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Discussion in 'Squad Help' started by TrueShadow, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Sep 22, 2015
    I got lucky for recent 10/2 events, and I managed to pull Schweiz and Peyrna recently. I bought Sayu through PoH and I already have Edg'low from long ago.

    I suppose I'd try with the following team:
    - Sayu HDZ
    - Edg'low HDZ
    - Schweiz Kiss Bottle
    - Peyrna HDZ
    - Amina^ (for Extend Chain) HDZ

    Who should I get for the last spot? I don't have Myne or Gegonago. Should I get a Levitation user like Gatz? Or another magic DPS?
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    Apr 23, 2016
    You need a levitation all chara for Mutoh. In your case it has to be Gatz^ even if you had Gego^. It will be a tough fight tho. Rydia did a vid with almost your team. She had Nazuna^ instead of Amina^ for extend chain and stealth, Myne and Annu instead of Edg'low and Peyrna as both deal magic and physical dps. Peyrna will heal Mutoh with her graviton skills. Good thing all her skills don't activate in chain.

    Mutoh is immune to magic defense impair. Physical defense impair works.

    Here the link to the thread, where Rydia posted her team and the vid:
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