TB2 Reborn incoming

Discussion in 'General' started by tobsy, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Oct 13, 2014
    Props to the devs for owning up to the game's shortcomings and trying to rectify it. Hoping for some major improvements in the near future. Not like that '1 co-op coin for the host' nonsense.

    Story chapters feel like they're dragging on really slowly, but hopefully it starts to pick up real soon. I wanna know what's in Sarah's USB drive. Piz'fa's appearance was pretty sweet.

    Map weapons and Terra Casino sounds interesting. Though I'm really hoping it doesn't add more money-grubby gacha to the game than there already is.

    Cannot wait for the improved interface! I've been ranting about the terrible UI since the beginning.

    Will this campaign revitalize the game? I'm not so sure. But best of luck to the devs.
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    Jan 2, 2015
    I'm glad and it was refreshing to find a positive post about the future of the game!!!!

    Story chapters more often would be a great thing. I liked the inclusion of Pizfa and I dont want to make spoilers but I loved what the end of the chapter was implying <3

    The improved interface sounds great too Im really happy about the automatic party setup part. Changing parties is a huge pain right now, not intuitive at all.... just takes so much time

    Coop quests that change daily...I wonder how they are going to do that, daily update sounds like a lot, but i guess we have to wait for that.

    I personally have high expectations about the casino :3

    POF was one of the most beloved things in TB1 (at least for me hahaha) since it would allow you to get really nice characters and rewards while giving an use to coins.

    A casino system would be a different way to give use to (at the moment) mostly useless money in the game.

    Imagine they decide to include some fun mechanics like minigames that could be played with in-game currency, something similar to the Gold Saucer in FF7.... only that by itself could become a reason for people to log everyday, and use their stamina to get quest coins that could be used to later play the casino, ESPECIALLY IF THE GAMES ARE FUN

    I hope they dont include any energy stuff there to not screw it up xD

    It would be superlame if you can just "buy the coins to play".

    Items similar to the coin boost or xp boost packs available in TB1 in exchange for energy wouldnt be that bad i guess.

    At the moment im mostly in a "sleep state" in TB2, I finished the current quests already and I have no intention of SB/UB my characters so Im just doing my daily logins and waiting for the new update :D

    Here is the link to the full news in case somebody havent seen it yet

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    Sep 18, 2014
    For current user base, it will.

    To attract brand new players and growing community, the game would need a major overhaul and marketing campaign.
    Re-launching with a new name (Terra Battle 2 Reborn?) and brand new GooglePlay/ios app page to reflect this is one way.
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    Mar 26, 2015
    at this point ANYTHING new is good content xD

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