TB2 Co-op Raid Boss Guide

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    *A lot of these information are based on experience alone and is not facts based on data.

    ////// General Tips & Info
    - Only supports up to 2 characters per player, so it is recommended to have a squad with just 2 characters equipped with your best guardians/equipment (and attribute bonus against the boss). The 2 characters you'll be using will be highlighted and numbered '1' and '2'
    - Hosting the raid room costs 10 stamina, but joining one DOES NOT cost stamina

    - The raid's gameplay is simplified, and only your character stats and healing skills seems to matter. Basically pincer as much as you can with the most number of chained character per each turn while avoiding the boss's attacks.
    - When characters of more than one are stack together in one tile, they are pushed away towards the adjacent tiles; if your teammates are a impatient bunch, give them the room to pincer while you chain from the distance

    - Every time your character dies, its respawn cooldown increases by 1 turn
    - Spending 1 Energy revives everyone

    - When attacking the boss, green damage counters are NOT healing, they are your dps
    - Each normal 'Searing Beam' attacks has absolute safe spots around the corner of the boss, as that attack only has a consistent 3-tiles range horizontally and vertically

    ////// Reward Interface
    Placement rewards:
    SS: 1st == 10x co-op medals
    S: 2nd == 9x co-op medals
    A: 3rd == 8x co-op medals
    B: 4th & 5th == 5x co-op medals
    C: 6th & 7th == 3x co-op medals
    D: 8th & 9th & 10th == 1x co-op medals

    Slot 1: Co-op medal / Magic Dagger (B class weapon) / 100 Needles (A class companion)
    Slot 2: Mighty DNA (C class)
    Slot 3 (for fast clear): Zapper

    ////// Attack Pattern
    From what I could remember from my experience:
    :::>50% HP
    - Boss alternates from "Searing Beam (Column 3)" and "Searing Beam (Row 3)"
    - Boss starts with "Searing Beam (Column 3)" on the left side, meaning that the LEFT SIDE = COLUMN 3, RIGHT SIDE = ROW 3
    - Sometimes casts "Poison (Area 1)"; the Searing Beam pattern remains the same

    ::: Cast on any time
    - Rarely it will move to the middle and summon 'Belch Magma', static objects which deals damage (500) if you walk across it and stays around for one turn, and then at the next turn the boss casts "Searing Beam (Cross 3 All)", but when during Final Phase it will instead use "Explosion (Area 2)".

    - When below 40% HP, boss will most likely to repeat previous direction of "Searing Beam", pushing the pattern of the usual left-column & right-row pattern by one beat/turn

    :::20~30%HP ?
    - Casts "Burning Aura" that eats up a turn, in preparation for a massive "Explosion (Area 2)" attack which instant-kills anyone

    :::Final Phase: Burning Aura is maintained after initial Explosion, and buffs the boss's attack and defence stats (Searing Beams are instant-kills now)
    - Searing Beams are a lot harder to predict, somewhat randomly skipping a beat in its pattern (need some help on this...I think it changes the rhythm again at 10%?)
    - Sometimes when the boss is situated at the right side, it will move to the middle and cast "Burst (Area 2)" which deals high damage, but can be tanked if you have high enough mdef, and then in the next turn, it'll cast "Explosion (Area 2)". This pattern appears frequently around 20% HP or lower

    ////// Strategies

    Would love for some feedback to improve this guide.
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    Sep 21, 2017
    I'm on 7th today i receive 1x 100 needle com and 1x mighty dna C,no coop medal
    Maybe it give you random reward,i'm not sure with this.
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    Feb 1, 2015
    the needle replaced the medal
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    Apr 1, 2016
    What level and what guardian do you use to be in the top three at the end?
  5. SmilyT1

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    Feb 1, 2015
    Samatha RNA Level 45:
    95 Atk
    138 Matk

    Jeanne Level 98:
    55 Atk
    121 Matk

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