TB2 All Story Chapters disappear when crushed during Ch4 SBing

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  1. Z0ne

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    Nov 3, 2014
    Bug Warning

    What happened
    1) Ch4 crashes during SBing
    2) Restart app, resume Ch4
    3) First playthrough dialogue begins appearing
    4) I click the top right to quit the chapter
    5) Your Story Mode is bugged at ch1
    6) Can not play since Sarah and triplet is no longer available

    As the result you lose SB spot forever, Shop access, Story access and Ch8 quests in arena (those pig, king quests)

    How might work to continue SBing until next update of the app (why new update, see end of the post)
    1) Ch4 crashes during SBing
    2) Restart app, resume Ch4
    3) First playthrough dialogue begins appearing
    4) do not exit Ch4, still doing SB or whatever
    5) do exit Ch4 --> join zone club, take a break from UBing

    There are two kind of crashes.
    a. you simply crush and go back to beginning of Ch4, friendon disappear, which happened to me twice, you should be OK to quit Ch4.
    b. On top of the crush the play through dialogue reappear (like you play it the first time), then here I am bugged.

    Sean also had this bug, it was auto fixed during the next update.
    Hope mine will get fixed.

    I have reported this bug to MW.
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  2. Todd

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    Oct 18, 2014
    Thx for heads up
  3. Ph B

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    Jun 4, 2015
    Thanks for warning. So never exit ch 4
  4. lynx

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    Nov 24, 2014
    Oh, this bug hasn't fixed yet ? I thought SS crushed it after Sean reported it.
    Thanks for a warning, Z0ne.

    sigh SBing/UBing are the only things we could do in TB2 since we didn't even get any update contents.
    But the Story Chapter bug is still alive and well...

    Really though, if this happened to me now, I'd probably take a hiatus from this game.
    I got 'support code:9' error for about a week last month, couldn't play any Story chapters.
    Since then, my interest in TB2 has been slowly diminishing.
  5. vbatti

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    Jan 23, 2015
    thanks for the warning!

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