useful companion.

    Is interesting that it uses a different formula in things like WC.

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