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    Nov 21, 2014
    Hi TB fans!

    After playing about 5 hours in TB, I can go ahead and let y'all know the scoop and what is different from TB1 as well as how to reroll:

    • TO REROLL: Must have completed chapter one, and do part of chapter two until you encounter Fores, the Spiritwood guardian or something like that. Then you have access to pacts.
    • Completing chapter one can take up to an hour
    • Rates are really low for Z class guardians (.5%) and technically this is a rate-up event... (Snagged me a Xena after an undisclosed amount of money)
    • Guardian and equipment rolls come from the same pool, but each only costs 3 energy or 30 energy for 10
    • When you roll, if the light turns rainbow after a second, you've gotten at least an SS class guardian or equip
    • If the light inscription is circles, it's SS
    • If the light inscription is a pretty filigree type thing, congrats you have a Z class equip or guardian!
    • Still unsure how to redeem the S class and above pact ticket
    • You CANNOT redeem the DMM character you rolled in the Us version, sorry about it now quit whining. It's region locked/PC locked or something
    • You DO start with a free SS samatha tho, so be happy.

    • You have characters (story mode) which can equip guardians, who have all your skills
    • There is a bigger elemental chart, and no weapon weaknesses anymore
    • Mages and Magic warriors can have their skills activated via chain, while warriors have to be the pincer lead
    • The RANGE of your skills are determined via equipment, where warriors and mages have their skill range increased based off of pincers units (think Pincer Area, row, column), magic warriors have theirs determined by their position (regular area, row, and column)
    • So far, type of equipment does not matter for range calculation, but certain characters are bound to certain equipment types
    • For example, a character who can equip a bow guardian but a staff with increased range will still have their range increased.
    • I will continue to update this when I wake up, feel free to add whatever you need below that could be helpful to new players!
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    May 1, 2017
    There is a decent reroll guide on reddit. The form isn't letting me post the link but you can google it.

    The biggest thing to note is that you can skip battles in chapter 1 and 2 for a 0 energy cost..which means you can reroll in about 15-20 min total.
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    Oct 17, 2016
    I'll add this becuse they just announced when they'll give the re-reg gift left:

    - The pact of Resolve Ticket 1* cannot be used immediatly at launch. It will become usable when an update is applied in the near future.
    - Regarding the Tetsuya Nomura Guardian (300k pre-reg gift). This guardian will play an integral role in game's story, and will therefore be gifted to everyone before the end of 2017, It will be a little while before it reaches you, but we will definitelymake it worth the wait.
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